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Build Relationships By List Building and Make Money Online

Build Relationships By List Building and Make Money Online

Aweber email marketing campaign

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As you probably know creating a relationship with your customers and clients is huge on the subject of building a successful company, off-line or online. A list is a potential goldmine for the local businessman and a list is the mother’s milk of building any online business. People purchase from people they understand, like, and trust. That’s why you want to give full attention to building excellent relationships with your prospective customers and your current customers. I think the simplest way to make it happen would be to build an opt in list of potential customers and customers. Not only will creating a list assist you to build relationships, but it will also allow you to drive traffic towards your websites. That’s why we are going to take a very close look at tips on how to build a relationship with your prospective customers and clients by using an opt-in e-mail list.

Use A Reliable Autoresponder Service Like Aweber to Build Your List

First, you may need an email autoresponder, such as Aweber if you’re going to be developing a list. However, you can either get a hosted solution or else you can host your own solution. I definitely suggest that you receive a hosted solution so you do not have the headaches of running an actual autoresponder account company. But, if you do not know what an autoresponder is it can be simple. An email autoresponder is a software application that will automatically dripped out content to your customers once they signed up for your list.  The biggest mistake most online marketers make when they start their business is trying to save money by setting up their own hosted autoresponder instead of paying a monthly fee to someone like Aweber Autoresonders. I made this mistake and it cost me 10’s of thousands of dollars….. it’s probably more like a 100,000 dollar mistake!

Train Your List to Buy Something of Value

Next, you would like to start building a relationship with your list by offering them unbelievable free content. You want to produce a follow-up e-mail sequence that has away fantastic content and highlight your products and services. You also want to use this time to start building the relationship with your prospective customers and clients.

Last, I want to point out that you would like to make sure that you’re selling your prospects each and every time that you e-mail to them. You want to give them value, but you would like to also let them know that there is something to buy. You do not want your prospects to think that you only give free information. You want them to know that the better information is paid for information.

List Building is a Deep Subject…..So Keep Studying so You can Make Money Online

So in the following paragraphs we talked about a few different activities to do to make a bigger impact with regards to building a relationship with your prospects and clients by building an opt in list. It would be silly to think that you can learn everything in a single article. So, make certain you continue to seek out education and get better and better at list building, and relationship building. But, also focus on building your list from the very beginning. Be sure to look at Aweber, there are plenty of free tutorials that will help you make a decision if this is the route you might like to go.

AWeber Overview – Why AWeber is the Finest Autoresponder

This caught me by shock and caused a handful of challenges. If you by now have a substantial record be knowledgeable of this attribute and plan for it. SEE Under NOW.


Prime internet marketers use Aweber to dominate the on-line advertising and marketing market place. In this evaluate, I will explain how AWeber will assist you increase your organization and become one of the major producers in the market place.


Prior to I describe the factors for deciding upon AWeber around any other autoresponder in the on the net marketplace, I will make clear why you really should have an autoresponder in the 1st put.


Here are my 4 most significant explanations why you must use an autoresponder


one. You will need a way to educate your prospective customers
2. By Supplying priceless subject material, it will brand you as a leader
three. You can advertise products and solutions that will help your potential customers with their small business
four. It is essential to your success


This is how the leading world wide web marketers do enterprise and it is the basic principal for any person executing online small business. An autoresponder will allow you to have far more than one stream of cash flow, which is required for making cash on the internet. I presently have about twenty cash flow streams that my prospects get introduced to even though pursuing up with them by way of my autoresponder. This allows me to make funds from my prospects whether or not or not they join my major small business.



If you want to be the top rated producer in your company you must continuously be building a list of your unique, and not your company’s record. If you get persons to opt in to your company’s listing, you are supporting to make that company’s list. And if that company goes out of home business or you get kicked out, you will be without having a listing considering that the business owns that list.


There are as well several individuals on line who are struggling to make product sales from their site visitors because they are not applying an autoresponder to stick to up with them.


