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Free High Quality PLR from Top Internet Guru

How many Free PLR packages have you downloaded and are sitting on your hard drive…..probably because they are just your average run of the mill type material….maybe even poorly written…maybe too short….maybe just garbage. Every once in a while something of enormous value comes your way….if only you are wise enough to see it!

How many times have you thought about offering an ebook, course or even membership on Internet marketing but you just weren’t sure where to start. Who has the time to create all the material from scratch, organize it and still have time to market it? Now you don’t have to.

Jimmy D. Brown one of Internet Marketing’s most renowned teachers has done all the hard work for you.

To give you exactly what you need, Jimmy is offering PLR rights to his articles, reports and full products in three different packs (bronze, silver and gold).

And, I promised you free, and free you’ll get. Because we are talking about Jimmy D. Brown here – one of the most generous people I have met – he’s offering you his bronze pack free of charge and with no strings attached.

You don’t even have to give him your email address to receive full PLR rights to the materials in the free pack.

Take a look and grab the PLR pack that best fits your needs. At the very least, download the free bronze pack. It’s well worth downloading to learn something new.

What are you waiting for? Get your copy of Internet Marketing PLR Pack today and put your Internet Marketing Business on the fast track.

If you’re not ready to buy the silver or gold package, you owe it to yourself to at least grab the free bronze package. It’s a great read, even if you don’t need the PLR yourself. Rebrand it and hand it out to your affiliates, or sell it to your list. Grab the bronze package at no cost to you.

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Good Sources of PLR Content

Here is a response to a question I had from someone looking for some good sources of plr material. I gave him some of the sources and niches I work it. These are very good articles, books and minisites, but remember you should always edit the articles to make them unique.

I know about the ones mentioned and they are certainly good.

You might want to check out you get 400 well writen articles each month plus keywords. There’s a ton of videos for learning more about article marketing….very good problem….I use it.

keepingfitbook250px.jpgAlso is a great membership for getting articles and keywords on the related articles. These articles are niche specific, in other words, Niche-Health-Products provides articles on 2 topics a month. All topics are in the health and fitness field. I think you get 40 plr articles per subject.

Some of the articles are used in a minisite which is ready for you to put on the web. You get an Xsitepro Version and Html version. Did I mention each month you get 2 new xsitepro and regular website templates….complete with graphics.

Niche Health Products also provides a plr book that you can sell or giveaway to help start building your list.

The Niche Health Products program is very powerful since it digs deep into the niche, you can monetize the sites with clickbank products, google adsense, sometimes ebay, and amazon.

Niche Health Products is one of my favorite PLR sites.

Another source of PLR materials is a program called PetNiche. Great source of articles, ebooks and minisites ready to start selling or promoting the monthly product. If you are into pets….you really need to check this one out. Two different pets are used for subjects of articles, books and websites each month.

One more I use is in the Dog Niche. You get articles, ebooks, websites and graphics each month. The quality is very good and if you are a dog lover, your gonna really like this niche package. DogNiche is one of the most awesome plr content packages I use, quality is second to none.

Hope that helps


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Metabolism and Celebrity Diet Websites from Niche Health Products

If you’ve been reading you know that I create the website graphics and minisites for Niche Health Products. This is a PLR site that produces excellent content and is managed by Queen Kymi :)

Honestly, the health niche is one of the hottest niches around. You can dig deep into the health niche and always find some sort of affiliate program or product to promote.

You get 2 subjects with each month, one of which has a fully written PLR book. So you can promote your book. and or affiliate sites.

The mistakes I see most NHP members doing is not setting up to build lists by collecting email and name with something like Aweber’s Autoresponder.

The month of May covered 2 subjects. They are Metabolism and Celebrity Diets. I create the graphic templates and build a minisite with 10 additional PLR articles. It’s all set, all you have to do is upload and change your affiliate links.

metabolism, fat, muscle and dietI might mention that I create a variety of versions for each website:

1. A simple html website using Xsitepro
2. A more advanced website using Xistepro and php which allows for
rotating content, rss feeds displayed and amazon link clouds.
3. A standard html website that can be edited in any website editior, I use                                                dreamweaver
4. A standard php webiste that can be edited in any website editior…again I  use dreamweaver. The last two sites have all the frills and nicely help to create unique content.

This month’s sites are on:
Celebrity Diets

Celebrity Diets for keeping fit and losing weightHere’s an example of the Xsitepro sites using php.


Celebrity Diets

In the next tip, I’ll share some tips on how to set up a network of pages and sites designed to start creating some traffic to your sites.

Also you might be interested in a software application that can create a set of autoresponder emails from the sales page and its called Follow-up Email Creator Pro.

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Automate Blogging with New WordPress Plugin “Poster Pro”

Are you tired of making blog posts?

