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CPA Cost Per Action Archives

money-500pxMany of you have heard about CPA affiliate programs (cost per action affiliate programs) where you, as the affiliate marketer, get paid when someone completes and action. The action could be entering a zip code, email address or more detailed information. In any case, no sale is required for you to be able to make a commission. The facet of this type of marketing called pay-per-email focuses on you getting paid when you obtain someone’s email address.

As with other CPA offers, there are no costs involved for your visitors in order for you to earn a commission. There is no need for them to buy and no need for you to try to sell them. And sometimes, they don’t even have to click on something that takes them to another page in order for you to earn a commission. You can earn while they remain on your site. Every visitor that comes to your web site has an email address, which means that every visitor has the potential to create income for you.

There are quite a few pay per email programs that you can choose from, each with their own spin or angle. Most average between $0.10 and $0.25 per action. All of these programs can easily be promoted directly from your web site, usually using text links.

A really great thing about CPA affiliate pay-per-email programs is that almost any type of website, regardless of its niche or topics, can add a pay per email program to its monetization. The important concept is to match the offer with the website. Make sure you are offering things that your readers are interested in. Many of the larger pay-per-email address programs offer a huge variety of potential topics that you can try to match to your visitors.

You can also promote pay-per-email programs to your list. If you already run your own email newsletter, this is a great way to start because every person on your mail list is interested in what you have to offer.

Another strategy is to add a pay-per-email program to the confirmation page on your web site when someone subscribes to your newsletter or list. Where the page usually says “Thank you for subscribing, you will receive your first issue shortly” or something along those lines, you can add a pay-per-email program suggesting that your visitor also subscribe to the pay-per-email program offer – again, it needs to be completely relevant to what you are offering on your website.

Cost Per Action CPAWhere do you sign up for pay per email programs? Here are just a couple of the most popular ones:

NetEzines is an Advertising.com program which is a PPC network. This company pays $0.40 per referred subscriber to one of their 13 newsletters and offers a multi-tier program, which means that you also earn on recruiting other webmasters into the program. NetEzines allows your website visitors to remain on your page when they subscribe to one of the NetEzine newsletters and you still earn a commission.

Mailbits.com has been Top Rated by ClickQuick for a long period of time and now offers the highest commissions per email (up to $0.50 per email address).

So if you are looking forward to being a profitable CPA affiliate, take a look at Pay Per Email programs. They are a great way to get started.

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NeverBlue CPA Network – Whats In It For You

Never Blue Ads, now called simply Neverblue CPA network, was established by the Canadian company Neverblue Media. this company is one of the forerunners as far as CPA networks go, both nationally and abroad, and runs some of the most popular CPA offers on the internet. Neverblue offers top level rewards and an extremely user-friendly interface which is one of the reasons that it is so liked among its users.

It only takes a couple of minutes to start the sign-up process with Never Blue. You need to fill out an application which asks you for personal information, the websites you are running, how much you intend to spend on promoting your offers and what methods you will use to promote them. After you’ve submitted your application, you’ll be called by one of the Never Blue CPA representatives who will then perform a telephone interview basically just verifying what you have stated in your application. so, of course, it’s important that you be consistent with what you have written in the application when you answer these questions.

Once you are accepted, you will be assigned to an affiliate manager who will be in close contact with you so as to match your needs with the offers that they are promoting. From this stage forward, you can just login to the control panel with the username and password that you created in your application and start searching for offers.

Never Blue CPA affiliate commissions
are paid on a net-30 pay period and by check. PayPal payments are also available but you will need to specifically request this type of payment method from your affiliate manager.

Cost Per Action CPAAnother great feature of Neverblue is that it will pay you after you’ve earned more than $25, which is considerably lower than many other CPA networks.

Never Blue also works on a two-tier commission basis so you can earn from recruiting other affiliates into the program as well. You have a choice of earning either $2.00 per person that you recruit or a 2% commission for life.

Never Blue offers something for any type of affiliate. . . well over 700 offers and 22 categories including dating, weight loss, email & zip submits, health, ring tones and much more. Neverblue also holds many offers that are exclusive to them and their payouts are high on all offers.

The Never Blue CPA network is also very popular because of the support it offers its affiliates. Once you join Never Blue, you can contact your affiliate manager via email, phone or fax and they are very quick to reply and extremely helpful in getting you on track. Remember, when you make money, so does your manager so he or she will do the best he/she can for you!