I will now get into why I recommend AWeber about any other autoresponder on the sector.


1. AWeber’s services fees are pro-rated to match anyone’s requires
2. You are able to send powerful e-mail newsletters to your subscribers
3. You are ready to publish a sign up kind to your web page
four. You can operate unrestricted email campaigns
five. Large excellent email templates are presented with the support
six. They have the best e mail deliverability in the market place
seven. They have dwell expert consumer assistance to help you
8. They let you try out the service for thirty days for $one.00


The everyday living blood of your company is your consumer contacts, followup and communication. They allow you attempt out AWeber for $one.00 for the first thirty days so that you can see how important the service is and how you can use it to develop your on the net company.


Because they have developed beneficial relationships with most ISPs, AWeber is able provide your email to your subscribers at extra than a 99% charge.


Lots of AWeber opinions won’t tell you how you can have achievement using AWeber.

Monte Hopkins is a Business Executive specialist and writes for Entrepenuer. Autoresponder Tips, AWeber Evaluate – Is AWeber the Ideal E mail Autoresponder Support?, AWeber Overview – Evaluation of Aweber Versus Get Response
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An Aweber Review. Getting Your Message Out Has Never Been More Important

If you’re looking for the best way to get your marketing message delivered to your customer base, then this Aweber autoresponder review will be an important article for you to read. AWeber was founded by CEO Tom Kulzer and they are headquartered in Huntingdon Valley, PA  which is only 2 minutes North of  Philadelphia.  AWeber is a web-based software autoresponder which happens to be used by thousands of professional marketers across the world.  Aweber has been around for many years, and seems to be gaining more and more popularity amongst online business owners.  According to many, it is considered to be the number one used email delivery system out there.  The following review was written to better help you understand what Aweber may be able to do for you to grow your business.

Email marketing is a timeless approach to reaching your audience.  It is a marketing tool that many businesses use for product promotion and keeping in touch with their client base.  Not only is email a great way for fast communication, but if used properly, email marketing can help you grow existing relationships with your customers, and drive sales for your business.  Not only can email be used to communicate with existing customers, but it is one of  the most powerful and productive way to drive targeted traffic to your websites, blogs, videos, or social media channels.  Because it is relatively cheap to use and maintain, email autoresponders are some of  the most powerful tools you have in  your  business building arsenal.

Beyond Basic Emailing.

Its great to live in a world where you can reach a person no matter where they are – in seconds with a click of your computer mouse.  Email autoresponders offer up several options.  First they allow you to send automated emails to a group or groups of people on a specific marketing list.  These lists can be targeted based on your marketing message so you can always guarantee that your message reaches the right person.  You’re not stuck with just sending an email series however.  Autoresponders can also help you send out free courses, articles, reports, information regarding your products and services, price updates, welcome and thank you messages, and order confirmations.  The list goes on and on.  Although not nearly as effective as a personal phone call, the beauty of using email in your business is that it offers you great leverage so that you’re not tied down at your desk all day.

Is Aweber right for you?

In this write up, we’ve looked at what the use of email marketing can do to enhance your business. We saw that one of the better email marketing tools out there is Aweber. AWeber is a web-based autoresponder tool that has gotten a lot of praise by the better marketers on the Internet. The primary reason behind the popularity is its supposed 99% advertised deliverability rate. The number one concern with using email in business is deliverability of your marketing message. Aweber does deliver on this promise which is why it has one of the better ratings and is greatly trusted .

AWeber is truly the premier auto-responder and email marketing service online.  With competitive pricing and a proven 99% email deliverability rate, Aweber can help you grow your business relationships and profits. To learn more about Aweber and get your complimentary 30 day trial for only $1, be sure to visit:
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GetResponse Vs Aweber – AutoResponder Review

Read our review on the features, pros and cons of GetResponse and Aweber and decide for yourself which one is the best autoresponder suited to your needs.

