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Tony Laidig Public Domain Expert Apology

Have you heard of public domain?

I mean, have you heard how you might use material that is in the public domain to make money?

I Tony Laidig the Public Domain Expert and I was really surprised by his email today! First, let me give you some background.

If you are new to internet marketing and making money online then public domain material is one of the easiest ways to get started…. in fact, one of my first products was from public domain material.

Click Here A Public Domain Resource Page ….its old but the material is good!

Here’s the conundrum though….. who do you listen to, who do you learn from…whose stuff should you buy to learn about public domain. In essence, whose the public domain guru?

Click Here for The Public Domain Advantage ….new material!

All I can do is relate my experiences.

I first ran into public domain materials …..maybe 8 or 10 years ago from a guy named David Valleries. I don’t even know if he’s teaching internet marketing anymore. In fact, I believe he got into trading and is currently teaching forex and day trading stuff.

I learned the basics from Dave and even purchased the rights to his complete public domain class…. very good stuff. I wanted others to learn how they could quickly use this material to start making money online.

Discover Public Domain & Research Tips

I stumbled on a few guys selling and teaching public domain materials over the years…. none of it really anything new. You can do a search on the warrior forum and find some wso’s on plubic domain. You’ll learn something from these materials but it’s nothing earth shattering. Nonetheless, I recommend buying everything you can because …..well, just one idea might be the golden egg for you and you’ll never know where you’ll find it!

Then I ran into a fellow named Tony Laidig.

Tony didn’t proclaim himself as a public domain expert. In fact, I must have just found him as he was getting started online. He shared some of the most amazing strategies for using public domain materials. He shared resources… in fact he shared just about everything he knew ….at least I suspect. His material was valuable and reminded me of the old days of when being on someone’s list meant that you received instructional materials, tips and techniques…. not one pitch after another!

Well…. I think Tony probably willing shared his stuff for a good year or two and then some more established internet marketers must have gotten ahold of him and convinced him to stop sharing these things and start charging.

Needless to say, I was disappointed to receive emails from Tony saying … buy my new product….. only 20 available…. use this special link. Yes…Tony Laidig fell into the grievous and greedy pit of the online entrepreneur and making money online because his obvious passion.

Now….although I was disappointed to see this change in character, I can’t say I blame him. Everyone wants to make money online and if you have special knowledge and can capitalize on it…. more power to ya.

Unfortunately for me, my tolerance for internet marketing tactics has gone to zero and Tony started using these tactics with his products. You know what I mean…. last day for this, secret link, dimesales (I hate those), never to be sold again….and on and on.

Regardless of what I consider faux pas on his part…. I would still recommend you get on his list and I would recommend you buy his stuff if you want to learn Public Domain because I honestly this Tony Laidig is the best public domain guy online today.

I recommend his products….at least the ones I’ve purchased. I use affiliate links to make money from products I recommend because I know how good they are.

If you’ve followed any of my blog posts over the years, I really don’t rave about anyone …..with the exception of Jimmy D Brown or a couple of products every year. So… you should consider my support for Tony something you might want to take a look at.

Tony’s knowledge of photoshop and his use of public domain images is simply beyond amazing. He’s got a product called Photo Profit Secrets that is more of a course than a single ebook. I honestly haven’t seen it yet, but I have a couple of his other public domain image related products that are just outstanding.

Easy Money Picture Project …review on Tony’s Book

In fact, I picked up one of his free ebooks on how to digitize images, change them with free photoshop type programs, where to get them turned into posts and make a profit with it….didn’t cost a penny.

Anyway….let me get to the main point of this post.

I’ve tried to establish that Tony Laidig is a public domain expert who has, in my optinion and his, strayed off his intended path of helping people while at the same time trying to make an income for himself.

Today I got any email from Tony that was an aplogy. I was extremely excited to see this change of heart and wanted to share it with anyone who gets a chance to read this post. Here’s the first paragraph of his email:

I want you to know that I appreciate you and the trust
you have put in me to provide quality products and training.
My desire is to provide you with the best content, products
and interaction possible, and so when I see areas that need
to change, I have no problem stepping up to address them.
And that’s why I owe you an apology. There are a lot of
different tactics used these days to motivate people to buy,
from fake screenshots and outright lying to more subtle
strategies, like scarcity and limited-time offers. While
I have never faked screenshots (never use them) or lied
to you, the scarcity approach has been bothering me a lot
lately. If you think about it, it’s stupid to say that
only XX copies of a digital product are available, or
that the first XX people get a special price. I refuse
to play that game any longer, and I’m sorry. My desire
is that your motivation for investing with me be on the
merit of the product, not stupid trickery.

