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Review of Pligg Submitter

Review of Pligg Submitter

I found a new tool and had to do a Review of Pligg Submitter for anyone interested in automating the process of building backlinks to their websites…. high quality backlinks.

I used to think that nothing is “for sure” in internet marketing or maybe nothing lasts forever, but I’d have to rethink that because if there is one thing that has remained true or the same over the years is the fact that you need back-links to your website in order for Google to think your site has any value.

That is if you want page rank, ……..pages indexed and traffic to your website and webpages then you need other people to link to your webpages….. typically called backlinks!

Backlinking With Pligg Submitter

OK…you might be reading this and already know all about backlinks. Give me a break, some newbie is reading it and saying “What is a backlink?” and “How do I get Backlinks?” However, if you are an old hat at internet marketing you really need to read further the Review of Pligg Submitter because you are going to want to get this. Especially if you do seo work for clients or work in the offline marketing field. With Pligg Submitter you will get your clients sites ranked and on the first page in no time.

Just for you, Mr. Newbie, I’ll take a second to explain what a backlink is. Lets say you have a wordpress blog and you write a post. Inside that post you want to highlight a word, such as free coffee recipes and you want that word to be a link so if people click on it they will go to my site about coffee.

That’s called a backlink and you make one with this code, <ahref=””>free coffee recipes</a>

In the old days we used to go around writing to other webmasters and ask they if they would want to exchange links. Sometimes we would buy links back to our sites.

Automating Backlinking
with Pligg Submitter

As time has progressed there are many ways that you can automate the process of building backlinks to your site. Most of them can be considered spam and Google won’t give you much credit if any credit at all for those links.

Review of Pligg Submitter

As I write this Review of Pligg Submitter, I wanted you to know about an automated process for creating high quality backlinks ….it’s called Pligg Submitter. It creates backlinks automatically from different Pligg Sites to your desired webpages. Pligg sites are highly regarded by Google and you will get a list of Pligg sites with this software that you will load into the Pligg Submitter and these Pligg Sites have high PR!

I buy and use lots of different software, scripts and web applications…. most I don’t mention because they either don’t work, they are too expensive or are just too difficult to get working correctly. The Pligg Submitter is one of those applications that is affordable, does what it says and is easy to use and set up.

Review of Pligg Submitter ….
A Tool for Building High Quality Backlinks

Here’s the mindset I use. Tools are important for any business and its to same mindset you need if you want to make money online. Some tools you’ll buy and they will only work for a couple of weeks. Some tools might work for a couple of months and some will work for years. The issue is, you must buy these tools if you want to make money online and the Pligg Submitter is something I think will work for a long time.

The Pligg Submitter has already had a couple of revisions and updates. You need this piece of sofware and work it hard and smart for building backlinks to your web properties and watch your page rank grow for some of your most difficult to move websites.

In a review of Pligg Submitter I give it 2 thumbs up…. Click Here to get a copy today! Make sure you get the one time offer after you make your initial purchase, it’s a list of another 1500 high ranking Pligg Sites to load into the submitter Click Here for the extra pligg sites.

Review of Digi Traffic Accelerator

Review of Digi Traffic AcceleratorI grabbed Andy Fletcher‘s newest traffic hoarding product called Digi Traffic Accelerator as soon as I was able to! I thought I’d set it up and do a review of digi traffic accelerator.

One of the reasons was because I have an old site…. probably 9 years old, all kinds of content related to website design, internet marketing, making money online, wordpress, rants, product reviews…. you name it and I stuffed this site with my content. There’s some plr material…. not much. Most of it is unique content. I might have tried a wp plugin for automated content but only used it for a couple of days. I did use a plugin called wpunique for a while on plr articles but not more than 5 to 10% of the blog is done this way.

You can imagine how shocked I was when Google slapped me a couple weeks ago! This was an authority site ….or at least I thought so.

I would get 400 to 500 unique visits a day….. today I’m down to 20 to 40 uniques a day.

Now 500 uniques a day isn’t that great, but I virtually did not do any backlinking! If there are any backlinks to my blog, they were put out voluntarily by other blog owners. I take that back, I’m using Andy Fletcher’s WPSyndicator usually once a day for about 10 sites or 10 backlinks.