Aweber AutoResponder

Aweber AutoResponder was founded in 1998 and is now one of the top autoresponder service provider on the internet today. They have helped small businesses automate email follow up and newsletter delivery for website visitors and now serviced over 43,000 satisfied

GetResponse AutoResponder

GetResponse AutoResponder was started in 1998 and since have over 500,000 accounts opened. GetResponse’s easy-to-use and web-based email interface can help businesses build their permission-based mailing lists, maximize conversion ratios and build customer confidence.


Aweber Vs GetResponse – Pricing

Aweber pricing plan is based on the number of subscribers you have on your list. The Aweber pricing plan starts from $19/mth for 0-500 subscribers and increases accordingly with the number of subscribers on your list. (the more subscribers you have, the more you pay)

Aweber Pricing Plan

0 – 500 $19/mth or $193.80/year($16.15/mth)
501 – 2,500 $29/mth
2,501 – 5,000 $49/mth
5,001 – 10,000 $69/mth
10,001 – 25,000 $149/mth

GetResponse starts from $18 per month for 0-500 subscribers and have a pricing structure similiar to Aweber but at a lower price. In addition,
GetResponse has prepay discount plan which offer you 15% discount for half-yearly prepay or 18% discount for yearly prepay instead of the standard monthly paid subscription.

GetResponse Pricing Plan

0 – 500 $18/mth or $177.12/year($14.76/mth)
501 – 2,500 $28/mth
2,501 – 5,000 $45/mth
5,001 – 10,000 $65/mth
10,001 – 25,000 $145/mth

Comparing the pricing plan for both Aweber and GetResponse, you can see that if for the
same number of subscribers, using GetResponse instead of Aweber will save you more money per month.

In terms of pricing, GetResponse is a clear winner over Aweber.
The Solution? – MORE INFORMATION If You Need more Information about GetResponse, please visit this link:More INFO to GETRESPONSE or AWEBER Here!
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Aweber Email Marketing Review – Is it A Good Autoresponder Service?

Aweber has practically become the “industry standard” in Internet Marketing, as far as e-mail auto responders go. With this amazing, innovative e-mail auto responder you can quickly create and run your e-mail campaigns with powerful, easy-to-use email marketing tools.

Aweber makes it incredibly easy to get your first campaign off the ground, even if you are a beginner. The website features tons of online video tutorials that demonstrates all the features and benefits of Aweber.

With Aweber you can automatically send email newsletter to your website or blog subscribers. All you have to do is set up a couple of e-mail messages in the queue, set the interval of days to send each e-mail and that’s it. If you have a 7 course e-mail course on how to get rid of acne, for instance, you could have one e-mail course sent every other day. It’s a great method of “set it and forget it” Internet Marketing.

Aweber makes it easy to publish a signup form to your website. You can even add an unblockable hover form to your website. With this feature it’s easy to implement a form right onto your site in minutes and start turning website visitors into subscribers. You simply publish a signup form to your site using a point-and-click web form wizard from the Aweber control panel.

With Aweber you can manage virtually unlimited email campaigns! Some other systems charge you per emails sent and those expenses can add up fast! Not with Aweber. A great feature of Aweber is the readily available e-mail templates that you can implement immediately. All of them are very professional looking and easy to customize.

Every successful Internet Marketer will tell you that “The money is in the list” and they are 100% right. To succeed online, you need Aweber, as it’s quite simply the best e-mail auto responder program out there.

Don’t miss out, there is still a lot more to know about aweber email marketing and if you would like to find out more about it, you can do by Clicking Here Now

Jack likes to write articles
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Aweber Review: Email Marketing That Builds Your List

Internet marketing has come a long way over the years and the growth of the internet has made it easier to communicate quickly and effective to a large number of people. The goal of the marketer is to deliver a message to as many people as possible in the most efficient manner. Services started springing up around ten years ago with the idea of creating an email autoresponder that created a tool to automate the email process. The goal was to improve overall marketing efficiency, raise profitability and reduce costs. Services such as Aweber help create the concept and today they have emerged as the market leader.