Kudo’s to you Tony.

I will proudly and confidently support you and your products and I wish you the best in your new direction.

To you my reader…check out a couple of Tony’s new courses….. I’m confident that Tony will take good care of you and you’ll be on your way to start making money online using public domain materials.

Click here for Photo Profit Secrets
Click Here for Market with Stories

Civil War Battle Map in Public Domain …..Case Study

I decided to create a case study using public domain images and take you through the process of researching a niche looking for small niches and finding keywords called long tailed keywords. Once we find the niche, then we will research and work on the product to be developed.

You probably already know that I have an interest in Public Domain Maps so lets look for something that has some monthly search volume with little competition from other websites. In this process I’m going to use only 2 tools to start with, Micro Nich Finder and an ebook and public domain images resource guide called The Easy Money Project by Tony Laidig.

I found a site that has some public domain maps, in particular, civil war maps and to dig a little deeper I looked for a Civil War Battle Map!

I basically outline the process and show you the tools to use. However, I can’t stress how thorough The Easy Money Project ebook is….I think its around 200 pages. Tony describes the process of taking a digital image and turning it into a poster. He goes so far as to give you details on paper weight, printing costs, how to interact with the printer along with many other details.

So let’s get started.

Check monthly searches on civil war map ….the below table gives you the results

civil war map 1732
map of civil war 260
civil war battle map 194
map of the civil war 169
map of civil war battles 162
image usa map 1864 including civil war divisionspng 132
civil war battles map 106
american civil war map 88
map of north and south of the civil war 88
image usa map 1864 including civil war divisions.png 81
civil war 1861 1865 map 81
map civil war 74
map of the united states during the civil war 71
spanish civil war map 62
map of the north during the civil war 57
civil war states map 55
map ga civil war 54
map of civil war states 50
us civil war map 46
map of major civil war battles 43
1861 american civil war map 43
russian civil war map 40

I guess you’d agree that it’s a decent size
niche with many long tailed keywords. The key to selling online
with success is picking a suitable niche market and promoting the right
product and/or service to that market. Take a look at the difference between
“civil war map” with 1732 searches a month and “map of civil war” with
260 searches a month.

I use a tool called Micro Niche Finder
to discover long tailed keywords with little competition. Similar tools
will result in different results. I don’t think there is a way to get an
exact amount since each search engine is different, nevertheless, the
concept of digging up fruitful niches utilizing a keyword tool like Micro
Niche Finder is exact.

Micro Niche Finder for Long Tailed Keywords

For instance Micro Niche Finder
reveals to me that ‘civil war map’ is looked for on 33,720 searches every 30 days and
there are at least 50,000 websites containing the exact keyword phrase. Remember
that the number 33,720 contains any phrase which includes the words
“civil” “war” and “map” in any order. Trying to compete with 50,000 websites is
quite a chore…not undoable, but you would genuinely have to understand what
you need to do to find yourself on the front page of google.

A better strategy is to search for a long tailed keyword with a search number of around 200 to 5000 a month for
that phrase and is only found on a low amount of websites….which in a way is relative to the monthly search count. Lower than 10,000 is good, 500 to 2000 is even better and you can find yourself on page one with little effort.

For Example, I used Micro Niche Finder to turn up this term “civil war battle maps
There are 2700 searches a month for that phrase and about 2910 webpages that
are indexed for that term. This means that if I can show up on page one of Google I will get about 3,000 visitors on my salespage each month. If I can convert 2% of those visits that would be 60 sales every 30 days!

Think, there are about 3,000 webpages indexed by the search engines with the long-tailed-keyword “civil war battle maps“.
All you have to do is use some simple seo practices, write some articles, create a
mini-net with free blogs and exercise some social web 2.0 techniques you will be able to get
webpage on the first couple of pages of Google.

Now lets assume, you’ve done the seo,
penned articles, do some social bookmarketing, submit to directories and create a network of blogs with some articles…’s going to involve some time to get placed for the the phrase you are aiming for. It’s time to start putting your product together.

Let’s find a Civil War Battle Map and if you click on that link….you’ll find some civil war maps!

Working with Public Domain ImagesAssuming you’ve decided on a special Map of the Civil War,
let’s create a poster of it. Now you need to
download the civil war map that is most appropiate to your keywords, however, you have to know which
format to use and you need some special applications in order to view the map and
set about working with it. This software won’t cost you anything….but that’s all I’m
going to tell you right now. Tony Laidig, writes in his ebook, “The Easy Money Picture Project
giving specific particulars when it comes to working with public domain images, and by taking the information I have revealed to you above along with
Micro Niche Finder Pro and Tony’s Public Domain Image book you’ll be able to create a top of the line product and begin depositing some public domain money!