Review of Digi Traffic AcceleratorThe sales copy says easy as 1,2,3 and Andy is always good for his word so we’ll see how this baby works out! I got to get this blog up and I thought it about time to start focusing some energy on building backlinks. So I’m going to give his new desktop product called Digi Traffic Accelerator a shot. It looks good, looks easy and quick to use. So, I’ll keep any readers I have left posted on what happens in the next 30, 60,90 days. Just do a search on my blog for Digi Traffic Accelerator

Here’s an email on Andy sent me on Digi Traffic Accelerator if you want to know more about it. There’s a 7 day trial for a $1 and I plan on getting my money’s worth :) You can do your own review of Digi Traffic Accelerator just click the link and get started for 1 buck!

here’s the email
Hi Scott,

Here at DigiResults, we’ve been working on something BIG…

Something that will build you 500 high-quality backlinks at the push of a button…

If you’ve been following my Traffic Acceleration videos, you’ve probably guessed what I’m talking about…

But just in case you haven’t had the chance to catch up, let me tell you a bit about the brand new backlink-building behemoth:

Digi Traffic Accelerator is a brand new desktop application that not only builds you over 500 backlinks… it builds you 500 of the best type of backlink, the ones that deliver organic, direct AND viral traffic.

Digi Traffic Accelerator will –

- Create over 500 backlinks at the push of a button, ALL on sites tailored to give you organic, direct and viral traffic
– Create and confirm accounts on over 500 posting sites on complete autopilot (this is a real timesaver!)
– Automatically build both your low-PR engine and high-PR power links for maximum acceleration
– Integrate with 3 different Captcha-breaking services so you can blast through captchas on autopilot
– Use advanced multithreaded processing so the app works super-efficiently, so you don’t need a super-powerful computer to get the benefit

This is the most powerful tool we’ve ever produced… and you can try it out for $1.

That’s right… just $1.

But places are strictly limited… we’re capping active users at 3000 to make sure the supported sites aren’t overloaded, and though that might sound a lot, we had over 50,000 people check out the video course…

So grab it while you can!

Check this out now -Digi Traffic Accelerator



Do You Need A Link Building Company

Link Building Company

link building company will bring your website trafficIf you’re new to internet marketing and website building then the term link building company has got to be very strange to you…. never fear, hopefully I can shed some light on what a link building company is and what a link building company does and where to find a good company that builds links to your site or sites.

Starting up your own online business can be a great way to get a lot of money and have the freedom you want. But to get to that point requires a lot of time and effort. The most important aspect of making your website successful is to let people know about it.That means you need traffic to your website and if you don’t have a clue how to make that happen then you should consider hiring a link building company!

A Link Building Company
Will Bring Website Traffic

One of the most important tasks you can do to get traffic to your website more commonly known as marketing on the internet takes the form of back links. Back links are links leading from one website to another. There are a lot of methods in obtaining back links, the easiest being to pay for them from a link building company. However if you are strapped for cash there are alternatives that can help you get started with link building.

But getting the back links is not the only important part, making sure you do it right is also key. There are ways you can make sure you are getting the best back links possible.

1. Quantity. You want as many back links as you can possible get. There are a lot of competitors out there doing the same thing as you. You want to make sure you have the upper hand by having more back links then they do. The more back links you have, the closer to page one you get. Yet getting thousands of backlinks quickly could cause you trouble! So, a good link building company will build the correct quantity of backlinks, the right quality of backlinks over an acceptable period of time.

A Good Link Building Company
Understands Quality and Quantity Variables

2. Quality. Quality is massively important when it comes to link building. While getting a lot of back links is important, if they are all worthless it does not do you much. Quality back links typically come from high ranked websites.

Google sees these high ranked sites linking to your website, and gives them more importance which further increases your page rank. The easiest way to get these links are from paid services and a link building company. However there are free methods such as submitting a request to the website owner. In the early days of the internet, this is how quality backlinks were obtained. It’s slow…. but still works today and a good link building company will also employ this approach to getting your backlinks also!

Instruct Your Link Building Company
To Create One Way Links!