Autoresponders make staying in touch with your customer base as easy as possible. They help attract prospects through opt-ins on your website, and then make it simple to set up a series of short follow-up emails to start developing a relationship with them simply by staying in touch. What makes autoresponder so effective is that many basic messages can be created and then dripped to prospects at set intervals. So, In reality you can set up a complete marketing campaign well in advance and then when a website visitor responds to your opt-in, then it triggers the entire process. You don’t have to be involved in any of this once it’s set up in the system.

Broadcasts are messages that function separately from the auto response messages. They are an effective way for small business people to send out newsletters, announce a sale or provide a coupon, deliver season sensitive information or other anything else that is time and date specific. Aweber recommends that you incorporate both static autoresponder messages and broadcast messages to create a complete and effective campaign

The auto responder marketplace is very competitive and services like Infusionsoft, Get Response, Constant Contact and Mail Chimp just to name a few, vie for customers along with Aweber. But Aweber consistently receives some of the best customer feedback. Their system is easy to use, the interface is attractive and the tools are top notch. Aweber also has phenomenal customer service. They provide online tutorials and customer tele-seminars to help you get the most out of there product. I have also personally received a few personal phone calls from the Aweber customer service folks thanking me for my business and trying to be of service to me. It is clear they are a well run outfit.

Over the years Aweber has developed solid relationships with internet service providers and therefore they offer impressive delivery rates. This means that your emails don’t end up in spam filters which can sometimes happen with some of the smaller autorepsonder services. Aweber is a web-based, monthly subscription service that makes communicating with prospects, customers, members or even fans as easy as possible. They have made it easy ti integrate videos and even PayPal accounts into their services. The Aweber service makes it easy for subscriber to both opt-in to your list and also unsubscribe with just a few clicks. I know I get irritated when I receive an email that either I don’t want or am no longer interested in and when I attempt to unsubscribe from that list, they make it hard to do. Aweber also has the senders name and physical address included in every email to help reduce the amount of spammers using their service. They figure if you have to include your name and address on each message that will increase the quality of information going through their system.

Aweber has developed a graduated service package. You can start out with a basic package that includes their complete service for up to 500 subscribers. The price is $1 for the first month and $19 thereafter. The price increases as your business grows and you start building a larger list of subscribers.

Learn more about Aweber plus read hundreds of other reviews at out my e-book ARTICLE MARKETING TRAFFIC MAGNET at  
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Reviewing Aweber: The Autoresponder of Choice Among Business Owners

Of all the tools a home based business owner should have, Aweber sits on top the list. For those of you that have no idea what it is, don’t worry. Aweber is the leader of the email marketing industry. This type of marketing strategy is very necessary in order to build any business. As a proud Aweber customer myself, it’s good knowing that my home based business is in good hands.


Aweber’s email marketing service grants the business owner plenty of freedom. In any industry, it is vital to be able to have a steady supply of customers. More importantly, the owner has to be able to build, and maintain a great rapport with those customers. These two prerequisites are the basis of email marketing techniques. With an Aweber account, the business owner can rest assured that all of their customers will be communicated with…automatically!


Aweber really does automate your business. Industry research shows that it will take an average of 7-8 attempts of customer contact before they decide to purchase anything. This is especially true for online business transactions. With Aweber you will have the ability to use effective email marketing strategies. You can pre-write as many sales copies, or emails, as you want while the relationship with your customer base develops.


But Aweber is not just some run of the mill email marketing service. What I like the most is that Aweber respects your customers privacy. I have used other email marketing services, but none is as spam free as Aweber. I am sure you have checked your email inbox before, and with frustration wondered how you ended up on so many marketing lists.


Before one of your customers decides to “opt-in” Aweber makes sure of their decision by sending a confirmation email. That way, your company’s reputation is protected and your customers aren’t harassed. Even if you manually add a prospect’s contact information they will still receive the confirmation. So there is no unwanted solicitation.