I know you probably belong to at least 2 PLR sites….what are you doing with all those articles, wouldn’t it be great to put them to use. Outstanding! But did you really manage to build and develop all those?
What if you could use those plr articles and create a network of minisites in your niche which would be built automatically using a wordpress plugin?

I’m sure you figured out that I have the solution to the PLR dilema, it’s called Poster Pro.

* Set the number of PLR articles you want to publish and to which category then activate the plugin and in a second it goes to work. Sit back and watch your articles posted on your schedule.
* Did you know you can post to different categories with Poster Pro
* …and automatically tagged with keywords relevant to your article so that the search engines and directories can eagerly seek out and gobble up your newly posted content!
* This WordPress plugin is amazing. Poster Pro plugin allows you to make a random schedule of posts along with telling it how many posts to make initially, keep in mind this is efficient use of your PLR Articles.
* Poster Pro works behind the scenes and it is impossible for anyone to know your not laboring day and night writing your posts manually
Poster Pro wordpress plugin for auto posting * Thanks to our ‘mass import’ feature, you can simply line up articles in the queue to be published – even years into the future, so it always looks like you’re taking the time to update and maintain your blog for years to come! (no limit on how many articles you import and queue at once)
* Poster Pro is an exceptional wordpress plugin and allows you to edit the queued articles whenever you need to
* Poster Pro is really feature packed, let’s say you have some articles queued for future posting….but you decided you want a particular PLR article posted now. Simply open up your new wordpress plugin and tell Poster Pro you want the article published immediately.
* Poster Pro makes intelligent use of the queue, once queued they are stored there and they are removed at any time to make them easy to use

Check out Poster Pro and the other 2 plugins, 3 for the price of one. In fact I paid 2 times the cost of this package for one of these plugins a couple of months ago…hurry before JP changes his mind on the bonus plugin.

Poster Pro

Socialize-it Pro

Rss Aggretor

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Public Domain Content and PLR Content

Tony Laidig of is quickly becoming the new King of Public Domain for Internet Marketers! He makes some interesting comments regarding how to use Private Label Rights and Public Domain in his blog post.

PLR material is fantasic for creating and selling products that are current and allow you to add your own name to them. Tony comments on something that’s bothered me for a long time.

Let’s say you buy a PLR book Dog Information Sites and since you have plr rights you can change the title, add your name and add a new salespage with a new book cover… in essence you’ve created a “new looking product” however, with the same content called Dog Information Websites . Now, lets say Internet Marketers ‘A’ buys the first book called ‘Dog Information Sites‘ and is still looking for more information on Dog Info and he finds your book Dog Information Websites….purchases it only to find out it’s the exact same book! That’s not a hypothetical situation because it’s happened to me.

Tony makes some interesting suggestions on how to use Public Domain material to fix the above situation…it’s worth a read, the whole blog is filled with some great material. Using Public Domain material to enhance your plr material is a great way for you to ensure your product will be unique. You can use the public domain material to add into the actual plr book or use the public domain materials as bonus items….. Tony discusses the subject

If you’d like to get a little deeper into Public Domain, click on the link and use “pd50″ (no quotes) for a special discount.

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Possible Download Problems for NHP Minisites

If you are a Niche Health Products member, often times I post various membership problems related to graphics or minisites. Kind of like a FAQ page. In this post I have an email exchange with a member having an issue with downloading one of the minisites.

—– Original Message —–

Subject: Downloading problem

Hi Scott. Hope you will surface from migraine ASAP!
Having a problem with downloading. I get message saying “Windows Cannot Open this file….need to know what programme created it.”

—–Original Message—–

Subject: Re: Downloading problem

Hi Colin

Thank you for the well wishes…this constant pain is getting very old.

Hope you and your family are all well!

I think my server might be running a little slow this morning…not sure.

What file are you trying to download?

Thank you

—– Original Message —–

Subject: RE: Downloading problem

The “cannot open” message comes up on the Xsite Simple version of the downloads.

Windows also sens this message.

Windows has the following information about this file type. This page will help you find software needed to open your file.

File Type: Unknown

Description: Windows does not recognize this file type.

You may search the following Web site for related software and information:

Windows Live Search
You may purchase or download software related to this file type from the following Web site:

Windows Marketplace

I feel so sorry for your son….I’ll keep him in my prayers. Tell him you know someone who can relate to his suffering and pain….don’t know if it would matter to him, but I know people will look at me after all these years and think to themselves…what’s up with this guy…what’s his problem…its all in his head… I hope future medical advances can soon help your boy.

I fell asleep yesterday and then fogot all about your problem….I apologize.

I went to another computer, totally different, with no previous cache. Everything downloaded OK, I unzipped the files without a problem and I imported into Xsite without a problem….I used the #1 download for both categories.