3. One way and Mutual back links. These are the two types of back links out there. One way back links are when another website links to your website, but you do not link to theirs. Mutual back links are when you both link to each other. It is best to get one way back links since they provide the biggest boost. Remember, your link building company needs to understand Google and has understand the relationship between one way links and reciprocal links.  Think of it like this, you had a carpenter work on your house and he did a great job. Next you tell your neighbor about how good your carpenter was….. that’s like a one way link. Someone links to your blog or website and Google places a value on that link. It’s wise to understand backlink types so you can instruct your link building company thoughtfully!

You Can Automate Your Link Building Campaigns
These are some of the tools I use that are very effective!
Try these tools as auxiliary link building efforts.

However these can be hard to come by, especially the high quality ones. So if you do not have the available funds to buy these types of links, you may have to settle for getting mutual back links to help build up your rank.

Keeping these tips in mind you can then go out and try to find a strategy that works for you. There are so many ways you can go about acquiring back links. From blogging, to writing articles, to out right buying them from a link building company. It is entirely up to you which method you use, or if you use all of them.

While setting up a good link building campaign can be a bit tedious and time consuming, without it your website will not get the traffic it needs to generate you the money you want. So even if it gets a little discouraging, always remember that it is to make you the money you want and that is directly related to the effort you put forth. Link building isn’t glorious or exciting that’s why internet marketer’s consider hiring a link building company for various types of backlinks.

Contextual Link Building

Contextual Link Building

contextual link building with digi auto links

Contextual Link Building

Setting up a website can be a great way of attaining the financial freedom you want in life. The old saying, “Build it and they will come” simply doesn’t apply to websites anymore. You need to practice proper seo and do thinks like contextual link building. However even once it is set up you need to drive traffic to it and make it known. To do this you need to have a good link building campaign.

Contextual link building is where you get back-links to your website. Back links are links from one site to yours. These back links work together with Search Engine Optimization to figure out what page rank your website will have.

You can actually practic contextual link building using automated methods with tools such as Digi Auto Links, a tool that I use and is very effective. Another automated tool for wordpress and creating contextual link building is called WPsyndicator. Click on those links to check out how powerful these products can be for your backlinking campaigns and in specific building contextual back links.

There are a lot of things that go into link building and specifically contextual links, and a lot of newbies tend to dive straight into it and make mistakes. To avoid this outcome, there are some simple tips to help you get started.

Basics of Link Building

1. Quantity. Make sure you get a lot of contextual back links. The more back links you have out there, the more people will see it and the more traffic your website will get. Since there are a lot of competitors out there doing the same thing, you need to out muscle them by getting the most back links you can. Although the quantity of back links is important, today there are other factors that are more important and in fact you can get too many backlinks using automated methods that just spit back links across the web.

2. Quality. While having a lot of back links is important, making sure those back links are actually worth it is equally as important. All the back links in the world will do you no good if they are bad quality. So making sure the contextual link building you do is worth it is an important step.

Quality Back Links Are Created With Contextual Link Building

3. Get links from high ranked websites. These websites are worth more then a site that is at a lower rank. This is because Google’s SEO looks at their success and the fact that they are linking to your website, and determines that your website must have quality content as well, as such it increases your page rank. If the website is related to your website content then that contextual link will be a very valuable link.

4. Avoid no follow links. A lot of links now days have the “no follow” tag to help keep spammers at bay. However these tags also mean that the link is not counted as a back link, so it does not go towards increasing your page rank and is ultimately worthless to you.

5. Focus on relevant links. Even if you have a lot of high quality back links, if they have nothing to do with your niche, they will not count towards your page rank. So you have to ensure you only use back links from websites in a similar niche to yours.

Best Type of Backlink Done With
Contextual Link Building

6. Use anchor text. Anchor text is where you include the link in a phrase or word within your post. You can do this with your keywords to further add a little kick to them. This will hold a lot of weight with SEO. Proper use of the anchor text is one of the most important points to consider when you consider contextual link building.

7. Use contextual link building. Contextual back links are similar to anchor text in that you put them within your post. However it also fits in within the context of your post. Google loves unique methods such as this and they will be worth a lot for your page rank. They can be a little hard to fit in properly but are well worth it.

Link Building Tools Digi Auto Links the Best

Link Building Tools
Digi Auto Links Ranks the Best

link building basics uses link building tools such as Digi Auto LinksThere are plenty of techniques out there to help you together with your backlink building campaign. So determining that method to make use of can be type of difficult. The best thought is to simply rely on them all, because the  more you put in the greater you will get back.