Email marketing is the way to go, and Aweber more than steps up to the plate. Their service knocks it out of the park! You want a high level of email deliverability? I have yet to find a better email marketing provider. Their monthly subscription is a steal, and Aweber’s customer service team is knowledgeable and courteous. If you are just starting out in the network marketing industry, you will soon learn that having an autoresponder is inevitable. Aweber really puts a business on auto-pilot. Obtaining leverage in your business begins with them.


The company is so confident in their ability to provide top notch service and products, that they are willing to let you try it for a month. You will be blown away by what you get with your email marketing trial. Visit Aweber today to get more information on how the phenomenon works.    

Kevin Timothy is originally from the island of Trinidad but grew up in the Tampa Bay area. Each day he strives to read inspirational, business marketing & personal development books to help him share with the world his ideas on prosperity. He is a father, husband, Business Accounting student, and entrepreneur. His primary goal is recession proofing; which is to teach as many families as he can how to make money online.
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Aweber – A Perfect Email Marketing Tool

If you have been marketing sties for a long period you will be aware of Aweber – An Email Marketing Software but I don’t know how many of them has tried it on your site.

Many web masters had quit feedsburner and started their journey with Aweber. Why people are moving to Aweber? What is so special with it? That’s what you will read in this article.

Aweber helps you to collect E-mail addresses and it is very professional for E-mail marketing. Aweber as lot of features that will beatup Google’s feedsburner. Aweber helps you to schedule newsletters. So whenever you are out of station you can schedule some newsletters, this help you show your visitors as if you are active even though you aren’t.

Many People bookmark sites, but most of them won’t turn back. They forget about the site they bookmarked, so sending short and sweet newsletters will help you keep your site fresh in your reader’s mind. So it will be a reminder for people to visit your site.

Also you can send your RSS feeds as an e-mail to your subscribers. All you want to do it set preferences and rest of the process is automated. A very good advantage of Aweber is they allow you to track your subscribers. So you can know who opens your newsletter or message sent via Aweber and who has clicked on the links. This helps you to study your visitors thoroughly and easily.

Another interesting feature, a feature which made me to buy this service is Autoresponder. I was really searching for this feature and I found it on aweber for a reasonable price. Autoresponder sends an e-mail when a visitor activates his subscription(I am not talking about the activation E-mail) This helps you to get more subscribers. How!

Let’s say you are publishing an E-book. Instead of giving it away just like that, you can ask your visitors to subscribe to get the download link for the book. When he/she subscribes, an autoresponder will send an email which will have the download link. You can compose the email that is to be sent by autoresponder. I have planned to use Aweber when I publish Template, Scripts and books here, so get ready to subscribe

If they want your products they have to subscribe, so this will increase your subscribers rapidly if your product is good.

I just mentioned the features that made me to become their customer. Apart from these features there are many more features available at Aweber. If you are a blogger, then you will feel aweber very useful, just like the way felt after registering for an Aweber account.

You can start your Aweber journey for just $1. Want one for you? Click here to start your successful journey with Aweber

If you are using other email marketing service then you can move to Aweber with Aweber moving service. You can transfer your email list to aweber easily.

I am a normal 11th grade student from India. I am very interested in web designing and related stuffs. I run a web designing tutorials website
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iContact vs. AWeber, which Email Program & Auto Responder is Better?

I have been asked over and over again by those in the industry for almost a decade what the best email & newsletter programs are. I have used a few since 2000, but since 2005, I have been exclusively with iContact. Originally this was because for quite a while they provided the service for free for my publication, but currently stay and pay for the service. That being said, I have looked on occasion to move to AWeber, because it is highly recommended by many in the performance marketing industry.  I thought it might be time to take a real look at the features, pricing and functions of these two companies. Read my indepth analysis!

In comparing the two companies, it is important to look at what they traditionally have marketed themselves as.  iContact has traditionally marketed itself as a brand-centric company where brands and major websites can send out newsletter to their followers. On the other hand, AWEBER has become the favorite amongst “marketers” specifically because of its auto-responder function, which many marketers believe to be top notch. In truth, iContact does have a large amount of brand companies that use its services and about 8 times as many customers as AWEBER. However, that doesn’t mean its better.

