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With more and more people trying out their hand at internet marketing, and many of these people failing at it, the question of what’s the internet marketing secret comes up over and over again. Why is it that some people are successful and some people can go on for years and never make it work? Yes, many people fail at internet marketing. But the reality is that many more people are also succeeding in it. Here’s a great way to get started, read Make $5 a Day, its a free ebook and the plan is simple. If you set some goals for making a small amount each day, you can incrementally increase your efforts making more and more each day…..anyway, this FREE Internet Marketing ebook will start you off on the right track, click on the link and get your ebook today.

The people who do make it work then end up marketing their internet marketing secret. But will it work for you? Not necessarily, even if it’s guaranteed (as most marketers claim their products and services to be). There are many variables that go into how successful you will be in your internet marketing endeavor.

First of all, do you have the drive and belief in yourself? Many successful internet marketers declare that this is really all it takes. Tenacity, dedication, and belief in yourself. When you think about it, they could be right. If this guy is making millions of dollars, why shouldn’t you be able to do it too? It’s very likely that the only thing that got him to that point was to never give up.

What’s the Internet Marketing Secret?

Some will object to this and say that they probably had more money to invest in the first place. But this has been proven over and over again not to be the case. Often people get heavily into debt before they start making their first real progress. Or they start small with free methods and very gradually and slowly work their way into becoming more and more profitable. While using free methods can take longer, it does work. You just have to give it more time to start kicking in. If you’re consistent and persistent enough, you will benefit even from these free methods of online marketing.

Another “secret” is being able to leverage off of the experience and knowledge of those who are successful. What better way to break into internet marketing than to be under the tutelage of someone who is a proven success? There are several ways you can do this. You can sign up for some of the free material that they offer, such as videos, e-books, webinars, courses, etc. You can pay a little more for some of their “unpersonalized” methods. Or you can get one-on-one or close to it from these people themselves. This is a great way to see what is really working in today’s internet marketing world. It changes so quickly that if you are new, you could be doing things that worked years ago, but are now outdated.

Finally, do your best to avoid being overwhelmed. Any internet marketing secret will work for you if you stick with it long enough. Jumping around from one course, e-book, or program to the next will just leave you spinning your wheels in confusion. For instance, article marketing has been called many different things over the years…bum marketing is one term. The fact is, writing an article, submitting to an article directory like with a proper resource box directing your visitors to a good landing page will work today, tomorrow and forever. Knowing the proper mechanics of all the steps is a different story! Your goal should be to learn the process….that is learn the steps and then practice them. After you master one method then and only then move on the next method. Earn1KaDay is an Internet Marketing membership that, in a way, acts as a mentor for anyone to learn a variety of different internet marketing methods, you can ask newbie type questions and not get blasted or you can ask complex questions and get good answers. Dennis Becker, the forum owner, and a cast of successful internet marketers are there to help you get started or help you get unstuck!

Finding New Web 2.0 Properties

Howie Schwartz is one of those internet marketers who is always on the move. He’s constantly working on perfecting existing strategies while exposing new techniques for using the internet to make money. Seriously, this guy is a no nonsense take no prisoners type of marketer.

One of the benefits of getting on his mailing list is that he is constantly throwing out free videos and free reports. Again, his free stuff is worth more than most of the stuff you’ll ever pay money for. Each time he discovers something new he will share a part of that discovery….often times its enough info for you to jump online and start making money without buying his latest product or promotion.

One of the programs I joined a couple of months ago is called Blackhat is Back 2. Part of the program is acess to a secret script that uncovers new Web 2.0 properties. These are properties that google is paying attention to and could very well be the next!

If you’re wondering why you’d want to be aware of new high ranking Web 2.0 properties….pay attention. You can use these new properties to get your website or blog post to number one postion in google virtually overnight. And…it doesn’t have to be some 5 word long keyword phrase that no one is searching for…..I’m serious!

