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How To Write Effective Press Releases For Your Business

If you run your own business, then writing effective press releases is a good skill to learn as it will help you promote and sell more of your services and products. A press release is like an article, with one main difference: they have to have an element that makes them newsworthy. They will almost always have quotes from someone associated with the information being disseminated.

After you have written a press release, it can be distributed to offline or online services that specialize in releases. You may have to pay for some of them, but there are plenty of free services available. PRWeb Direct, Free Press Release, I-Newswire and PRLog are some of the more well-known online sites that will accept your releases.

Using a straight forward, factual voice is the key to writing effective press releases. While most places that accept submissions won’t care all that much about how newsworthy your releases is, you should try to find an angle that is interesting so the places that republish press releases from those same sites will choose yours. In other words, you should be thinking about how interesting your releases is so more people will print it, which in turn gives your business more exposure.

There is a basic format for most press releases. You will often need to include your personal contact information, name of your company, phone number, and so on. However, some outlets may have specific requirements for submissions, so be sure to follow those carefully if you want them to accept your press release.

When it comes to writing effective press releases, it’s important to have a strong headline. This is what will get people to read what you wrote. In fact, you may have just written an excellent press release, but if the headline isn’t any good, then it doesn’t matter. So, you should spend a decent amount of time writing, rewriting and refining your headline. “DISCOVER HOW XYX INC. IS CREATING MORE LOCAL JOBS” gives you an idea of a captivating headline. If the service asks for a subtitle, then you could add something like, “Top Executives Excited About Income Potential” would work. After that, the rest of your release should back up and reinforce what your headline and subtitle said.

You may have noticed that the headline was written in all capital letters, while the subtitle had the first letter of each word capitalized. This is the standard format, but again, be sure to check the formatting preferences of any service you’re using. A length of 350 to 450 words is common, and you should break it up into many small paragraphs instead of a few longer ones. The end of your press release should include an invitation for readers to get in touch with you for additional information.

As you can see, writing effective press releases isn’t all that difficult. It may take a bit of practice to get it just right, but it’s easy enough to get started. Once you see the positive results they bring, you’ll wonder why you waited so long to use them.

Press Release Submitter Review

I was able to check out a very effective piece of software that is guaranteed to get traffic to your webpages. It’s called Press Release Submitter and you guessed it, it automatically submits press releases to a whole bunch of press release sites.

Take a quick look at this video.


If you know anything about press releases, you know how effective they are are developing traffic. Don’t miss the power of press releases when setting up a new website, launching new products, promoting affiliate products, or any new idea, concept, news or product you’re trying to get eyes on.

Here are just a few benefits of press releases:

  • Increase publicity
  • Increase name recognition
  • Increase web traffic
  • Increase search engine ranking
  • Increase RSS inclusions
  • Increase backlinks
  • Increase exposure

I’ve used press releases from some of the free sites on a limited basis and still get hits on some of the older press releases…..some older than 2 years old.

I hand submitted my press releases and it can be a lengthy process. In all honesty, being a little lazy and cheap, I didn’t want to pay for the paid press review sites so I’ve placed this form of traffic on the back burner.

After reviewing Press Release Submitter, I can tell you I’m going to jump on doing a lot more press releases. Press Release Submitter really makes the process easy, the application doesn’t eat up resources and the initial setup process isn’t complicated. There are no where near the number or press release sites as there are article directories, however, the creator’s of Press Release Submitter are constantly adding new submission sites.

Everybody needs more traffic, press release traffic is quality traffic… split away from the crowd and use this new application and start submitting press releases automatically!

This could be one of your most important tools for digging up traffic to your website or blog…..or even promoting your offline business. In fact you can use this to promote other peoples websites and businesses and make some extra money!

Let’s take a look one more time at what this Press Release Software will do:

With PR Submitter Pro you can…

  • Stop paying $200 or more to submit your press releases
  • Instantly publish to 15 PR sites for mass distribution
  • Pay only a one time fee and use it forever
  • Send a press release anytime you want 24/7
  • Start your own press release distribution service

Additional Features

  • Track your press release to see where it’s published!
  • No captchas to enter during submission!
  • Automatically updates site changes!
  • Smooth and seamless site submissions every time!

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