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How Can You Get the Best Internet Advertising Prices

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Promoting your business, products or services online can be expensive. But it really doesn’t have to be. In fact, there are many online advertising methods that are completely free. Here’s how you too can get the best internet advertising prices.

Two of the most effective online advertising techniques are achieving a high search engine listing organically and distributing informational articles which are valuable to your potential and existing clients. Other free or virtually free advertising options include link exchanges, banner exchanges, participation in social networks or forums, online classifieds and safelists.

Organic search engine ranking doesn’t cost anything if you do your own search engine optimization for your website. If you do hire someone to handle that aspect of your website, it doesn’t have to be an ongoing expense. Once you learn the basics and your site starts to bring in traffic on autopilot, you will be able to maintain your optimized site yourself.

Participating in online forums that deal with internet advertising is an extremely good way to get ideas for your products and services and your own advertising strategies. These types of settings are definitely win-win. You get to share your knowledge with those who are seeking it and you can also gain insight in matters that you need help or clarifications with. The same idea applies for participation in the social networking sites like Facebook and Twitter. Here too, as you participate, you bring recognition to yourself and your business which eventually lead to sales.

Distributing articles is another way to beat internet advertising prices. You can create your own articles that provide information about your products and services, or you can hire someone else to do it for you. You then hand these articles over to the article directories. As more and more people come into contact with what you are doing, you are building brand recognition and links back to your website which is the most important part of good SEO.

You can also create free advertisements on the many online classified websites, join traffic exchanges and safelists. These are all legitimate ways to bring a lot of traffic to your site without spending a dime.

If you do decide to go with PPC (Pay Per Click) advertising, you can do this without over-spending as well. Remember, with PPC, you decide what your internet advertising prices will be and you only pay when you get results so it’s an extremely effective way to advertise. The way to get results without spending too much is to bid only on the uncompetitive keywords (those keywords that aren’t being searched for so much and who others aren’t bidding on as well). It’s easy to pick out the right keywords — your PPC platform will provide you with a tool that indicates exactly what terms people are typing in and how often.

Free Mindmap Software

If you are trying to learn the fine art of Internet Marketing, then it becomes necessary to join a good number of marketing lists. While it’s true that some lists are nothing but one promo after another…even these lists too can be of benefit. Someone sent me a link for free mindmap software which triggered some thoughts.

I belong to 2 or 3 lists that send out one promotion after another and it really does get irritating. It’s obnoxious because the list wasn’t promoted as a promotional list but as newsletters. Worse yet, you couldn’t get the product you paid for unless you gave in and let them have your name and email address. Still they provide some good resell or plr offers once in a while. Also, I can unsubscribe at any time.

I belong to a couple of promotional lists that are just that…..some sort of resell, MRR, or PLR product. The list’s were promoted as Tuesday Specials or Weekly Deal. Any idiot that signed up for those lists and then complains about getting promotional stuff all the time is just that… idiot. Give me a break, what did you think you’d get when you signed up for Tuesday Specials or Weekly Deal! Garrie Wilson has 2 really good promotions going on, and his products are cheap with anything from RESELL to PLR rights check his lists out at:

Weekly Deal ……once a week product with rights…..price varies but is cheaper than elsewhere!
Tuesday Special …..a 24 hour special that you can pick up for 2 bucks!  He’s strict on the timing, 24 hours and the page is gone.

Garrie is a good guy, you can find him on the Warrior Forum and his support is excellent.

Being on a multitude of lists allow you to find who the true internet marketers are and find IM’ers that willingly pass on good quality information on internet marketing. Michael Nicholas usually always offers a good tidbit of marketing information or some internet related material his site is at InmpactInfoMarketing ….I suggest you join his list, there aren’t any scheduled mailings…..if I hear from him 3 times a month…..that’s an average.

Which brings me today’s topic….. Free Mindmap Software. I got an email with a link for free Mindmap Software from Michael Nicholas…he’s just passing on some good karma, the project isn’t his and there’s no optin required. It looks as robust as any software I’ve run across and it’s definitely something that can help you get organized or plan through you next project. I suggest you grab a copy of the mindmap software and give it a whirl….it just might help you get that next project done more quickly and could help you make more money online!

