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Main Street Marketing Machines – is it worth the investment?

Start YOur Own Offline Business with Main STreet Marketing MachinesAs a budding internet marketer, you are probably all too aware that every few days there will be some sort of new ‘opportunity’ that someone, somewhere is trying to throw at you, in the hope that you will part with your hard earnt cash. Same with Main Street Marketing Machines, the new package from Mike Koenigs, at Traffic Geyser.

Only this time, i think this is an opportunity that warrants a closer investigation. Whereas 99% of opps that arise are concerned with marketing ‘online’, usually via some sort of downloadable information product, what Mike has been working on, and what he is now offering to the likes of you and me, is a complete “busines in a box” aimed at the offline market.

Let me explain. This is a busines which will allow anybody with a bit of internet savvy about them, to make money by becoming what is, in effect, an “internet marketing advisor” to local offlne businesses. These businesses usually do not have a clue how to get their business presence online, and certainly not on any relevant page in the likes of Google, Yahoo, or Bing.

This ‘business in a box’ gives you everything (and i do mean everything) you need to start a brand new business of your own, in yoru local area, helping local busineses to you to not only get online, but to acquire new customers in the process. Which naturally means moremoney for them. And you :-) A win-win situation.

The only slight snag is that there is a price to be. But then again so there should be with any serious business opportunity
, right? So how much is this business opportunity, this ‘businesss in a box”. Well it will cost you just short of $3000, which in my mind is a fantastic investment. Consider that you may make that money back with just a few days, with your first ‘deal’, and i hope you agree with me that this could be possibly the best opportunity to hit us ‘internet marketing geeks’ for quite some while.

Full details of this fantastic new business oportunity can be found by visiting This is a time -limited opportunity, so if i were you i’d check this out right now. So what are you waiting for, huh? :-)

Internet Marketing and Bailouts

Bailout… term of the 21st century.

Who would have ever thought, you run a crappy business, lose a ton of money and then claim that you are so important you need big brother to bail you out. Better yet, who would have thought that those who govern over us would be stupid enough to start handing out billions….yes billions not millions to anyone who stops by their big house with their big checkbook.

I’m living in Wally World!

Our capitalist society follows Darwinian economics….the survival of the fittest. Yet we, the tax payer are forced to finance one pathetic business entity after another. Businesses that are so blatantly impotent that no amount of money will ever get them profitable again….yes, thank you congress for that. Thank you for demanding the type of cars to be made…thank you for telling banks they MUST finance a home for anyone, no….it doesn’t matter if they have a job or a down  payment. And then….in their pompous arrogance they have the audacity to blame the economic downfall on everyone except themselves…..they (congress) are the 544801_blog.jpgones who told banks they must make bad loans….period the end. Maybe what’s more distressing than congress not taking the blame is the fact the our media has turned a blind eye to the real causes. I’m angry and nauseous at the same time.

I say…it’s not fair. I had a large business and in 1990 it succumbed to the econmic times of the late 80’s and early 90’s. Nobody gave me an extra million, nobody extended a hand out….nope…the bank called in my notes, including a line of credit and it was over. I had close to 50 people working for me, not to mention business I gave to the local town and vendors. What’s different between now and then?

In Chicago, a window and door manufacturer is closing its doors because the bank pulled its line of credit after 20 years of being in business. I must be living in the twilight zone because the employess, who lost their jobs, are now protesting because they didn’t get their union enforeced 60 day termination notice and they aren’t getting their vacation pay and vacation days……..What the……….? I’m in the twilight zone, the company is closing its doors, they can’t make a profit. How can any labor organization force them to pay what they don’t have. Next the Governor of our fine state says Illinois will stop doing business with the bank, next the city of Chicago will stop doing business with the bank….Why, because the bank is being responsible and will not continue to lend money to a business that is no longer profitable……somehow its the banks fault

I don’t get it!

In Chicago, the Tribune just filed for bankruptcy protection. A newspaper run into the ground by poor business decisions. They are so left leaning in their reporting nobody reads the paper anymore. Because of their left leaning reporting no one advertises in the paper. So once again, we have a poorly run business going down the tubes. Their business model failed…..although they helped to elect a president.

barackobama_digitaljournal_260.jpgThey haven’t asked Congress for any cash yet….but I guarantee they soon will be in front of congress extolling the importance of their existence to the freedom of our country and protection for the American people….let’s not forget it’s the left leaning media that got Mr. Obama elected, so I’d say, since congress is almost all dems, the Tribune has a pretty good chance of getting in on the big bailout….although they will probably have to wait for inauguration day.

Of course the Tribune’s problems also stem from changes brought on by the internet. People now get their news online, they bypass the fluff and seek out news and opinions that are more reflective of the truth. People seek out news sources that they trust and believe to deliver the truth…not a story with a spin!

Yes we need change and that change will be brought about by properly informed people making intelligent choices. You can use the internet to find news, you can use the internet to find a good price on a product, you can use the internet to do research……and on and on.

