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3 Benefits of Using QR Codes in Your Business

3 Benefits of Using QR
Codes in Your Business

QR Codes For Offline Marketing
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Use QR Codes for Local Business Marketing


When blogging platforms, such as WordPress, came out webmasters and internet marketers said that blogging would never catch on. Innovative marketers started making products that would be used for developing the WordPress platform for building fast websites. These sites proved fast and newbie easy. WordPress actually broke conventional wisdom that dictated you must learn html to build a website!

I mention WordPress and blogging because QR codes seem to have gotten a slow start, however, after doing some Christmas shopping this year, I found QR codes all over the place. Its still going to take some time for the public to accept QR codes, but once they do you had better be ready if you own a local business of any kind. Imagine a pizza business using a QR Code for a 50% discount coupon with a secret code that can only be read in the QR Code….. think some poor kid or old man in my case :) won’t download a QR reader….. you bet they or I will!

Big companies today are using the power of QR Codes as part of their marketing strategy. Quick response codes (QR codes) were first utilized in Japan used in tracking down parts of their automobile during manufacturing. Today, the QR codes are gaining popularity all over the world.

QR codes are patterned codes in arranged in squares generally with a white background. QR codes are embedded with data and information that can be immediately exposed with just one click of a mobile phone. Businesses can use QR codes to promote coupons, special offers, and discounts. They can also use them to build a mobile list of subscribers. They can also be used to direct people to your website, online video, or Facebook Fan page. The possibilities are unlimited.

QR Codes Still Newbies For
Website or Offline Marketing

Although, QR codes are very becoming more popular today, there are still some businesses that are not aware of the powerful benefits of using QR codes. Since they don’t know about the benefits, they’re missing out on all of the potential business that this cutting-edge technology can produce.

Some Benefits of QR Codes

Here are other benefits you can get from QR codes:

a. No Reprints
– QR codes do not require re – printing of your advertisements and promotions thus reducing your printing expenses. People can simply click on the QR codes provided to view information they need about the product. They can click the code anytime they want to retrieve the information.

b. Build Customer Excitement
– Providing QR codes in your products increases excitement because people are curious about what information is hiding behind your QR code. Now, they can instantly retrieve the information embedded in your QR codes. Clicking those codes facilitates feeling of thrill and instant gratification, which is great for business.

c. Prompt Response
– From the name itself “quick”, your clients do not have to wait long for additional information about the product. No longer do they have to wait until they get home to look at your website to get the information they want. QR codes facilitate immediate access to information about your business, products, and services.

Relevant facts acquired from QR codes facilitate convenience for the end-user when it comes to getting more information about your business or offer. You can also use QR codes to conduct surveys and customer feedback about your product or service.

Although they are still considered “new” technology, QR codes are quickly gaining popularity across the world when it comes to promoting, branding, and marketing businesses. Keep your eyes peeled for more QR Code related marketing ideas, this next year I predict they will begin to explode with use. If you offer offline or local marketing services to businesses you need to study up on how to use these and start suggesting their use to some of your clients.

If fact, I would pick up a QR Code generator and start sticking these on clients sites ….free of charge. As soon as they start making some money, well….. you know what to do s:)

Using QR Codes In Your Business

Using QR Codes In Your Business

QR codes are the square barcodes that look more like an inkblot than a barcode. Even though the standard has existed for years, until recently it was really only used for tracking inventory in industrial applications. But now that camera phones are so common, they’ve moved into mainstream use. Let’s discuss several strategies for using these QR codes.

You can use QR codes for various things:

– Business cards or name tags
– Product details
– Looking up an address on Google Maps
– Email list subscriptions
– {Paypal “Buy Now” links|Paypal order links|Paypal “Buy Now” buttons}
– Social media sites
– Videos on sites like YouTube

The typical use for QR codes is to direct people to a website but that’s really just scratching the surface. They can be designed to autofill information on a web form, look up addresses automatically on Google Maps or even create a text message with the content automatically filled in.

These codes can be used anywhere that people can scan them with their smartphones, such as advertising, billboards, in-store displays, etc.

QR codes can replace quite a bit of paper in some businesses. Realtors, for example, could put a QR code on the For Sale sign on a house they’re listing. When someone scans the code, it could take them to a web page with all the details of the house and even a video walkthrough.

Conferences and trade shows are another good example, where they could include a QR code on all attendee name badges. Rather than trading business cards with everyone else, they could simply scan the QR code and automatically add that person to the address book on their smartphone.

If you’re using these codes to direct people to pages on your website, it’s a good idea to use some sort of redirect service. Once you’ve created a QR code it can’t be changed – it’s always going to point to the same URL.

By using a redirect service, you can change where the code directs people by changing the ultimate destination of the redirect.

Anywhere you display your contact information is also a good place to use a QR code. Once they scan the code, all your contact data can be automatically added to your customer’s address book.