Are There Advantages to Internet Marketing

Internet marketing has caught on over the last 3 years. With business turning increasingly to the online world, it has become essential to establish a strong online presence. Thus, people are trying to make the most of Internet marketing methods to ensure that their businesses rake in the profits. Moreover, Internet marketing has a number of advantages, which ensure that everyone gets a fair chance.

One of the most visible advantages of Internet marketing is the low cost needed. Internet marketing is significantly cheaper than other kinds of marketing. This is partly because one does not need to maintain an elaborate sales team. Things like blog marketing and search engine marketing may cost a certain amount, but this tends to be a small amount. In fact, start-up companies find Internet marketing a great blessing. public domain image of zeus ruinsThis is because the initial costs in promoting one’s products or services online are small. Thus, one need not get overawed by the financial strength of more established competitors.

Well truth is marketing is old as the hills and has been around as long as these architectural ruins.

There’s more big plusses when thinking about Internet Marketing….that is you’re literally playing with a world market. So, even a small, seemingly insignificant company can harbour hopes of reaching out to a global audience thanks to the Internet. There is no longer any need to remain completely localized when the World Wide Web has so much space for the new entrant to make its mark. In this aspect, Internet marketing has a definite edge over the traditional forms of marketing. If one is planning to market a company over a large area, one would have to approach a number of local newspapers and radio stations. This problem would not occur in the case of Internet marketing, where every effort has the potential to reach out to a wide audience. The advantages of internet marketing can be reduced to internet marketing tips and tricks.

F1171 Jet in Public Domain IMagesBut internet marketing has been taking off like a jet or rocket! Things are moving so fast that it’s hard to keep up with current information. Although, the basics will stay the same and will remain as old as the above stone ruins.

A third advantage of Internet marketing is that the company is able to establish direct contact with its customers. Mechanisms like AdWords and AdSense have ensured that target customers are directed to the specific sites. Email marketing also aims at winning over the people who are most likely to buy a given product or service.

Internet Marketing provides yet another advantage, you’ll be able to interact instantly with your customers, through chat, fax, email, or phone and most often directly through your website.. This is because the customer is able to instantly decide whether or not he/she wants to buy a given product. There is no need to go to a showroom and check out the product or service. Most of the specifications are listed out on the site itself. So the customer is able to save valuable time.

One big advantage focuses on promotion. There are so many options that allow you to efficiently promote your product, business or service….and the best part is that you can test the results with small samples.. After all, it does not have to hire a separate service information team who will educate the customer on the various aspects of what it has to offer. The interested customer can instead check out the FAQs page that most websites have and get the answers to their queries. This is convenience at a mouse click.

Internet Marketing is on the forefront of learning how to promote, sell and distribute products online and will be a leading source of education in the days to come.

One of the best ways to learn about internet marketing is to follow someone who is successful at it. Dennis Becker has a Membership called 1KaDay that is probably one of the best memberships teaching people how to be successful in internet marketing. First I suggest you read his book on how to start making a consistant 5 dollars a day, Its called 5 Bucks a Day I highly recommend both…even if you’ve been online for a while or you are just starting out. Don’t waste the most precious asset you have….your time!

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Butts Making Sense?

Rick Butts….I keep stumbling across his path. Another internet marketer who is or claims to be a comedian, speaker, preacher maybe ?, teacher, and carnival roadie :)

I’ve been on his list for a long time. Been on a couple of seminars where he dominate the conversation with his well meaning humor and went through a couple of courses and memberships with him…16 steps, authority site center and others.

Actually Rick and I have the same unfortunate passion. We seem to be inherently addicted to the Internet marketing niche or maybe mystically drawn to it ….unable to kick the habit/passion like a crack addict.

I got an email from him today telling me to unsubscribe from anyone who sent me an email about the big stompernet promo. I honestly don’t open to many peoples emails….in fact, I hardly open Ricks, but I did. Fact be known, I don’t open 90% of the email I get and should probably just unsubscribe, but like some sort of shell shocked Internet marketer I save the emails…thinking there might be some secret I need to read and I’ll get to it at a latter date….ya, right :)

Anyway, I opened Rick’s email and saw a post with a jackass suspended in the air!

Here’s part of his post…you really should read it!

