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Politics and Internet Marketing In Illinois

Picture of Illinois and Pat Quinn losing Illinois Caterpillar's new factorPolitics and Internet Marketing In Illinois

As the lasts four years have passed by we are just beginning to get to some of the truths involved in the debacled efforts of the US government regarding our current financial situation.

Thank God for alternative media, we are no longer kept as fish in a fish bowl. We know now that the housing and mortgage tragedies were caused by our congress, Barney, Clinton and Todd ….all of which are on the way out to lay low. We no longer have to listen to lying lips with no alternative thoughts and realities.

We’re a strong county and we can rebound…. it can almost be done by shear determination. But….I’m afraid without the God factor America will be in shatters. Books can be written on the first couple of sentences and I don’t intend to do that.

I’m trying to survive. My wife has MS, her meds cost $4000 a month. I’m trying to make money online and my Governor, G. Quinn doesn’t have the clue or power to fix anything. In fact, Illinois is now the worse state in the Union when it comes to finances.

Public section unions have sucked us dry. They guy working construction on the side of the road is paying taxes so the Public Union bum can have his pension which is anywhere from 2 to 4 times the size and value of “Joe Carpenter”

Illinois drives businesses out by the dozens.

All states surrounding Illinois pitch their states for Illinois companies to relocate.

Over half the people in Illinois are on some sort of government handout. What happens when those that raise the money are now longer providing the tax flow for the state? Won’t be a pretty picture.

I’m just a little guy trying to feed my family and keep dry when it rains. I applied for an affiliate account so I could build some sites and possibly make enough money to get back on my feet again.

I was denied an affiliate account at because of Governor Quinn’s actions…. the same actions and laws that caused affiliate program to pull out of Illinois.

I like where I live, my wife has an excellent doctor. But I don’t know how long we can stay here. Our property value has been cut 60% and more. Our property taxes have double, they are now in the same range…. in fact, property taxes are over the cost of my real-estate taxes. I pay this money and I see my school district filled with illegal aliens that go to school for free, free lunches, free housing, free food stamps …..and I wonder……what the heck am I doing here!

It saddens me and scares me at the same time. Today I heard that Caterpillar decided not to build their new plant in Illinois because of the uncertainty of the Illinois economy and its lack of change for any new direction.

Illinois has been run by Democrats ever since I can remember. They succeeded in creating a system for bringing voters to their side…. they give away and promise everything to poor people. I have compassion for the poor but the entitlement society that has thus been created has been a mean trick to keep a certain group in power. Now that group of politicians has made their state the poorest in the nation.

What’s going to happen when all the people and businesses that make money decide to leave Illinois? The politicians will no longer have a tax base, the poor people will literally end up starving. Have our leaders not seen this coming?

Unfunded pension plans will be the anchor around the necks of the people of Illinois. Hard choices will need to be made. A favorable business climate is desperately needed and a reality check needs to happen for the poor public working folks who were promised things they will never get.

In the mean time maybe, Gov Quinn and the boys in the Illinois congress could help some of us folks trying to run internet businesses ….at best, maybe you could just leave us alone! Understand how the Internet exploded and has grown to be the force it has for the last 10 years …..lack of regulation! Our leaders have left it alone, people invested their dollars and time creating systems and methods of doing business, yes…..a major paradigm shift. I only hope you greedy bastards leave the internet alone long enough that it can continue developing and providing opportunities that it does now and even those yet unforeseen.