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How to Make 5 Bucks a Day

Here ya go… want to make a quick 5 bucks! You could probably make yourself an easy 5 bucks a day, all you have to do is model the guy in the video! This guy just wanted to make a quick 5 Bucks….its pretty funny but you should watch it. Afterwards I can open some doors that will show you how to make an income online that are a lot less painful :)

Did you know you can make money online! It’s really true, you can set up your own online business and start making money at home.

Here’s the truth….

Don’t believe those offers where someone tells you that you can start making $5000 a month at home…..just buy my course or invest in my videos. That’s a bunch of hogwash!

Start off by learning the basics of internet marketing. Approach the subject of making money online in baby steps.

Think of it this way. If you can learn how to make 5 bucks a day then you can learn to make 10 dollars a day. If you can make 10 dollars a day you can make $50 a day. Are you starting to get the idea. If you can make $50 a day you can learn how to make $100 a day ….at home, on the internet on your computer.

It makes sense to figure out how to make a small amount of money online  and then scale upwards. Sure some internet gurus start off by making $1000’s in a matter of days……but I can assure you there are many more of us that start off by making $5 bucks a day and then just continue to learn internet marketing and multiply our efforts.

Making 5 bucks a day is a lot easier than the guy in the video getting tasered for 5 bucks. It’s kind of funny but at the same time those guys reveal the mentality of the masses……YOU don’t have to get tasered to start making money at home!

In fact, there’s a guy, Dennis Becker, who teaches people how to start making money online and he has a book called Make 5 bucks a Day. Dennis also started a membership that teaches people how to make money online and its called Earn1KaDay….. I highly recommend it if you’re interested learning a variety of different business models for making money online.

Internet Marketing tips to make money onlineDo yourself a favor and fill in the below form and I’ll send you a book written by Dennis that talks about the different ways to make money online. The book is free and will give you some options for starting a career in internet marketing. Fill out the form and I’ll send it to you. Making money online is fun, its hard work, its interesting but you, maybe for the first time in your life will be in control of your destiny!

Offer Value To Improve Internet Marketing Strategy

Free ebook Make 5 Bucks a Day!Have you thought of a way to improve Internet marketing strategy in your business? Is your current method not getting you far enough? Do you struggle to reach the next level? If you value your customers, you will have found the best way to improve Internet marketing strategy.

Many marketers look at their customers as a “mark.” If they purchase snake oil from you and dislike it, there are plenty of other fish in the ocean. You need a different mindset if you wish to improve Internet marketing strategy. A good customer relationship is a very valuable commodity. However, there are two parts to this. It is more expensive to acquire new customers than it is to keep the happy ones. If you have sold a product or service previously and acquired a happy customer as a result they are much more likely to buy from you again. For this reason it is vital to develop and maintain a customer list. If you have provided value to your customer, you will be able to approach them with more product offers.

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A customer will buy from those that they trust. It does not matter whether you are selling your own products or affiliate products. If you sell affiliate products and your customers trust your recommendation they are apt to buy using your affiliate links. Some examples, are travel books or guides. Hotels strive for a “5 star” rating because they know with that rating business will increase. An affiliate program works in much the same way. When you recommend them to your customers, it will increase their business. This is just as true, if you are selling your own product.

When you sell an initial product to a customer and they like it,there is a greater chance that they will purchase similar products in the future from you. Bring potential customers into your product funnel. You should have a plan in place to present an upsell and down sell for each product that you will sell. You should look at methods to repackage products so that they will be value packed. As an example, you could produce an audio book from an ebook and sell it all over again. Or you could package several small reports into a larger package. You will improve Internet marketing strategy, if you provide value for your customers.

A famous quote from P.T. Barnum is “there is a fool born every minute.” However, there is no proof that he actually said it. When Joe Vitale wrote the biography of Barnum, he named it “There’s a Customer Born Every Minute.” This is the correct mindset to have if you wish to improve Internet marketing strategy. It will be easy to develop lasting relationships, if you view the people on your list and those that visit your website as customers.

One of the best ways  to learn how to become a more effective internet marketer is by learning from others who have achieved success. Earn1KaDay is a forum that offers newbies and the experienced marketer advice and guidance for developing a successful internet marketing business.