Howie shows a little how this secret web 2.0 finder works in the below video. I think the video is a couple of months old, but you’ll get the idea.


Learn how you can keep on top of the latest 2.0 properties today, take Howie’s Black Hat 2 for a spin and you’ll be privy to information that only a handful of marketers in the world know about. Click on Black Hat Secrets

As always…..Howie limits the number of people that can access his super secret money making scripts and software…..this isn’t some ploy to make you check this out….it’s a fact, Howie just wants to help people, but he can only help so many….so check out how you can discover the newest Web 2.0 properties today!

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Watch Howie Talk about Making Money Online!

Howie Schwartz is one of my internet marketing secrets!

I’ve been listening to Howie’s preaching for years and I’ve probably learned more from his free stuff online than I’ve learned from material that I’ve paid for :)

Below you should see a Ustream video of Howie which is a “Replay For Howie And Shelby’s New Secret Trafic Project And How To Have Everything Done For You With No Missing Pieces” I don’t know how long this will stay live. I’m not promoting anything other than the fact that if you want to learn about making money online then Howie is someone you ought to listen to!

Oh ya…don’t forget to get on one of his list’s….the free stuff he cranks out is awesome. The video below is an example of that……the service he’s promoting will probably be filled up by the time you watch this, however, listen to Howie talk about marketing online….the concepts he talks about are like gold nuggets!

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Revealing the Secret Pay Per Click Formula

If you want to have success using pay per click to market your online goods and services, you’ve got to devise an effective pay per click formula. Not every online marketer approaches pay per click in the same way, and each probably has developed their own unique method in order to make pay per click (or “PPC”) work for them. Regardless of your approach, there are several important secrets to pay per click marketing that you should bear in mind when you decide to follow someone else’s plan or to develop your own pay per click formula.

544801_blog.jpgThe biggest secret is that conversions (sales) are the most important aspect of your PPC marketing campaign. Everybody loves to get lots and lots of clicks on their PPC ads, but if those clicks aren’t converting into sales, then you’re simply wasting your time and money. That’s why it is critical to test your PPC ads, and full tracking and testing need to be the very foundation of any successful pay per click formula.

So how do you test conversions? One of the simplest ways is to develop numerous PPC ads for each of your online promotions, rather than just one. A good mix might include three or four different ads, all for the same marketing effort. You could use those four different ads in bids on the same keywords, and then have each of those four ads point to a different page on your site. The content on each of the pages should be the same, even though the pages have a different URL. In this way, when developing your pay per click formula, you can decide which of these PPC ads generate the most sales.

For example, if you have four different ads running and each ad sends 500 clicks to your site, you can use your Web tracking logs to determine which of those four ads ended up converting into the most sales. Say that “Ad #1″ sent 500 clicks and from those you made 3 sales, and that “Ad #2″ sent 500 clicks and from those you made 2 sales, and “Ad #3″ sent 500 clicks and those generated 7 sales, while “Ad #4″ logged 500 clicks but only one sale. Your conversion rates for those ads would be 0.6 percent, 0.4 percent, 1.4 percent, and 0.2 percent respectively. Clearly we can see that “Ad #4″ out-performed all of your other ads combined. Therefore, when you put together your own pay per click formula, you should include the advertising ingredient that delivers the most return on investment: in this case, it would be “Ad #4″. Forget the others.

Of course there are other things to consider in developing a successful pay per click formula, such as keyword research and the actual cost-per-click compared to revenue generated by the PPC traffic. But before you start with a wide shotgun approach to launching a PPC campaign, take a step back a moment and develop a plan to test your conversion rates. You’ll quickly find that this is one pay per click formula secret that can mean the difference between success and failure.

A great place to learn the secret pay per click model is in Dennis Becker’s Earn1KaDay membership, where you’ll learn ppc and the secrets of internet marketing.