Can you download the file…..

if no, then there could be some security setting in your browser that is creating the problem. But if you can download the other files then it doesn’t make sense. If you’re using Internet Explorer, try using FireFox for your browser…go to and download for free

if yes….then I assume you cannot unzip the file. Make sure the downloaded file ends with the .zip extension. If it isn’t there in full try adding the extension.

What program are you using to unzip your files. If you’re using the build in windows version….go to and download their free unzip program.

Also…I attached both Xsitepro versions of the minsites to this email.

Let me know if any of this helps,


How to Make More Money With Information Products

How to Make More Money With Information Products Than Ever
Before By Using Three Powerful NO COST Tools

Small Reports Fortune


It’s all under your control.

If you sell information products and want to make more money with them, there’s good news:

It’s all under your control.

That’s right, you can make more money with your information products simply by doing something that you have
the power to do.

It’s not dependent upon anyone else. It’s up to you.

Let me explain …

While there are a lot of different aspects of selling information products, there are really only two ways
to make more money with them …

Sell More
Refund Less

Really, it’s pretty much that simple.

In order to make more money with information products you need to either SELL MORE or REFUND LESS.

Or, better still, do BOTH.

Now, in the many years I’ve been selling information products, I’ve found there are three powerful tools
that will help you do just that.

You can use these three tools to SELL MORE by using them on your classified ads, solo mailings, sales
letters, autoresponder messages and virtually any sales tool.

You can also use these three tools to REFUND LESS by applying them to the information products you create.

Care to find out what they are?

Read on …

*** Three Powerful Tools ***
What makes these tools so powerful is a combination of important benefits

* They don’t cost a penny to use.
* They work over and over again.
* They are under your control.

In fact, you already have them.

These three powerful tools are WAYS TO USE WORDS.

Tool #1. Education. When it comes to information products, nothing comes close to the power and
profitability of educating your readers.

I’m talking the distance between the planet Pluto and the computer screen you’re now staring at.

Not even remotely close.

Your Email is Safe with Me!

Content is king. Nobody else gets to wear the crown or sit on the throne. Content rules the land of
information products.

So, first things first, you gotta give your readers information that educates them. You gotta teach them

Do this in your promotion tools (ezine articles, reports, sales letters, etc.) and you’ll have readers
thinking “This person knows something … I better take a closer look.”


Educate customers in your information products and show them how to produce results in their own lives and
you’ll make them happy, satisfied customers.


Tool #2. Entertainment. To be completely honest, it’s not enough to solely provide content. Even if it’s
good content, that won’t always get the job done.

Think of it this way: your high school civics teacher provided you with (too much) content in a single 55-
minute class, but would you really buy anything from him?

Maybe a hall pass or a set of earplugs, but that’s about it. :o)

Nobody likes to read BORING content. We turn off boring television programs, we fall asleep reading boring
books and we keep our credit cards tucked firmly inside our pockets when we read boring sales letters, ezine
articles, solo mailings or special reports.

Make it fun. Make it entertaining. And you can do that by using …

* Illustrations
* Funny stories
* Analogies
* Outrageous statements

I once wrote an article entitled “I’ll Swallow A Live Grasshopper If This Doesn’t Boost Your Website

Do you think anyone read it?

Ask yourself this: would YOU like to read it?

We love to have a good time, and there’s no reason why you shouldn’t apply that reasoning to your writing.

Keep readers interested as they consume your promotion materials by entertaining them.


Help customers enjoy reading page after page of your product by entertaining them.


When you add entertainment to education, you’ll make more money with information products …

… faster than you can say “ “LIVE GRASSHOPPER.” :o)

Tool #3. Emotion. Whether it’s outrage over an injustice, excitement over a success or piqued interest
over a possibility, our emotions drive us.

Few decisions are based on intelligent analysis, but rather on emotional response. Few actions are based on
accurate data, but rather on impulsive feelings.

We are emotional people. And there is no stronger proof of that than to watch what we do and to listen to
what we say.

Your job is to get us emotional. Fill us with hope. Empower us. Give us courage. Motivate us. Issue a
challenge. Inspire. Get us to do something.

That’s what we really want. More than education, more than entertainment – we want someone to compel us to
do something to make our lives better.

And the power and profits go to the ones who can do that.

Fill readers with hope and expectation with your marketing materials.


Give your customers confidence and enthusiasm as they read chapter after chapter of your information


*** Conclusion ***

If you want to make more money with information products, then you CAN do it. You’re in charge. It’s under
your control.


Three powerful tools that lead to incredible profits.

But, only if you use them.

Some will read this article and discard it like they have done with countless others.

And some will get busy.

I think you’ll be one of the few who will make more money.

Prove me right.