Treat them incorrectly and they will never buy from you again. When you treat people as if they were a “mark,” it spoils the online buying experience.It tends to drive people to larger chain stores instead of a smaller distributor who may be able to offer better value. Do not fall into the trap of being the “fool.” See your customers as valuable and treat them like gold-because they are in many ways. That is the best way to improve Internet marketing strategy.

How To Be Successful In Your Computer Home Based Business

5bucksaday-freeIt is the new age of the entrepreneur and many have considered starting or have already started a computer home based business. The time is right. As many employees are suffering pay cuts and job losses, previously retired men and women are looking for other sources of income to replace their lost retirement funds, and the internet economy is becoming more and more powerful, the home business trend continues to rise.

In order to succeed in your business, you need three basic things: a thorough understanding of your target market, a product/service that will appeal to this target market, and a means of getting your product/service in front of your target market. The concepts are simple enough. Achieving the concepts can be frustrating and time-consuming but you can do it with a lot of patience and the willingness to learn and to fail sometimes (or often). Many believe that the only difference between those who succeed and those who don’t is persistence despite obstacles or hardships which are sure to come your way at some time or another. Expect them. Deal with them. And move past them.

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How do you stay dedicated to your computer home based business? There are many factors that can keep you focused. It’s extremely important that you know what you want and you have set long-term, short-term and mid-term goals to achieve your final goal. These goals may have to be shifted and adjusted along the way but you need a place to start. Keeping your goals in mind keeps you from being side-tracked or discouraged. It keeps your eyes in the future rather than the past or present.

While it’s not absolutely necessary, it makes things much easier if you have a passion for what you do, your products and/or services. This can keep you going even on the worst of days. If you lack the passion, you might find your work to be tedious or boring while if you genuinely like what you do, you will not need to be pushed to work on it.

Believe in yourself is essential. It doesn’t matter whether you are new to certain home business strategies or not. What is important is whether you believe you can achieve what you want to do. If you believe, you can achieve.

Make sure that you are organized. Organization saves time and keeps you on track with your goals. Time-management fits into this as well. Make sure that you have a clear plan of what you can do each day to grow your business. It might be a bit overwhelming at first but you will soon see that your plans become habits towards effective business building.

Finally, never give up. Much easier said than done. If money is your problem, work on the many activities that you can do to promote your computer home based business without spending a dime. If time is your problem, consider getting others to help you or just work on your business when you can. Remember that your persistence is what will determine your success.

Start Your Own Business Ideas Free Ebook ‘5 Bucks A Day’

What if you could make 5 Bucks a Day?

Would $150 dollars a month make a difference in your life? Have you ever looked at start your own business ideas?

Of course the above questions really depend on your economic status. You better believe there are many people in this world that five dollars a day or $150 dollars a month would make a serious positive difference in their life.

Maybe it might mean ‘food’ for you and your family. Maybe it means paying the phone bill. It could mean your TV cable bill….who knows, but I can promise you, you’ll find some place to spend an extra $5 dollars a day… about this, save it! That would equal $1,800 dollars at the end of the year!

What if you set up an online business that provided you with 5 dollars a day each and every day? Start your own business ideas could supplement your income.

If you learned the principles involved to make $5 a day, do you think it would be possible to use those principles and make $10 a day?

You can learn how to create an online income but keep in mind I have no idea if you’re motivated enough to actually do it. In other words, it’s up to you. Everyone would love to make money online, they usually buy lotery tickets! This isn’t a lotery and requires you apply the knowledge and understanding you gain to start making some money online using the principles involved in Internet Marketing.

I have a no nonsense book called “5 Bucks a Day”, it’s a FREE ebook about 38 pages long and it discusses how to start building an online business that will make 5 dollars a day. This is a fact, if you can make 5 dollars a day, you can then make 10 dollars a day, next you could make 25 dollars a day, you can even make 100 dollars a day online. Finally, you can set a goal to make 1000 dollars a day and actually achieve it. Many members of the Internet Marketing Membership called Earn1KaDay have achieved $1000 a day and more. It’s a no nonsense membership filled with good people, no BS, no hype just good business models you can learn to start achieving your goals. Check out Earn1KaDay today!

If you want a taste of the Earn1Kaday membership, download 5BucksaDay ….a free ebook! A great source of start your own business ideas.


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