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Best Ways to Bring in More Internet Marketing Cash

Three Methods for Creating More Internet Marketing Cash

Internet Marketing can be difficult work. Face that fact. Especially in the beginning. If you’ve gotten past finding your niche, the rest is a piece of cake. Even if there is no free lunch, internet marketing still can provide a comfortable life and the key is to get your business up and running and then optimize your efforts by doing a couple of things that will give you an increase of profits and earnings. I’ve outlined a few steps below that could make the difference between squeaking by and living life to the fullest. Internet marketing is an unbelievable opportunity…there’s room for anyone willing to do the work.

Business Builder #1…….Create an Affiliate Program

If you don’t have an affiliate programme for your online product then you really are leaving loads and loads of money on the table every year. I come bearing good news, don’t be depressed if you don’t have an affiliate program because you can put one together easily and quickly.

3 ways to create more cash with Internet MarketingTwo almost instant ways of starting your own affiliate programme are to go to either or These solutions have a lot of affiliates that can drive loads of extra sales to your site. One more big benefit is that these companies have taken the hassle out of running an affiliate program since everything is automated…just set up your links and advertise. It is a good idea to use both of these solutions to really maximise your profits.

Profit Explosion Nunmber 2….Use an Upsell

This is a great way to do something one time and then reap the profits forever. There are several ways to go about producing an upsell which include creating an interview with an expert or a nice little piece of software which would perfectly complement the existing product. Think about it, at this point of the sale, they have their credit card out and are in the mood to buy….what more could you ask for!

Easy Profit Increase No. 3 – Offer A Related Affiliate Product On The Thank You Page

When the buyer is in the mood after having just spent money with you go ahead and recommend an affiliate product which is related to the purchased item. This is not the most complicated strategy available and falls more into the category of common sense. However, just think how easy it is to take advantage of existing traffic and how much more money you will make.

I just revealed to you some of the most fundamental ways of increasing your profits. The only thing left for you to do is to implement at least one of these strategies…..I guarantee that you will burst with excitment with your first upsell! So…be a good internet marketer and take action, it’s the only thing between you and more money!!

You can make a lot of money in Internet Marketing. However, you really need to stay on top of the game with continuing education. Most folks fly from program to program and don’t know who to listen to. I’ve been doing this for a long time and enjoy sharing what I’ve learned with others, however, I need to be fed also. I joined a membership called Earn1KaDay, an awesome group of people that teach you how to make #1,000 a day using the latest techniques in Internet Marketing. I highly recommend it! You can find tools, ebooks and just about everything you need to start developing an online income.

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Are There Advantages to Internet Marketing

Internet marketing has caught on over the last 3 years. With business turning increasingly to the online world, it has become essential to establish a strong online presence. Thus, people are trying to make the most of Internet marketing methods to ensure that their businesses rake in the profits. Moreover, Internet marketing has a number of advantages, which ensure that everyone gets a fair chance.

One of the most visible advantages of Internet marketing is the low cost needed. Internet marketing is significantly cheaper than other kinds of marketing. This is partly because one does not need to maintain an elaborate sales team. Things like blog marketing and search engine marketing may cost a certain amount, but this tends to be a small amount. In fact, start-up companies find Internet marketing a great blessing. public domain image of zeus ruinsThis is because the initial costs in promoting one’s products or services online are small. Thus, one need not get overawed by the financial strength of more established competitors.

Well truth is marketing is old as the hills and has been around as long as these architectural ruins.

There’s more big plusses when thinking about Internet Marketing….that is you’re literally playing with a world market. So, even a small, seemingly insignificant company can harbour hopes of reaching out to a global audience thanks to the Internet. There is no longer any need to remain completely localized when the World Wide Web has so much space for the new entrant to make its mark. In this aspect, Internet marketing has a definite edge over the traditional forms of marketing. If one is planning to market a company over a large area, one would have to approach a number of local newspapers and radio stations. This problem would not occur in the case of Internet marketing, where every effort has the potential to reach out to a wide audience. The advantages of internet marketing can be reduced to internet marketing tips and tricks.