Unsubscribe From Whomever Emailed You Stompernet

stompernet information overloadIf you unsubscribe from every email list that pounded you today to buy Stompernet – imagine how much more successful you’ll be by December 2008?

Seriously, look at the “content” you’ve been getting from this person in the last 30 days. Is it on the “lite” side?

Now multiply the garbage in your inbox by all the people who bought Jeff Walker’s Product Launch Formula and visualize how many more phony launches you’ll be getting emails for in the months to come?

What if you chose to follow 2-3 really good people you trust and who fit your skills, goals, and learning style, and ignored all the other noise that is distracting you from productivity and actually preventing your success?

What if you proactively sent the people who are bombing you with offers the following email:

Read the rest of his post.

All kidding aside, Rick was kind enough to help me out a couple of years ago, although because of his age he probably doesn’t remember, but I appreciated it very much. He’s a good guy, anxious to make money online and help you do the same.

Peter Drew….and his software empire!


Here’s a screen shot of what I’ve purchased so far.


Authority and Internal Linking for SEO

Get on Page 1 of Google

Josh Spaulding in “The Easy SEO Report” says that “The authority of any given page is primarily determined by the amount of authority that has been passed to it through links that are spread out through the world wide web. This “Authority” is not determined by the Authority of the site in general, but by the page of that site which contains your link.”

I forgot to mention this great report is Free!

Josh is telling us that if you want “Authority” for your niche….the links ‘coming to’ your niche site must be from a quality site….an authority site in and of itself and a site with some page rank. Basically a page of value, especially as determined by Google and the lesser search engines.

Another thing to consider….imagine you are working on building an authority site on the Xsitepro website editing software your strategy should focus on getting links from other sites about website building….xsitepro in particular and those links should be from sites similar to or better than yours regarding the features we already talked about…. authority, rank, seo etc. So there would be little to no value in joining a link exchange program that sends PR1 links to your xsitepro website from sites that range from birdflu to Bill Clinton.

He goes on to say in “The Easy SEO Report” that each page on the world wide web is ranked individually, consequently each page that is on the net can only pass on the amount of Authority it has Received. Get this concept and you’re on the way to greater seo truths. If you have internal pages in your website about How to Use XsitePro (our example) with a higher page rank and getting more traffic than the index (first page) then it’s because of the Authority Links going to those internal pages and not the index page.

If you’re smart, you will build on that by focusing your marketing on those high traffic pages, add a popup, subscription box, banner or other advertising…..but that’s another story.

Let’s imagine that the blog or website about Xsitepro Tutorials has been filled with articles, blog posts and some ebooks. You’ve managed to get a PR4 for the site. Now I want you to imagine a typical pie chart….that is a circle filled in with black. That represents the total authority of your website, 100% of your percieved and real Authority. We’re trying to understand what happens to that Authority when pages/sites are linked to and from your site/page. ( See end of post for more on the pie chart)

In the real world you will pass some of that authority to other sites or webpages….I think Josh calls it “Passable Authority”. I’ll quote from his report “The Easy SEO Report

Authority is also passed through your own internal paes, For instance, if your index ( is linking out to 30 pages, each of those links is going to get a certain amount of the authority in which your index page possesses. That goes for both internal and external links. If is only linking to and….then is going to get half of the passable authority and is going to get the other half.

What Josh is saying is that it is irrelevant (regarding the fact that authority is passed) where you’re linking to, whether it be your own internal pages or pages from Joe Blows site….some portion of your Authority is going to get passed regardless of anything……seems to be kind of like gravity. Jump out the window and go splat…link to other pages/sites and pass your authority.

If you’ve followed so far I hope you’ve realized that the Authority your site has gained can be passed on other websites and webpages. The consquence is that you might now be just passing on the hard earned Authority your site has gained by indiscriminate linking. The good news is, now you know and can be more careful where and how you link to others.

I’m not the expert…but I agree with Josh, he remarks that he isn’t condolling the hording of links because it is only natural to link to other sites if your own content is going to be useful to the reader. Armed with this information about Authority and the fact that it is passed should make you more discerning about linking to other sites or pages.

This review is only a small part of Josh Spaldings free ebook “The Easy SEO Report” and I found it concise and easy to apply and current. Worthy of reading by novice and the old wrinkled marketers/gurus.

