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The Belcher Button or Add to Cart Explained

What’s up with the “Add to Cart” payment button I’ve been seeing around for the last couple of months? Seems like more and more big time marketers are using this type of payment button on their sales pages these days. Come to find out….it’s for good reason :)

Once you see big name marketer’s using a technique that differs from the norm, you can bet that somebody has discovered a technique that increases conversions or sales…..and that means more profit! Be careful though, internet marketers tend to act a little like lemmings. Sometimes we copy techniques, colors, styles or fonts and before you know it everybody is doing it….problem is, that the change really was never proven necessary or successful.

Anyway…..I’ve been seeing everyone using this new “Add to Cart” button but couldn’t find much information about it. That’s all changed…thanks to fellow marketer Garrie Wilson…Behold we have the……………

Now we have “The Belcher Button”!

This is the button you’ve probably seen around that is orange in color and has “Add to Cart” for the text. You’ll also see the price above the button, both the regular price and the current price. Under the button you see another “Add to Cart”….this time in the standard hyperlink blue with an underline. Finally at the very bottom is a line of credit card images. Then the entire image is surrounded by a box composed of dashed lines.

Perry has tested his “Add to Cart” button or as he calls it, “The Belcher Button” on hundreds of sites in dozens of different markets. He has done explicit testing on the button and has found it to increase his closing rates from 35% to 320% over any other button around and he adds that he’s tested it in over 10,000 transactions.

Perry has given permission for anyone to use the button. Thanks be to Perry for letting this info out! Check out any of Perry’s stuff, he speaks with clarity and wisdom……and is someone you can learn a lot from. You can go to his blog at to read more.

Check out the video below where he explains in more detail the reasoning and results of the Belcher Button.

Here’s what the Belcher Button looks like!

Click for Full Image....Copy Clean Image at Perry's Site

Click for Full Image....Copy Clean Image at Perry's Site

Here’s a psd file of the image in case you’d want to change anything. However, I would be careful not to change anything except the prices. Jesus from Blue Square Web Design took the original image and created a photoshop .PSD image for anyone who would like to further edit the button

Garrie Wilson put together a set of images and files for the Belcher Button…..I was going to package some images for you however, for now he beat me to the punch!  His package is awesome download The Belcher Button: Redux free of charge…..hurry though you never know when he might start charging $2.00 :)

Perfect Ecover Action Script Package for Your Own Ecovers!

You may or may not know that I create book covers, software boxes, website templates, cd images and a variety of virtual product images that are used to promote digital products online. I use a variety of  ecover action scripts in photoshop to create a wide variety of ecovers.

You might look at an image of a software box and think that it might be very difficult to create!

Well….it’s true, the task can be a little daunting to someone who’s never worked with photoshop before, but there’s a trick to making these ecover images. These virtual ecover images are made with a special type of photoshop script called Action Scripts, in particular you will need ecover action scripts. You’ll find a variety of action scripts online and they are designed to make repetitive tasks easier. For instance you can create a software box in 2 clicks of the mouse!

If you know how to use photoshop, then these cover image action scripts are very simple to use. If you are unfamiliar with photoshop, then your first task is to learn how to use photoshop! I did it, so anyone can. In reality, you really only have to know about 1/1000th of the photoshop program.

I ran across a set of ecover action scripts that includes scripts to create over 70 virtual ecover images! I probably paid close to $500 for 5 or more different action script sets. The reason is because each creator of ecover action scripts might include different images or different style of images. I’m sure you’ve seen many book ecovers in different sizes and styles. Take a look at some of these different product images I found in One in a Million Ecovers!

Here’s a quick video that shows you how easy it is to make your own ecover graphic using this software and action script package.

Grab these Ecover Action Scripts and save a ton of money and time by making your own ecovers!

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