Aweber is $19 a month for up to 500 subscribers and $29 a month for a more realistic size of 501-2,500 subscribers.
iContact is  $14.00 a month for up to $500 subscribers, but has a cheaper $9.95 plan of $9.95 a month. Up to 2,500 subscribers is identical pricing of $29 a amonth.
The pricing for all their programs actually stays somewhat the same, plus or minus 5% between the two up to the highest levels.

As mentioned, I have used iContact for years, but have had accounts with both companies. iContact customer service is seriously the best in the industry – from the sales team to the technical support team, they are great at what they do. One thing that I personally find important is that with all the projects that I have, I sometimes need a little “guidance” about things that are out of the box. iContact has always answered my questions on the phone and email. On the other hand, to be perfectly honest, aWeber tends to use canned, copy and paste response or send you to a webpage to “learn” the information. Even trying to get a PR and Marketing Contact over there as close to impossible, and in some cases their customer service person stopped responding to my requests for feature information. When I asked to speak to their PR & Marketing person about pricing discounts and importing, I got a form letter.

This is a very, very hard metric to talk about because there are no “proven” results out there. AWeber has a very strict double-optin system that they require all customers to use, and prevent almost anyone from importing emails from other lists, so that their system can “Stay clean.” However, with the huge amount of “get rich quick” and “MLM” offers that go through AWeber, there seems to be some issues. The built in Junk Mail Filter on Outlook, despite AWeber having SPAM Assassin integrated, seems to like catching AWeber emails more than iContact. iContact has a very similar system installed, but is not as easy to use. However, they review most emails themselves to “help”, just incase there is something they believe is spammy or will get you blocked, an added service I am not sure is in any other email service provider.

iContact is monitored by Pivotal Veracity which gives it a 99% deliverability rate, plus iContact has significant relations with the ISPs and knows exactly what is going on with any possible spammy emails. AWeber claims to have deliverability about the same, but at the same time, no third party verification nor do they have the same relationships from what I have been told with the ISPs because of the perception that they are used by many marketers. Still when I asked around, a lot of my friends said they had little issues with deliverabiltiy from AWeber.

When it comes to features, both of the companies are very similar. Both of them have a great deal of newsletter templates, great signup forms, unlimited email lists, open and click tracking, WYSIWYG editors and a great contact management system. That being said, there iContact’s tracking system is superior as it allows you to really “dig” into who is clicking on the newsletters and what they are specifically clicking on, plus examine it against other newsletters they have clicked on.  On top of that, iContact allows you to host images on its server, which for some people might be a must.  Additionally, iContact has a built in survey system, but aWeber recommends using Google Docs or SurveyMonkey for surveys.

Yet, AWeber has a built in optimization and tracking system, which allows you to track who is buying products from your newsletter. This is something that is essential for marketers, and I’m sincerely amazed that iContact has not added this into their system. I’m sincerely amazed that they haven’t since this is a blaring difference between the two that seems to be easily fixed.

On top of that, I’ll be honest – the add-ons and packages that have been built in the performance marketing industry for aWeber are significant. There are numerous great WordPress ad-ons that are attached mainly to aWeber and more than one affiliate expert has built specific  programs that work with aWeber. Still, aWeber does NOT have a developer API while iContact has a whole developer portal that should allow anyone to build those features and add-ons easily.  Some of the “outside” products that people have made for aWeber are actually built into iContact already, such as viral tell-a-friend and forwarding mechanisms.

Honestly, despite me promoting both the products, I know that the readers want me to look at one product and recommend it. Both products are on the top of their game. iContact has built a stellar reputation and has some serious clients behind it. AWeber has the hearts of the marketing community and has been able to grow significantly because of the (paid) promotions by several marketing experts.  I would easily come out with a very clear recommendation for iContact, except for the lack of a built in commerce optimization.  For many affiliates, this could be essential in knowing what list creations are doing the best and resulting in sales and purchases.

