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Should I Invest in CraigsAgent ?

No long build up here, but just let me say that it will not cost you an arm or a leg.

For just $97.00 , you’ll receive the following in your CraigsAgent package:

* The “Easy to Install” CraigsAgent software
* The Quick Setup Guide
* Free Link Cloaker Script (included for your convenience)
* Access to our member’s only forum
* Lifetime support

This Software package could easily sell for upwards of over two hundred dollars. But going to get you real value for your money.

Steve want’s you to be 100% satisfied with CraigsAgent… because when you do, you’ll tell others about it. You win, I win.

… And Here’s the CraigsAgent Offer and Guarantee to You …

We offer a 100% Iron Clad Money back guarantee! Steve will issue you a refund if the software fails to make you any money within a 2 week period, no questions asked!

Don’t just take my word for how good this product is. Install it, use it and let CraigsAgent prove itself to you… let it prove that indeed it’s everything CraigsAgent customers are saying it is… and more.


Regretably Steve is taking CraigsAgent off the Market
on April 5th. Actually this is a good thing because it will
ensure the integrity of the product.

If you missed the date, fill in the form and you can watch a video
that expains how to perform the process manually….also I have a pdf
that explains how to do the process manually and will make it available soon!


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What Can I Sell….I Don’t Have An Original Product or Ebook?

The opportunity to sell info products online has exloded. Today you can get the same quality material for free that I had to pay $50 to $100 for…..4 or 5 years ago. There are plr memberships, resell memberships, free memberships that distribute books, audios and videos. So…there is plenty to sell. Not to mention the field of affiliate marketing is wide open, find a product…promote it and you collect 50% or more of the sale price of that book. And, Clickbank is probably the best place to start, check out the post I made on Ebooks to Sell and look around.

Did I mention Public Domain….? All you have to do is find a public domain book you like, and republish, put your name on it, take sections out of the book. You’re unlimited in possibilities, not only that, but public domain applies to just about any type of publication…such as audio, video, government publications. There are rules and you need to understand what’s allowed and what is really in the public domain. Here’s a brief introduction to Public Domain. You can find further and more indepth information about Public Domain Resources by clicking on that link!

But…maybe you’re a purist and want your very own product. You can’t write, you can do programming and you stink at website and graphic design.

So if you don’t have a product yet and want to get one, learn how to use some of the outsourcing services such as Go there and look around, you’ll get an idea of what type of work/product you can have made. You’ll be surprised how cheap it can be………..but………………DO SOMETHING! Elance is a great place to start!

There’s a free report by Jimmy D Brown called Small Report Secrets. You can do this yourself, write a small report, sell it or give it away and start building your list. Check out Jimmy’s Free version of Small Report Secrets by leaving your name and email address below:

FREE Ebook on Making Money with Small Reports.…Just leave your Name and Email Address and Your FREE eBook will be in Your Inbox in a Couple of Minutes!
Your Information is Kept Private with ME!

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