Jimmy D. Brown is the author of “Small Reports Fortune” – if you can write 7-15 page small reports, you can
earn a living online working just a few hours each week from your home. Look for his EXCLUSIVE formula
“Creating A Six-Figure Income With Small Reports”

Public Domain Resources for Free Content

I love public domain and love to share sources for public domain material. I think I would think twice about sharing these resources but I know that only 2% to 7% of those reading this will actually take any type of action.

Check out Public Doman Advantage for more detailed information about Public Domain

I’m sure you know Walt Disney started his empire with public domain material…..his cartoons all came from public domain sources. I know of one guy who used public domain material, burned them on a CD took it to their local Walmart and ended up going country wide with the CD…..needless to say with a little effort public domain materials made him a small forutune and changed his lifestyle overnight.

Here’s a list of some public domain sites that I know you’ll find interesting

=> Instructional Design Materials

=> Defense Visual Information Center

=> Public Domain Clip Art

=> Natural Resources Conservation Service

=> Army Heritage Collection Online

=> US Geological Survey’s Digital Data Series 21

If you’d like to find out more about Public Domain and how to use it, I have a great ebook that will help get you started if you’re a beginner and might even remind you of a few things if you’ve been around for a while. The book is called The Public Domain Advantage …….and here’s a secret code to use at the bottom of the page…..just put “pd50″ without the quotes and you’ll get the book at half price.

Here’s some of the things covered


In This Manual, You Will Discover:

  • How
    to determine if a product or content is available for
    free “unrestricted” use legally in a flash!
  • The BEST
    places on the net where you can find quality Public
    Domain content,
  • How
    to choose the BEST Public Domain material to suit your
    needs and objective, whether it is Info Product creation
    or even offline publishing!
  • Where to
    find Public Domain photos, music and even films!
  • How
    to get Public Domain materials from the U.S. Government!
  • How to maximize
    your benefits and profits from using other people’s
    work in the Public Domain!
  • What
    it takes to quickly & easily edit “obsolete
    English” Public Domain content to become “modern!
  • 9 totally
    different, unique, killer ways to milk profits
    from Public Domain works!
  • Some
    critical and important
    legal aspects you MUST know about Public Domain – explained
    in simple English… minus the lawyer’s way of talking
    legal mumbo jumbo!
  • And so
    much more

Don’t forget to check out the Public Domain Resources Book for Free Content…….. The book is called The Public Domain Advantage …….and here’s a secret code to use at the bottom of the page…..just put “pd50″ without the quotes and you’ll get the book at half price.

PHP Minisites for Niche Health Products

I had a question regarding the minisites I design for the PLR membership site Niche Health Products. The member wanted to know how to work the the php version of the minisite….Each member gets 4 different versions of the minisite. Two versions for Xsitepro users and 2 versions for standard html editors like Dreamweaver or FrontPage ……below is my answer.

Welcome to the NHP Club!

You can open a php file or page on your local computer in a program like notepad….but all you will see is the html code for the webpage.

In order to see a php page you have to upload the .xse file first. In other words, open up Xsitepro and import the php version of the website. Now use the upload feature and upload the xsite php version to a folder/directory on your website and you will be able to see the php pages. The php version is used to dynamically insert content into the website….all of this is done from your server so you have to have the site uploaded to see it work.

I created the simple html version for those who are just starting. You can learn the basics of xsitepro since the sites are very simple. The php version has additional features that help to create a site that is unique to you….something that is important from an seo standpoint. But….everyone has to start someplace.

By the way, you don’t want to have both versions of the same site up at the same time. In other words you don’t want to have the .htm version and .php version of the same site up at the same time on the same website.

Here is a quick view of a non Xsite pro minisite provided by Niche Health Products for Elderly Depression 

And here is an Xsitepro Version of a .php minisite with rotating content, amazon links and other goodies for Elderly Depression 

Hope that helps….let me know if you need any further help.


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Joomla Membership Sites

The folks at PLR Video Depot have produced a free video tutorial on membership sites. These guys have been producing some very unique content in the form of videos and it comes with Private Label Rights….let me say that again. Videos with Private Label Rights…… that’s almost like having public domain videos!

You can view a free video on how to create a membership site for no cost using Joomla. It is an excellent tutorial on Joomla Membership sites and you’ll discover everything you need to get a very organized and complete membership site up and running.

Joomla can be a bit intimidating but Deep Arora does an awesome job in instructing you how to use joomla for a membership site.

You can view the video here:

You will probably have to sign up for a free membership status to view the video, but I can tell you his material is worth watching and learning from!

Don’t forget Instant Membership Creator is one of the easiest ways to create a quick membership site….you can have a membership site up in 60 seconds! The author of the script is a trusted friend and his material is superb when compared to others.

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