Something really bugs me about AWeber. One of the reasons is their requirement for all new subscribers to re-opt in their lists if they come from another provider.  This really bugs me because many, many stores and merchants have lists they have built from customers who have bought products and asking them to decrease their list by as much as 90% is ridiculous.  If you do import all your subscribers and they don’t confirm the first time, you can’t ever contact them again. Seriously guys?

The good news is that you can try both of them for close to free. Icontact has a free trial, and AWeber has a $1.00 trial. Note that, not unlike that subscription to MilfHunter, if you do not cancel AWeber they will charge your card (and in my case, even with the cancelation, they charged it, but eventually refunded the charge.).

You can learn more abuot the companies at: and


Pace Lattin is a world renown expert in interactive advertising, affiliate marketing, complaince and fraud., he has been on the forefront of fighting fraud and crime on the internet. He has two blogs at and
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AWeber Review – Advantages And Disadvantages Of The AWeber Autoresponder

AWeber Autoresponder Background:

AWeber was founded in 1998 and they’ve provided great service to email marketers and small business owners since then. They pioneered email automation helping many businesses and network marketers build huge lists. AWeber has served over 43,000 people internationally.

Aweber Features:

1. Distribute email newsletters

2. Email Templates – AWeber offers over 150 functional templates. You may select any color you wish for your template. They have tested them with Gmail, Hotmail, and Yahoo for compatibility. There are many different layouts available. They have opt-in forms that match the email templates.

3. Distribute your blog posts as a newsletter seamlessly.

4. Analyze who’s clicking your links and reading your emails

5. Integrate on Facebook and Twitter

6. Publish emails online

7. Website sign-up forms that match email templates

8. Unlimited follow-up emails.

That wraps up the AWeber Autoresponder. Alright, what is my initial investment then?

AWeber Review – Pricing List:

Aweber Pricing Plan

0 – 500 members $19/month or $193.80/yr.($16.15/mth)
501 – 2,500 people $29/mth
2,501 – 5,000 subscribers $49/mth
5,001 – 10,000 subscribers $69/mth
10,001 – 25,000 members $149/month

These prices are fairly competitive with other autoresponders on the market. Getresponse does have better pricing – check it out.

GetResponse Pricing:

0 – 500 subscribers $18/mth or $177.12/annually($14.76/month)
501 – 2,500 members $28/mth
2,501 – 5,000 subscribers $45/month
5,001 – 10,000 people $65/month
10,001 – 25,000 subscribers $145/month

This is slightly less expensive than AWeber. GetResponse also offers a 15% discount for a half-year payment and an 18% discount for paying up front for a whole year.

The Drawback of Utilizing AWeber:

– It takes a long time to learn how to use this service. This is especially true if this is your first time settting up an email list. It took me several hours and some trial and error to figure out how it all worked.

– There’s no free test drive with AWeber. AWeber does offer a $1 trial for the first month that you can cancel at anytime without further charges.

– You cannot send email videos through AWeber. You can put links to videos hosted on your blog or website, but you can’t actually put the video in the email.

The Advantages of Applying AWeber:

– They have good tutorials to help newbies figure out how the program works.

– There are an unlimited amount of email lists you can use

– You can address your subscribers by name. You can put your customer’s name in the email or subject line.

– Great designs for opt-in forms that match your email templates which creates congruency and a professional image.

– Bloody safe and speedy email delivery – huge for an autoresponder to have this. With several autoresponders only twenty percent of your emails actually get delivered.

– Spam checks. AWeber gives you feedback on how “spammy” your emails look. Then you can twist them to ge through the spam filters better.

AWeber Review Closure:

Overall, AWeber provides a great service. It is extremely solid and has expeditious delivery. There is a learning curve involved when setting up a new list, but that is true for any autoresponder. Getresponse does have a little better pricing. Also, Getresponse has video email marketing which AWeber does not feature.

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