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Cost Per Action CPACPA (cost per action) or pay per lead affiliate programs are those that offer you commissions for getting potential customers’ contact information. The information may be as simple as a zip code or email or may be more detailed and include personal information like a social security number.

Over the last 6 months, there has been an increasing number of pay per lead programs competing for the attention of webmasters. The obvious advantage that PPL programs offer is that visitors to your web site do not need to make any type of purchase for you to be able to earn a commission. Although shopping on the web is becoming more and more commonplace, it is still, and will probably always be, easier to give something away then to sell something.

Here are some averages of what you can get paid when people fill in the information on the offers you are promoting:

* Art/Entertainment – $4.20
* Banking/Trading – $41.66
* Careers – $4.05
* Credit Reporting & Repair – $31.33
* Credit Cards  – $7.18
* Construction – $8.14
* Education/Training – $11.83
* Hospitality/Travel – $3.68
* Insurance – $8.40
* Loans/Mortgage – $9.85
* Matchmaking – $2.48
* Real Estate – $19.63
* Technology/Telecommunications – $15

Keep in mind that these are the averages of what you can get paid per lead but do not include what you may spend per lead or the conversion rates of whatever it is you are promoting.

There are many pay per lead affiliate programs available to you but one of the most popular is Commission Junction.

This company has grown to become one of the largest affiliate program networks, with over 1700 merchants and growing every day. There are two reasons that Commission Junction has been able to grow so quickly.

First, it offers very competitive pricing for their merchants. Second, it continuously improves its own affiliate program to provide more benefits to affiliates.

Commission Junction also offers a variety of other benefits to affiliates. Unlike most other affiliate networks, commissions earned from all merchants are pooled together in one check, and you are paid monthly by CJ directly (not by the merchant). This way, if you sign up for many different offers within the program and each of them earn you a little bit of money, you will get paid the sum of all of these. With many other affiliate networks, you would get paid nothing until you reach the normal minimum check sizes they set (generally $25-100 per merchant).

Commission Junction also offers a wide selection of affiliate programs that you can promote on your site. This is because they have attracted smaller merchants than some of the other pay per lead affiliate programs. Some of these smaller merchants offer highly targeted products which focus on a very narrow niche. This. of course, is very useful if your site is also very targeted,  because it makes it more probable that you will find a merchant that is appropriate for your audience. Programs in CJ also range across all types of affiliate commission models besides pay per lead, including pay per click and pay per sale.

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Click Per Action CPA Affiliate Marketing

If you’ve heard a lot lately about CPA marketing online, you’ve probably already realized that this isn’t referring to Certified Public Accountants. Instead, CPA stands for Click Per Action or Cost per Action. And CPA marketing is definitely a hot topic right now within the internet marketing world of business.

CPA marketing is very similar to affiliate marketing. The process is exactly the same, really. You get an affiliate link and you drive as much traffic to it as possible. The difference lies in the price point of the product you are promoting. CPA products are offered as free trials or very low cost (for shipping and handling) while non-CPA offers can cost quite a bit.

While you make a greater commission per sale with the latter, you need to generate a lot of traffic to be able to make just one sale. With CPA offers, you make fewer commissions per “action” but people will be much more willing to put in the information that you are asking, especially if the product they receive is completely free.

The other difference between affiliate marketing and CPA marketing is that you need to apply to one or more CPA networks in order to be able to make their offers. This doesn’t cost anything but the process can take one or two days.

Most CPA networks have a similar application process where you’ll have to fill in all your personal information and answer questions about the type of marketing you will be doing to promote your offers. (Email, PPC, Web, etc.). Once you’ve applied, you’ll have to do a phone interview as well where you’ll be asked what types of offers you’ll be promoting and how much you plan to spend, as well as about your history in affiliate marketing.

Here are some of the most popular Click Per Action networks that you’ll find.

Cost Per Action CPANeverBlue (previously NeverBlue Ads) is very highly regarded in the industry, especially for its user-friendly interface and excellent reporting.

Copeac hosts a large number of exclusive offers and lots of email submits (meaning, you get paid when the customer enters their email). It also has a DirectTrack network and supports postback tracking.

MotiveInteractive uses the unique Advent 2.0 system which features one of the better looking interfaces. Reporting is very good and they also have lots of nice offers.

HydraNetwork has an impressive selection of offers that aren’t seen on any other network. They offer lots of Email Submits and have a pretty good selection of incentivizable offers and their own proprietary tracking system.

MarketLeverage is well known for running contests on internet marketing blogs where you can win lots of prizes.