Josh finishes off this section by encouraging us to control our own Authority by doing the following:

1. Make sure you have many internal links on all the pages of your website. Remember that each page will pass Authority to the page or pages it links to. He says,“The more internal links you have the more authority your site is going to maintain and the less authority that will be passed through the external links.”

2. His a trick he expounds on in this blog post “Internal Linking – META nofollow, rel no folow, robots.txt and Confusion” He implores us to use the rel=”nofollow” atribute in all links that don’t need authority. He’s talking about your contact pages, about me pages and surprisingly affiliate links. along with links to SERP pages…there’s more read the post and the resources in his blog post. He gives and exampleof a link usng the re'”nofollow” atribute:
<a rel=”nofollow” href=””>Contact Us</a>

3. Finally he says to restrict pages and directories that you don’t want indexed with your robots.txt file. Check the about blog post for more details on how to use robots.txt

This is just a section from a great read written by a guy who knows what he’s talking about. Thanks Josh!

Now I’m thinking about my Xsitepro sample site. I go back in my minds eye and think about the pie chart. The complete chart represents the Authority I have build for the website. Keeping the Authority leaves me kind of like the Lone Ranger….passing on some of that Authority to others of similar or more Authority will increase my Authority. So I give away a part of my pie chart only the make it bigger in the long run… long as I do it with a little forethought and planning. And don’t forget, Authority comes from being real, writing for the sole and single purpose of trying to maintain Authority makes you look like a miser because your content won’t be real. Like I tell my kids, “share” and it will be given back.

There’s no question about the relationship between Links and Authority. Josh simply and ably points this out. Try to get your links naturally and avoid all the spammy methods of link trading, I posted about a program called Linktator2 for link structure, this could be an easy way to get started building links if you have a new site or add some links to an old site. The key to Linktator2 is in the link structure

Web 2.0 and Social Marketing————————————————————-

You might Want to Consider The Web 2.0 Bible for a better understanding of Social Maketing and how you might be able to apply it to your website to generate traffic needed to increase sales. The bonus package is worth more than the book…check it out at


You must understand the concept of Authority and linking but share by writing relevant content and linking to a pr1 or pr0 when that content is worthy of sharing with your readers. Yes you can be stingy and try to keep your Authority and worry about wrecklessly spreading your page rank, but I think the spirit of the concept is more important than the law or the Authority concept. An old saying that is filled with wisdom of the ages comes to mind, “Give and it will be Given to You….. Your gift will return to you in full pressed down, shaken together to make room for more, running over, and poured into your lap. The amount you give will determine the amount you get back.” from Luke 6:38

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Micro Niche Finder a Keyword Tool for locating Long Tailed Keywords

Micro Niche Finder is a new Keyword Tool for digging and finding long tailed keywords that will get you one page 1 of Google. I know, sounds like a bunch of crap…..but, this thing really works. In all reality I’d be better off keeping this to myself!

I’ve been watching James Jones for quite a while now and he is one of those guys you can trust and follow with confidence. He’s been successful in ebay and has transformed into other areas of Internet Marketing discovering various ways to make money online.

James Jones is unique in that he has the a clear cut no BS way to explain how he makes money online in a variety of niches. I try to buy all his books and courses because there is always information that can be used in cross markets.

Watch How Micro Nice Finder Digs Up Keywords

Micro Niche Finder Long Tailed Keyword Tool

James has developed one of the most effective tools called MicroNicheTool which essentially is a keyword tool that can help you determine effective niche markets to exploit.

After watching 5 videos I couldn’t stop myself from getting this new tool. Micro Niche Finder is a Powerful New Software Tool Uncovers Hot Untapped Niche Markets that Have Been Completely Overlooked by the Masses and Allows You To Swoop in and Absolutely Dominate these Niche Markets in Google…..I’ve never seen anything like it.

He shows you 5 Different Profit Streams You Can Tap Into by Using Micro Niche Finder…and in the usual James Jones style, these 5 videos are awesome….I dare you to watch them, you won’t believe what you see.

In Profit Stream #1 You can watch Micro Niche Finder Uncover Hot Markets Ripe for Article Marketing which will show you how to:
1. Determine at a glance if a market is a hidden goldmine or not worth your time!
2. Built in Unlicensed Content Search finds content you can freely modify and reuse!