However,  not all link building tools  are actually appropriate for everybody, even though a tool like Digi Auto Links works magic it might not be for you, but the only way to find out is either search for reviews or give the product a try. Everyone has various requirements and different conditions so it is vital that you find out which strategy works good for you.

Link Building Tools
Come in Many Forms

There are a large number of methods available to assist you, and while I can not list all of them, I’m able to provide you with the more basic types that may help you on the road to building up a successful list of back links.

1:  Paid Directories. The easiest as well as fastest technique out there is to find back links through directories. These types of hyperlinks are usually top quality as well as long term and will provide you with a big increase for the very first page. The problem is they are not free and not all of us have cash to spend on something like this. If you have the cash, then this is your best bet, if you don’t have the cash there are still alternatives.

2: Blogging. Running a blog is another fantastic way to help increase your back links. By making blogs full of high quality content that creates interest and  intrigues your readers, they will be much more willing to follow along and click  on your own backlink which are aimed at your website. It’s all about high quality content, therefore make sure your blog articles aren’t missing something. In addition to the above, you might want to consider a wordpress plugin that automates the task of building backlinks to many different sites, it’s called DigiAutoLinks.

Automated Link Building Tools

3: Automated software program. This can be a excellent link building tool to help you create a big list of back-links. Software might help automate most of the process in placing back links available yet it’s not completely self sufficient. Sometimes you might have to monitor the process but for the most part these programs run automatically. I use each of these 3 tools and my blog posts are instantly indexed and often times show up on page 1 of Google for my terms. Check out:

4: Article promotion. Writing and submitting articles on your niche as well as submitting them to sites is yet another great way associated with producing back links. Put your own web site’s hyperlink within the post and ensure this, like your blogs, is filled with high quality content which will lure the reader to follow along with the hyperlink.

5: Social media. Another method much like articles or blogging, by making posts upon social networks such as tweets, you can put your link out there for additional individuals to see. However, just like weblogs and content articles, you must have high quality content. Should you set up sub-standard content, individuals will not follow your  links.

Long Term Link Building
With Link Building Tools

Back links are very important if you expect your website to be successful. Without links you won’t get visitors and as such, don’t expect to get any cash. So it is important to try as many of these strategies as you can to maximize your gains. Nevertheless even if you’re not able to do all of these, or even if some do not work, there’s a lot more info online available that might help you.

While not each and every link building tool is ideal for everyone, these pointers should help you to get started on your backlink building campaign. As time goes on and you learn more, you may adapt these strategies to be even more efficient and further increase your website’s page rank. Link building should be thought of as a  long term strategy and while at first you might want to hit it hard, latter you can relax a little and maybe even consider hiring a back linking virtual assistant to continue developing your backlinking strategies.

Finding A Link Building Expert

Link Building Expert

link building strategies for website contentSetting up an online business is a great way to achieve the personal freedom you want. On the other hand even once your website is set up, you need to get individuals to notice it and visit it. For this you need back links.

Back links are links from one website to another. When a website links to your website, that is a back link. Back links work together with Search Engine Optimization to figure out what page your website should be on, or page rank.

Any link building expert can tell you that you want your website to be as close to page one as you can. The further from page one you are, the less traffic you will get. However while that is all fine and dandy, knowing the ins and outs of getting back links is ultimately what is important.

Tips from Link Building Expert

There are a lot of methods and tips out there to help you out. But there are some basics you should keep in mind when working on your link building campaign.

1: You want to get as no end of back links as you oftentimes can. Variety is very important. The more back links you have out there, the more people will see them and visit your website. The more people that visit, the greater chances are of making funds.

2: A link building expert will tell you that quality is equally as important, if not more so. While having a lot of back links is important, if they are not of acceptable quality they will not do you much good at all. You want to make sure every back link you get is highly valued to get the most out of your link building campaign.

Back Linking Expert Finds High Quality Links

3: The best way to obtain a high quality back link is from a high page rank website. A website with a high page rank will provide more value to any back links it has. So if you can get a back link from such an internet site, it is worth far more then if you had gotten a link from a lower ranked website.

4: Focusing on appropriate back links is also very important. Even if you get a lot of high quality back links, if they have nothing to do with your website then SEO will ignore them and they will not contribute to your website’s page rank.