F1171 Jet in Public Domain IMagesBut internet marketing has been taking off like a jet or rocket! Things are moving so fast that it’s hard to keep up with current information. Although, the basics will stay the same and will remain as old as the above stone ruins.

A third advantage of Internet marketing is that the company is able to establish direct contact with its customers. Mechanisms like AdWords and AdSense have ensured that target customers are directed to the specific sites. Email marketing also aims at winning over the people who are most likely to buy a given product or service.

Internet Marketing provides yet another advantage, you’ll be able to interact instantly with your customers, through chat, fax, email, or phone and most often directly through your website.. This is because the customer is able to instantly decide whether or not he/she wants to buy a given product. There is no need to go to a showroom and check out the product or service. Most of the specifications are listed out on the site itself. So the customer is able to save valuable time.

One big advantage focuses on promotion. There are so many options that allow you to efficiently promote your product, business or service….and the best part is that you can test the results with small samples.. After all, it does not have to hire a separate service information team who will educate the customer on the various aspects of what it has to offer. The interested customer can instead check out the FAQs page that most websites have and get the answers to their queries. This is convenience at a mouse click.

Internet Marketing is on the forefront of learning how to promote, sell and distribute products online and will be a leading source of education in the days to come.

One of the best ways to learn about internet marketing is to follow someone who is successful at it. Dennis Becker has a Membership called 1KaDay that is probably one of the best memberships teaching people how to be successful in internet marketing. First I suggest you read his book on how to start making a consistant 5 dollars a day, Its called 5 Bucks a Day I highly recommend both…even if you’ve been online for a while or you are just starting out. Don’t waste the most precious asset you have….your time!

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The Slacker Way: “How To Make Money Online Doing as Little as Possible!”

It’s Here…. a new book to help newbies to start making money online by a couple of guys who have already done it…. Terry Gibbs and James Jones…

I’m not too fond of the title, The Slacker Way: “How To Make Money Online Doing as Little as Possible!”
Can You Relate To Any Of These Statements?

I previewed the book and you don’t want to miss this new FREE ebook, this ebook has some good stuff, more valuable than many books you’ve already paid for. This is some straight talking information, I guarantee it will make a difference in what you’re doing now.
The Slacker Way

Free book called The Slacker Way: “How To Make Money Online Doing as Little as Possible!”

First I have to say that James Jones and Terry Gibbs are a couple of guys I have much respect for, they’ve been online and make money online. They aren’t spitting back information they learned from some guru, they actually ran the track.

Have you had some of these thoughts?

* How do I get started making money online.
* I’m frustrated by the lack of results from my efforts.
* I find it so easy to dish out cash to learn…but I’m not doing anything.
* Man, there are so many gurus out there telling me I got to do it this way or that way.
* I never get anything done because I’m reading all the salespages that tell me they will make me rich.
* I feel unsure of my abilities to be successful.

If you’ve been nodding your head “yes” to any of the above statements, take a look at The Slacker Way: “How To Make Money Online Doing as Little as Possible!” Just click on the link and you’ll get the ebook by in your inbox for FREE, no cost, nadda. :)
I’m really serious about these guys, there’s an abundance of stuff online some good, most bad. James and Terry will treat you right. Even if you’ve been online for years and still not making money….they can help!

Free book called The Slacker Way: “How To Make Money Online Doing as Little as Possible!”

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Radio Hosts and Affiliate Marketing

Radio Hosts, Television and Affiliate Marketing

All of us in the Internet Marketing field know how lucrative affiliate marketing can be. If we don’t know it from an experiential standpoint we know this from all the promotions in our inbox and all the guru’s claims of success.

Companies such as have built their entire base and company on affiliate marketing. Ebay has just revamped their entire affiliate program and dumped Commission Junction and finally implemented their own affiliate program.