FluxAds: If you’re looking for email submits, this is one of the best ones to go with.

ExpressRevenue – Another affiliate network with great selection of email submits and free trial offers.

It’s generally recommended that you join many Click Per Action networks in order to mazimize your earning potential but you can always start with one and just join more as you become more knowledgeable and skilled.

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CPA marketing can refer to the marketing of a Certified Public Accountant or firm or it can refer to a very profitable kind of affiliate marketing. . .in this case, the CPA stands for Cost per Action or Click Per Action. This article focuses on the the affiliate marketing CPA, which is a very hot topic right now in the world of internet marketing.

Anyone who is already involved in affiliate marketing understands this basic concept. You have an affiliate product link and set up a website, blog or PPC campaign in order to promote this link. This is an extremely simple way to make money. But one of the drawbacks with conventional affiliate marketing is that the products cost enough to make consumers think twice before purchasing them. So, the result of that is, in order to get enough clicks on your link to get some purchases, you need to send a lot of traffic to your links.

Here is where CPA marketing differs in such a positive way. CPA affiliate links (CPA offers) convert extremely easily because there is no cost or very low cost to the consumer. With CPA affiliate marketing, the goal is to get  people to either fill in information like a zip code or their their shipping address. Or, in some cases, they actually have to pay a small fee (shipping and handling) to receive a free product. When they do this, you get paid.

Cost Per Action CPAAnother difference when it comes to CPA affiliate marketing is that, in order to promote the CPA products, you need to be accepted by the agency that offers the products. There are many CPA agencies out there. Some of the most popular ones are MaxBounty, NeverBlue, PepperJam and Commission Junction. You need to apply to these agencies before they will allow you to sell their products. But once you’re in, you have a wide variety of extremely popular products to choose from. These are products that are already very well known by consumers and seen in magazines, on TV, heard on the radio and even by word of mouth.

Once you’re in, you just go through the offers that you want to promote. Most of them will have extremely professional looking capture pages that are designed by copywriter. Pick the products with capture pages that are simple, offer testimonials and have a time limit to get the consumer to do what you want them to do (like fill out their address or zip code). As with affiliate marketing, you can promote these products on a blog, website or with PPC. . .but this time, the conversions will be much better.

What you get paid depends on the product and goal of the landing page. Your CPA agency will list exactly what you make on each sale. The CPA marketing trend is definitely on the uprise so it’s a great time to learn more about this method of making money online.

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How To Earn With CPA Affiliate Offers

Making good use of CPA affiliate offers is one of the easiest ways to get started making money online from your own home. CPA marketing stands for Click Per Action or Cost Per Action marketing and the concept is simple. . . you earn commissions when you can get someone to fill in their contact details on the offer that you promote.

That’s the simple concept. But how and why does it work? There are several ways to make money with CPA affiliate offers. The easiest and most common is offering customers free-trials, email-submits and zip-submits. On these pages, customers just need to enter their information into the form provided. The information that they need to enter can be as simple as a zip code or email or as lengthy as a few pages of detailed and personal information. How much you earn once the information is entered depends on how difficult it may be to obtain it.

Why do these offers work? Because everyone just adores freebies. And a lot of customers prefer to try a product out first before they actually commit to buying it, even if it is a renowned and reputable product. And most likely, if they end up downloading the free trial, they will end up liking it enough to hold on to it.

You’re role here is to simply lead the customer to the free trial offer so that he/she can download it or receive it in the mail. If the free trial is not a digital product, but a tangible product, the customer may be asked to pay only for shipping and handling. When you do get someone to fill out the desired information and/or to make the shipping/handling payment, you earn money. And you can earn up to a hundred dollars for just one download.

Cost Per Action CPAZip-submit and email-submits pay a lower amount per click than other offers but you can get enough clicks to make money with these. Although you many only get paid one dollar per zip code or email that you obtain, you will definitely get many more filled out forms than certain offers that pay you more (but don’t convert as well). So, it all equals out in the end.

There are other more complicate ways to cash in with CPA offers now. But these free trial affiliate offers are a great place to start when you are new to CPA marketing. Also, you can take advantage of the free and paid CPA marketing training that is being offered on the web. Just search for guides on how to make things work with CPA marketing and how to convert CPA offers and you will surely be on your way to making money online in a relatively short period of time. After you find the right guide, you will want to find a product that aligns with your interests – this makes it much easier to promote! Once you have the guidance and the product, you are on your way to succeeding with CPA affiliate offers.

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