More Back Links Aren’t Better
Link Building Expert’s Look for Quality

5: Some links out there come with a “no follow” tag which is there to keep spammers from throwing links almost everywhere. However links with that tag also do not contribute to increasing your page rank and are worthless, so prevent using those types of links.

6: Try to get long-lasting back links if you can. A lot of back links come with a time limit or other limitations, mostly those from free services. There is no sense in paying out time to get some thing you can not keep. So make sure the back links you have are there to stay.

These tips will not make a link building expert but they can help you get going and get you on your way to establishing a highly profitable website.

Free Link Building

DigiArticleBlaster for Free BacklinksLink building is one of the most crucial steps in making a successful online business. It is the determining factor on just how popular your website is and how many people see it. If nobody can see it then they can not visit it and you wont make any money.

Link building is where you go through and create a list of back links for your website. It can be a fairly frustrating task but it is essential for creating a successful website. There are ways to do Free link building and also to help automate the process, but it will still require a lot of work.

The reason back links are so important is because they work in conjunction with SEO (Search Engine Optimization) to determine how popular you website is. We have all gone through and done searched online. We generally find what we need on the first few pages so we do not really go too far back. But what if your website is the one sitting on one of those higher pages? Nobody will ever see it and you will not get traffic.

Free Link Building

Back links will help you climb the ladder and get your website to a higher page (or lower depending on how you look at it). The goal is to get as close to page one as you possibly can so more people will see your website and visit it. The more visitors you get the more chances there are for you to make money.

But even if you know just how and why link building is so important, you may not know just how to go about it. Well as I eluded to earlier, there are a lot of ways you can go about creating a list of back links. You can use Free link building services to help you generate a good list.

The problem with the free services is they may not be as good as the pay ones. They will still get the job done but if you have the spare cash and want a little more kick to your links, you might want to look into one of the pay services. As they are the ones that generally have the high quality links for you to use.

Consider These Tools for Building Backlinks
Click Here for Digi Article Blaster
Click Here for Wp Syndicator

There are also automated programs that can help you with building up a list of back links. This software will cut out a lot of the time and effort required to allow you to focus on your website instead of getting links everywhere. It will not do everything for you so you still need to monitor, but it will help a lot and save you a lot of headache.

Ultimately the Free link building services are probably your best bet. Money is tight now days and you might not want to go around paying for things that may or may not work for you. So until you get your website off the ground and generating it’s own income, sticking to the free link buidling services is probably the best thing for you to do.

Link Building Campaign

website link building for website trafficStarting a website can be a fairly daunting task at first. There are a lot of things you have to worry about and set up before your website is up and running. But what happens after you have already gone through and done all that? Setting up the website is only one piece of the puzzle, there are still other steps you need to take to make it successful.

One of those steps is starting a Link building campaign. As the name implies you will set out to build up a large list of back links to help your website grow. This is one of the most important steps after actually building your website.

Now you might be wondering what exactly link building is, and what back links are. Well link building is a term used to widely describe the process of collecting back links for your website so that it can get more traffic.

Link Building Campaign

Back links are what allows your website to grow. These are links from other websites that link to your website. Google’s search bot uses a process called Search Engine Optimization (SEO) to determine what page your website should be on. Back links allow you to get your website on a higher page.

Success is directly related to where your website ends up. When you search Google you do not go all the way to page twenty, neither does anyone else. The best place for your website to be is on page one because that means virtually everyone searching for it will see it.

Click Here for Easy and Fast Website Link Building

SEO used back links for this process, which is why they are the most important factor for your page rank and why a Link building campaign is a vital component of getting a successful website.

There are some things you should be aware of when trying to build up your back links. A lot of rookies will make mistakes and wont get the most out of their links which will only discourage them. There are three main things you can be aware of to optimize your links.

The first is to ensure you get a lot of them. Quantity is important since the more links you have the more traffic you get and the higher your website climbs up the page ranks.

Another thing to be aware of is to make sure your links are relevant. Over the years Google’s search algorithms have gotten quite advanced and if you use links that have nothing to do with your website, they wont increase your page rank. So to make sure you aren’t getting links that do nothing for your website while working on your link building campaign, make sure to only get links from websites that are on a similar topic as yours.