Folks….we are in the midst of a major paradigm change!

Let me explain a paradigm change by showing you a story. The best example of a paradigm change I heard involved watches. I’m not sure of the date, but let’s say the late 1970’s the Swiss had maintained the majority market share of the timepiece business…especially watches. They built the best, most reliable, and most expensive watches on the planet and people wanted them.

At some point there were some students who were working on developing a digital watch. They perfected their design and were able to build reliable prototypes for next to nothing. They knew they had a winner and wanted to put the design into production. They needed to market the product and the easiest way would be to hook up with someone already known for the manufacturing, marketing and selling of watches….so why not go to the best.

These fellows went to the Swiss and presented their product. The Swiss laughed at their design and called it a piece of junk….said no one would purchase that garbage.

The next watch makers felt dejected and searched out someone to help them marketin their product and were turned down one after another. Next the young entrepeneurs went to the Japanese…..the rest is history. Timex started producing these digital watches and they couldn’t make them fast enough. The design, marketing and selling of watches changed forever.

The Swiss failed to see a diamond of an opportunity and would not even look or consider another possibility for a time design…their rigidness and blindness cost them their seat at the top of the mountain.

Now…95% of the watches made are electronic and less than 5% are mechanical (Swiss style)

That’s a paradigm shift. The Swiss failed to realize the opportunity and now have been reduced to less than 10% of the watch market.

My good internet marketing friends…..we are in such a time as that of the watches. Companies will have to change to survive. Marketing will have to change to make selling happy. You…the little guy can find himself going up against the Goliaths of marketing and selling. The secret is….you know and understand Internet Marketing and the big guys still don’t have a clue.

A major Paradigm Shift has occurred in the business world today! The quicker you can see and understand that…the sooner you can began to capitalize on that fact.

Keep one basic premise in mind. I think this is from Zig Ziglar, “Help enough other people get what they want and you’ll have everything you want and more.”  REMEMBER THIS!!!!

Your job as an Internet Marketer is to watch and seek ways to take advantage of that change. It’s almost like a running back on a football team. The ball is handed off to him and he runs full speed into the chaos of the front line….using the tools of a football player such as; his peripheral vision and intuition he seeks the slightest crack…the smallest piece of daylight to penetrate. He uses every assest he has, the muscles he’s built in his legs…his upper body strength, he uses his equipment, he uses the years of practice and physical training to smash through the hole in the line and if there isn’t one….he makes one.

That’s what you are going to do in these changing times. You’ve learned the basics of internet marketing and now like the running back you charge into the chaos looking for some situation to exploit. The football player wants a touchdown….you, the internet marketer wants the cash!

Think about this…how can you help the local businesses in your area? That’s a big question with many answers. But by helping your local business people survive and make money….you will enjoy the fruits of your labor. Because I can almost guarantee this fact… would be lucky to find one real and experienced interent marketer in each town or city in America. Think about that….think of the value in that one fact. If you get your act together, you’ll be turning away business.

A paradigm shift, fueled by today’s economic and political situation opens up doors for internet marketers that barely could have been dreamed of 8 years ago. It’s time for the Internet Marketer to unshackle all traditional thought and think outside the box….use the tools, wisdom and knowledge you have to help others…to break through the chaos and your business will explode.

Loss, Bailout, and Tragedy for Some Spells OPPORTUNITY for Internet Marketer’s

What most people don’t realize is that internet marketing has more facets than the most intricate diamond. You spend months and years learning how to do specific tasks that will allow you to build an internet marketing business and in the process you began to focus on just one or two of those fascets and move in that direction.

money_goldcoins2_500px.jpgNewspapers are changing and dying, television stations that once controlled major markets are but mere blips. The old strategies they represent no longer work due to a  variety of factors….maybe the internet is one of the biggest reasons….because the internet has allowed the general population to see the truth…maybe for the first time, they see the real truth. No longer are we mind numbed robots soaking in the pap from the media as if it were the absolute truth. Bloggers have sprung up all over, revealing facts, figures, images and interpretations from a different perspective. Yes…I know some bloggers are just plain nuts!

As an internet marketer you can expand your boundaries and seek out offline businesses that need your help. These businesses are lost, they might want to advertise on the internet but they have no clue about building lists, using adwords, building landing pages along with the many things an internet marketer knows and understands. They don’t know that words sell. They have no idea how graphics can affect a webpage….did you ever see some of the sites that are owner built :)

Stand tall Internet Marketers, you are positioned to be the king of the hill. No one knows what you do….no one knows what you know. You can take the local starving pizza business and work a program designed to help his business grow using paradigm that he, and most others, have never heard of. What’s more you will be 1000 times more effective than advertising in the yellow pages or newspapers.

If you don’t think Internet Marketing and the Concepts of Internet Marketing can make a difference, take a look at my post entitled “Obama, Internet Marketer becomes President of the United States“.

Yes, for now and in the coming years, I predict you, the Internet Marketer, will be king of the hill.

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