More advanced companies such as the two above have made it so very simple to allow their affiliates to create rss feeds with their own affiliate id automatically embedded. They can then create huge websites or blogs using these feeds.

Many businesses with affiliate programs are finally figuring out that datafeeds are needed by their affiliates and have made them available so we can build huge websites or blogs with datafeeds. In fact datafeeds there are wordpress plugins that use datafeeds to automatically built product websites that get ranked higher than the manufacturer’s website. Check out for a variety of affiliate sites built with datafeeds….I think you’ll be impressed.

The advances in affiliate marketing are just staggering. In the past it took a programmer to take advantage of all that is available and those of us with little knowledge of these things just used a plain old affiliate link…some articles…maybe a few reviews and a mailing to out list to generate some decent affiliate sales.

That was a very brief and incomplete history of affiliate marketing :)

I don’t know if anyone has noticed…but the broadcasting industry, radio and television, are finally getting into affiliate marketing. Some in more subtle ways, others are getting pretty aggressive.

I heard one of the local TV News broadcasters talking on a radio show about how they (television) are trying to figure out how to best utilize this new medium of the interent…youtube and all things online. Folks…they really are confused…but once they get a handle on it, mark my words, they will be major competition.

In fact, that night I took a break and watched an episode of a program…I think “Burn Notice”, at the end of the show they advertised their website and the fact that you could watch episodes that you might have missed. Now get this….finally, and this is the first time….the announcer said “at the website, you can purchase a dvd of Season X. They were promoting the dvd of the show from the website….that’s a big step. Because they didn’t mention any phone number or any other way to purchase the dvd.

You might not think that’s a big deal. The point is, they are using the television show to drive traffic to their website. Most of us don’t have a tv show.

The next step would be for them to figure out that they could increase their profits, more importantly build a huge list by developing an affiliate program and encouraging affiliates to promote the dvd. In this case they could actually give all the profits to the affiliate and have a list the niche focused and an fanatical base of people interested in their subject…in this case the television show “Burn Notice”.

Sorry this is a little long and I digressed from my original thoughts on radio shows:)

Over the past year I’ve noticed radio hosts participating in affiliate marketing. Now, you won’t see books on how to monetize your radio program with affiliate programs, but nonetheless, someone in radio land has figured out how to make a few extra bucks.

There’s a radio station in Chicago, WLS, and they advertise several products and services the traditional way…product description and then a phone number. But then they advertise the advertiser’s website and tell them to use a promo code….what do think the promo code is for…obviously its at the least a tracking id but more probably an affiliate id. I’ve seen them advertise a florists, online data storage such as, books, and services.

Another interesting concept I’ve seen the radio guys do is to interview a book author, and afterwards they tell the audience to visit the stations website and click on the…..what….amazon link for the authors book. Imagine what kind of commissions they might pull in from a large audience like Chicago….

Or what about some of the large Syndicated radio programs. Sean Hannity, Mark Levin, CoasttoCoastAM and many others. They all do the same thing, interview the book author, then send the audience to the station website and tell them click on the “book link” on our site. Or in some cases they use a promo code.

My theory is some sneaky internet marketer has betrayed us and revealed out secrets to these guys and sold us out for 30 pieces of gold :)

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Use Google Snatch to start making cash quick!

Use Google Snatch to start making cash quick!

Make sure you get to the bottom of this post, because I have a free, no sign up, just download surprise for you!

I don’t think there’s been a time like this when someone will take you by the hand and help you to start making money today!. On top of that, you won’t find anyone to disclose a secret way of doing it where you aren’t going to spend a dime of your advertising budget.

You see, the Internet is huge and millions come online to have a crack at it. Majority (99.9%) just don’t have a clue where to start. The gurus of the interent reveal some of their so called secrets and people attempt to use these secrets to make their fortune, but they fail. That’s just the sad truth of it..