Lastly, you want to try and get links from websites that have a high page rank. If you get a link from that website on page one, this will greatly improve your own standing. The reason for this is that the SEO will pick up on that websites URL in the link and give your website a portion of it’s popularity. So always try to get links from the highest ranked websites you can.

With these tips you can make up a successful Link building campaign for yourself and grow your website.

Forum Link Building

Forum Link BuildingThe internet is an ever expanding market as more and more people look to it for shopping and other needs. This leaves a lot of room to create your own online business to capitalize on this fact. But it can be hard, even if you set up your website you still have to worry about getting it out there.

Just like the real world, the online one requires a lot of marketing. You can make the best website in the world but if nobody knows it even exists, they can not go and check it out. So you need to get it out there and get it known to people so you can attract visitors and potential customers.

This is where Forum Link Building comes into play. Link building is just where you go through and build up a list of back links for your website. Back links are one of the most vital components of successfully marketing your website and getting a strong list of them is key to this.

Forum Link Building

Back links determine your websites page rank. Basically they decide what page your website ends up on if somebody does a search for the niche you are in. The higher the page number, the worse off you are.

Click Here for More Forum Link Building Information

We have all done searches online, ask yourself how often you go back to say page twenty? Not often. Well neither does anybody else for that matter. So if your website is one of those sites on that twentieth page, you are not getting hardly any visitors. You need to get as close to page one as you possibly can.

Forum Link Building is a great method for generating a good list of back links. If you go to various forums that are based on your niche you can work to get people to follow your links. However quality content is vital for this process. If you just make small bad posts, nobody will care and they will not follow your links.

You have to make detailed quality posts with pertinent information on your niche to draw people in. People are attracted to other people who know what they are doing. If you show them that you know about your product and know what you are doing they will be more inclined to follow your links.

There are also ways to help you with your link building campaign. You can get software to help automate the process. While this software will not do it all for you, it can greatly reduce the time and effort it requires to get a good list of back links. This will leave you with more time to work on your actual website.

Remember that the back links just drive traffic to your website, if your site is not very good those people wont stay. So using that extra free time to work on your website and make it as desirable as it can be is a great benefit.

Forum Link Building can be a great way of driving traffic to your website. But ultimately your website is what has to sell your product.

Website Link Building

website link building for website trafficStarting a business is never an easy task, it requires money and time and effort. It is generally not a pleasant process. However the rewards make up for the problems as you get to be your own boss, set your own hours, and make more money. This all holds true for the internet as well.

Just like the real world, the virtual one requires marketing. It does not matter how absolutely perfect your website is if nobody knows it even exists. So you need to make your presence known and show the web that your website exists and that it is something they want to take a look at.

To do this you will need Website Link Building. Link building is the process where you build up a list of back links. Back links are the prime factor in determining your page rank. You have probably searched for things on google before and often find what you are looking for in the first few pages. So you never delve too far back, well neither does anyone else.

Website Link Building

If your website is on page thirty then you are likely not getting many, if any, visitors. Your goal is to get your website on one of those first few pages so people will actually see it and visit it. This is where back links come into play.

There are a multitude of ways you can go about to acquire back links. Ultimately it will be up to you to determine what works best. All niche’s are different so what might work for somebody selling weight training programs may not exactly work for you.

Click Here for Easy and Fast Website Link Building

You need to determine the best ways of acquiring back links for your particular market and apply that knowledge to the best of your ability. If you can maximize your gains you can maximize the potential of your website to generate money.

A good way to go about Website Link Building is to use social media. Websites like facebook and twitter can be huge markets for link building. If you provide quality content on such websites and draw in potential visitors and customers, they will like what they see and follow your link.

Another great way to help with your link building is to use article directories. If you write and publish articles based on your website, it will show people who are looking for your product that your site exists. If your articles have quality content and really attract their attention, they will follow your link and this might lead to a sale.

Forums are yet another great way to help you with Website Link Building. If you go to forums that are about your niche, you can make posts and try to draw people to your website. As always your posts have to be genuine and filled with good, quality content. If your posts do not have the kick they need, people wont follow your links.

No matter how you slice it, link building and back links are vital components of getting a successful business. In the real world business’ use TV, radio, and newspapers to tell people they exist. On the internet we use back links.