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Unrestricted PLR to Entire Membership Site

Unrestricted PLR to entire membership site (*Deadline*)

Remember the old peanut butter cup commercials? "You got your 
peanut butter in my chocolate...", etc...

The perfect combination of ingredients makes for a great 
product, right? Well, in our marketplace right now, two of 
the biggest trends happen to be PLR products and 
Membership sites.

Put these two things together and you get a firestorm 

Right now, Jimmy D. Brown is offering a limited number of 
PLR licenses to...

    *** An ENTIRE 3 month membership course! ***

Completely written. Ready to sell.

In the PLR package, you will receive

 - the salesletter
 - 12 content lessons
 - autoresponder emails
 - 5 e-zine articles
 - Free report
 - Download pages
 - 2 solo mailings
 - An ENTIRE fixed term membership course...ready to go!

** And you'll have unrestricted PLR to it all!

Details Click Here

In the membership course, "More New Sales", there are twelve 
weekly lessons teaching members how to maximize sales 
potential in any market. This course was written by a 
seasoned sales veteran, based on years of trial and error. 
Each lesson is 5-8 pages in length, with concise, actionable 
chunks of information geared toward fast results and long 
term success with customers.

Here are just a few things you can do with your UNRESTRICTED 
PLR license...

* You can setup your own fixed-term membership site and sell 
  it for $19.97 per month! 

* You can convert all of the content into a product to sell 
  such as an ebook, physical course, audio product, etc. and 
  claim as your own.

* You can sell RESALE RIGHTS licensing to your membership 
  site, product or whatever else you create from this content 

* You can use this as an incentive to get people to buy another 
  offer of yours or to create a "deluxe package", "upsell" or 
  "backend offer".

* You can sell the content on ebay, the Warrior Forum special 
  offers section, offline, in another membership site, etc.

* You can convert the content into blog posts, ezine articles, 
  viral reports, training tutorials, giveaways and more.

The only thing you CANNOT do is sell PLR licensing to the 
materials in this package. 

Check out the details here at 
PLR Membership Site

WARNING:  This offer will be permanently removed on Friday,
July 30th @ 10PM CDT and will no longer be available for 

iContentRobot Destroys the Googles Duplicate Content Penalty

iContentRobot destroys the duplicate content penalty by creating unique readable content. In fact, I challenge anyone to tell me which article is machine generated!

Free website traffic equals a critical subject online because everybody including yourself demands to compose articles in one format or another. Whether it is for your Adwords, or your own internet site, Adsense websites or just writing to advertise your internet sites. More study is necessary like keyword density, LSI (Google’s recent indexation formula), determining for grammar and still shipping it away to a proofreader. Therefore there’s not adequate time in the day to produce a few more than 3 sufficient articles.

The answer : My own iRobot, unrestrained website traffic propagation answer employing uncomparable content creation.

I’ve had a love hate relationship with website content and developing unique content in an effort to avoid the feared duplicate content penalty.

I’ve used just about every content manipulator that’s been produced and up until now I would say that good ole Articlebot by Don Harold was the best. For a quick change on a single article there’s a product called Wordflood, very inexpensive and very effective. And if you’re really into spinning articles Glenn Leader has a script called ArtiFact…it takes a while to set up but you can spit out 100’s of unique articles that are readable to a human.

But……. I think I hit the motherlode! Watch the video below, plus here’s a page full of iContentRobot Videos.


I just purchased a product called iContentRobot by a fellow named Latif and it is by far the best ever. iContentRobot consistantly spits out articles that are between 70% and 98% unique content…that means no duplicate content penalty, regardless of whether or not you think the penalty exists…..almost unheard of in the world of article marketing.

Take a product like MicroNicheFinder and iContentRobot and you have a nuclear arsenal for for developing unique content with no duplicate content, string in some of the longtailed keywords from MircoNicheFinder and you just hit paydirt.

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Free Video with Details for an Income Producing Business Model

Click Here to watch 2 Free Videos discussing a proven cash generating business model.

Interested in a Simple Business Model for online marketing otherwise known as internet marketing?

Have you ever heard of the Rhodes Brothers?

You can watch 2 videos that a filled with content and explain a simple business model for starting an online business and get your internet marketing business up and running.

Learn why: Why These Models Make Money Online

Free proven money making business modelIt is preposterously childlike business patterns such as this that create us a ton of cash… plain and simple. You do not require complex software.

It doesn’t matter if you’ve earned little to no revenue with your internet businesses, you actually could carry out a laughably uncomplicated business models such as this to begin bringing in a lot of actual cash.

Perhaps you have just brought in a a couple of dollars online. Perhaps you have not cleared a penny so far. The idea follows, I’ll personally be demonstrating to you, step-by-step how to prepare to bring your new business to the next level.

Four Additional Free Business Models?

I’ve a different video recording ready and waiting for you. I have already to proved to you that creating income with the World Wide Web does not require an intelligence quotient of 180. Here is what you are going to find out next…

* Four additional laughably elementary (just about stupid) business models that bring forth a ton of money in no time.

* How and why Gurus or the professionals trick you, and overcomplicate making cash online, and sell you the pipe dream. (And how to outwit them at their own ploy.)

* The tested “secret weapon” that will assist you to create a lot of income in less time.

This one membership that is affordable and just filled with new ideas that you can began to impliment today and start making money. I owe it and below to the membership and highly recommend it…..these guys, John and Matt Rhodes are the real deal!

Learn How to Build Membership Sites

Jimmy D Brown has come up with a brand new course on how to build membership sites and make money with membership sites.

The new program is called Membernaire!

As many of you know Jimmy D Brown was one of the first Internet Marketers I’ve learned from and I can always recommend anything he does. So hurry and check out his new membership site before it gets filled up!learn how to build membership sites

Reprint of Forum Post regarding PetNiches Membership Site

Unless you’ve been living under a rock… know the pet niche is hot! People spend billions of dollars on their pets today and I’ve found a way to tap into this pet market with a Membership Site that produces Pet Niche PLR material.

I opened this thread a couple hours ago and was in the process of writing a quick review….got busy doing something else then refreshed….well, with so many people sining praises I was gonna just delete mine, but figured what the heck :) here it is:

Hey fellow warriors…thought I’d take a second and give an honest review for Dennis’s Petniche membership.

pet private label right products and articlesFirst I have to say that always try to get anything that Dennis produces, he is a man of character so support is always excellent and the products he produces are always first class.

I have a membership in Petniches and would highly suggest you grab a membership at the wso price if you market in any of the pet niches. Although it’s only been open for a month or so, there is a nice variety of subjects covered plus when you sign up there is a huge selection of reports, books and articles on various pet niches.

I was really impressed with the way the membership site is set up…navigation is staightforward and easy, a very clean interface.

He has a forum that’s set up and would be a great place to exchange ideas, get help an find out what’s working what doesn’t. Once things get cooking it should be a great place.

Once you’re a member you can promote the site via affiliate link after a sale or two you’ll have your membership paid for! Considering the quality of the site it should be an easy sell.

Finally, there is a premade minisite or adsense site as some call them. Obviously you don’t have to use them, but the key to using these types of sites with success is the ability to modify them easily. Once again, Dennis makes it very easy to get the sites up and running, furthermore, they can be easily customized so that no 2 sites are the same.

Thanks Dennis for a great site, really look forward to see what the coming months bring!


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