Don’t miss these videos, Watch how Micro Niche Finder works to uncover Profit Stream #1

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Free Video with Details for an Income Producing Business Model

Click Here to watch 2 Free Videos discussing a proven cash generating business model.

Interested in a Simple Business Model for online marketing otherwise known as internet marketing?

Have you ever heard of the Rhodes Brothers?

You can watch 2 videos that a filled with content and explain a simple business model for starting an online business and get your internet marketing business up and running.

Learn why: Why These Models Make Money Online

Free proven money making business modelIt is preposterously childlike business patterns such as this that create us a ton of cash… plain and simple. You do not require complex software.

It doesn’t matter if you’ve earned little to no revenue with your internet businesses, you actually could carry out a laughably uncomplicated business models such as this to begin bringing in a lot of actual cash.

Perhaps you have just brought in a a couple of dollars online. Perhaps you have not cleared a penny so far. The idea follows, I’ll personally be demonstrating to you, step-by-step how to prepare to bring your new business to the next level.

Four Additional Free Business Models?

I’ve a different video recording ready and waiting for you. I have already to proved to you that creating income with the World Wide Web does not require an intelligence quotient of 180. Here is what you are going to find out next…

* Four additional laughably elementary (just about stupid) business models that bring forth a ton of money in no time.

* How and why Gurus or the professionals trick you, and overcomplicate making cash online, and sell you the pipe dream. (And how to outwit them at their own ploy.)

* The tested “secret weapon” that will assist you to create a lot of income in less time.

This one membership that is affordable and just filled with new ideas that you can began to impliment today and start making money. I owe it and below to the membership and highly recommend it…..these guys, John and Matt Rhodes are the real deal!

How to Generate Traffic to Your Websites and Blogs

The Rhodes Brothers compiled an awesome list of resources that you can use to learn about creating website traffic. You know, visitors to your blog or website….everybody sooner or latter figures out without traffic your blog or website is next to useless…..something like a gravestone that’s there but never gets to generate website or blog traffic

The Rhodes brothers are a couple of younger guys….at least compared to me, that have been pushing ahead and making waves. They aren’t big on hype but simply explain what they’ve learned to put themselves in a $10,000 and over a month category. Most of us start out thinking a couple hundred bucks a month would be nice. Most of us never even attain that…… well, the Rhodes boys have and there’s a very simple concept in life and business for success…’s called duplication.

That’s right, find the guys/gals that are successful and duplicate their efforts. For the most part super successful people make it hard for you to duplicate their efforts and journey in life. Not with internet marketing, most will share their footsteps but few will put the effort forth to get there. Well, once again, these guys…the Rhodes Brothers have been making strides and are sharing, so I heartedly recommend anything they put out.

Most of their reports are short and sweet. But I’ve found if I can get one idea from an ebook or recording that I’ll actually use ….then the purchase was well worth the effort. For example they have an ebook called Simple Traffic Generation Secrets, if you invested in that book and just picked up and practiced one of the traffic generation stratagies or traffic methods that started bringing more visitors or traffic to your site… many more sales or sign-ups do think you might have!

So….if that makes sense pick up a copy of Simple Traffic Generation Secrets today!

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StomperScrutinizer Free Tracking Analytic Software from the Stompernet Crew

I’ve listened to and watched Andy Jenkins and Brad Fallon for years….these guys are always on the cutting edge.

Experts in search engine optimization and traffic generation.

Recently Andy Jenkins of the Stompernet fame has come up with a fantastic eye opening set of videos that explores….in detail….aspects of interent marketing that has only been available to the rich and famous….for free!

Just yesterday he offered…for free….their new software/script called StompernetScrutinizer. Check out the video…the guy does awesome video and follow the directions to download a free copy of their newsletter.

Stompernet Scrutinizer

Here’s the secrete about these guys…they’re always too busy making money in selling real stuff online. They really don’t have to show us their understanding of internet markeing…they don’t have to share their tools and they really don’t have to tell us anything about their projects because they are so successful. However, due to their grace and good will….plus I think it gets in your blood. One really enjoys sharing stuff that works and I think that’s where these guys are coming from.

If you haven’t signed up to their list…do it! You’ll learn more from these guys than all the $20 or $50 ebooks you’ll buy in the next year!

Merry Christmas to All :)