Well the thing is, the owner of Google Snatch is NOT a guru. Simple down to earth guy who just knows what to do to make money online! You almost can’t appreciate the techniques he’s discovered that allows him to dominate a niche market of any size, small niches and markets that have many thousands of competitors which are run and owned by the big businesses of the real word :).

He blows away his competion using methods and techniques that he developed. Not using Google Adwords since some of the clicks could cost around 100 bucks.. Taken to the end of the day, you have the largest market with huge competition that gives you more spending power!

Now millions are afraid to compete in big markets because the people (companies) who have the money CAN demolish their competitors. However, what you’ll learn is that large corporations and big companies usually have more cash than common sense.. Plain and simple, you do not have to invest and waste thousands of dollars to start to make an income online….or even to start making big bucks online.. The trick is having the right information, the right recipe. Its called something like ‘The Free Click Formula’ and if you have that, why waste money on paid clicks..

Paid advertising creates a problem, it doesn’t matter if it’s Yahoo, Google or MSN, you might be able to get placed high in the results, it won’t matter if no one is clicking on your ads? Really, think about it, who is the one piling up the huge bill you’re gonna get at the end of the month? Another marketer trying to get your position? Some moron just randomly clicking? Maybe it’s real customers…who knows?

Truthfully, there isn’t any more work involved than if your were setting up a Google Adwords Campaign. Since the Google Slap came to the scene, it was made clear that for each keyword you bid on it requires a unique page, as a must, to achieve good popularity ranking.

Here’s the deal….the concept is simple, yet the entire stampede of internet marketers think Adwords is the way to go and it’s much quicker…..WRONG!?However, it really does take only 15 to 30 minutes for the world to see your ad! Don’t be fooled though, it takes a lot of time to research the keywords you want….then create the landing page, upload the landing page, and get your Adwords Campaign off to roaring start….it takes time and money. Overall you could say it takes maybe 60 – 90 minutes, maybe more.

Once this is setup, people will actually start seeing your ads AFTER 90 minutes as the work needs to be done beforehand.

You knew it…I have an alternative called Google Snatch! In 1 hour the world will start to see your ad, on top of that, you will not have to invest a single penny on a click. Once you learn these techniques in Googlesnatch, you will never have to spend any money to pay for a click. Yep, payless ppc :). So this you could say is the REAL get your Google ads for free!

Google Snatch was going to be a high priced product…the secrets are worth it. However, the creator isn’t greedy and is well within the reach of everyone.! So go over to the website now before your competitors use this method on you.

Never pay for Google ads ever anymore and let the entire interent see your site within 60 minutes!

I saved the best for last, download 24 pages of Google Snatch ….just click on the link and you can read the first 24 pages for free!

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Using Suvey’s to Make Money

survey your website visitorsI bet you thought I was talking about taking survey’s online…..wrong!

I’m talking about using Survey’s to gather information from your website visitors or from those who are purchasing products or services from your website. Actually you can use a survey for just about anything you can think of.

Maybe you want to know how your readers think of you. Ask the question.

Maybe you’d get more sales if your product was either more expensive or less expensive….you could ask questions of those leaving your site.

Maybe your website is a little old and you’re thinking about changing themes and colors. You could set up a few example pages and survey your visitors.

The uses of surveys are countless and they will definitely help you make more money.

online surveysThere’s a service called and you have the option of using a free account or about $20 bucks a month. You get a ton of features with the paid version.

Try using a Survey when you launch your next new product or service. Sometimes just the simplest things will bring you in more money. Let’s say you decided to save a few bucks and used one of those cheap services to design an ebook cover or software box. Try asking your visitors what they think of your ecovers, offer then something free if they would take a second to take the survey.

When you find out your graphics look terrible….you can stop by my site and order some professional ebook covers and graphics. :)

Get motivated and stop by and set up an account. Your efforts will be rewarded!

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