I forgot to tell you, if you would like to watch how Micro Niche Finder works, click on the link and you’ll be able to watch a screen caputure video of the software discovering some long tailed keywords…movie is FREE!

Ok, I just given you a niche which is statistically proven, handed you a strategy for finding yourself on page one of
google and told you the perfect tools to use in the complete procedure. Stop messing around! Click those links, get your chard card out and get started. Once you own these tools, you will possess the ability to dig deep into the world of public domain images and in particular you can make a civil war battle map calender or poster!

Shoot….just gave you another project idea :)

Easy Money Picture Project

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Public Domain on Ebay

Take a look at this easy way to locate public domain material on ebay. You can use ebay to start your research for your next public domain project. James Jones lays out the basics of how to use ebay to research a project and find a profitable niche. Next he actually shows you how to find the original public domain book so you can basically duplicate anything that is being profitably sold on ebay!

Take a look!

If you want to see a clearer video on Public Domain Research click here.

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Ebay for Public Domain Research

There are many ways to find material for public domain materials and there are many ways to use public domain materials. The subject is endless and you could spend a lifetime studying public domain material and a lifetime marketing and using public domain content to make a good living.

The basics of public domain are standard and a quick google search will bring up information that will help you determine what material is in public domain and what isn’t. Of course you could pick up the book The Public Domain Advantage for the price of 2 gallons of gasoline and have the information regarding public domain law at your fingertips.

There is one marketer that I really trust when it comes to products and services. He’s very good when it comes to ebay and public domain research. In fact he released a video, free of charge, that gives you a quick view of how to use ebay to dig up hidden niches of public domain content. Check out his video below, I promise you’ll be pleasantly surprised with this free gift. You can use the information he reveals in this video to create your own product using public domain information…..of course he offers a complete set of videos and ebooks on how to use public domain material to create products, I highly recommend it if you are either in public domain or contemplating using public domain material for creating products to sell online or offline.

public domain research using ebay

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Using Public Domain Images

If you are looking at different ways to use public domain images and how start a business at home using public domain images then you really need to take a look at the “Easy Money Picture Project

There are many different ways to use public domain images. You are virtually limited to your imagination take a look and see how Vanessa Alexander uses public domain images.

Use Public Domain Images

Public Domain images are a good source when you need to post daily or at least regularly. Images, and photos can add a special touch to your post that helps to break the monotony of viewing text. It’s not that your posts are boring, …

There ya go, use public domain images in blog posts to create some eye catching posts!

Easy Money Picture Project with Public Domain

I just finished reading a brand-new ebook that is forcing me to re-consider the types of products I create. My “former” good friend Tony (the Public Domain Expert) just blew up all my crazy views about creating image-based products.

I decided public domain images were just too much work for me.

The Easy Money Project written by someone who really knows and uses Public Domain Images opens the closest thing to a public domain fantasy world.

Are you thinking this is just another scam that only makes the author of the ebook money….you’re wrong. Tony is the new Public Domain Expert in the Internet Marketing world…a real hands on guy. He really does take you step by step through the process of using public domain images, where to find them, where to get free software….don’t miss this one.

Easy Money Project using Public Domain Images

I thought the Public Domain was a bunch of old crap… Tony proved me wrong!

Working with Public Domain Images using the “Easy Money Picture Project”

Tony’s recent book, “Easy Money Picture Project” makes using public domain images exciting once more. He exposes proven strategies on how to locate and make use of Public Domain images (photos, illustrations, maps, fine art and a LOT more) from his own vast experience of producing successful Public Domain-based products from on the spot experience. Here’s the comical part…almost all of my internet marketing pals continue to think this is only a waste of energy and time. Really, these guys are just stupid and Tony Laidig reveals to you how come using case studies and dozens of good examples. Actually his own local home town produced a quick project from Public Domain images that cashed in over $7,000 and the complete thing was created on a business copy machine.

Are you interesting…you should be, take a look at working with Public Domain Images using the “Easy Money Picture Project”

Easy Money Picture Project using Public Domain Images

Listen to me. Do you like Public Domain, Do you like working with images. If yes, then the new ebook “Easy Money Picture Project” is going to simply amaze you…I guarantee it…If you’re mind doesn’t start realing with ideas then you’re brain dead…sorry but then this stuff just isn’t for you. But, if you work with images or want to learn how to work with images you really should check out Tony’s book.. Do yourself a favor and invest in something that isn’t the same old rehashed product creation ideas you read from every other marketer. Gain some fresh, new perspective like I have with Tony’s amazing new ebook, “Easy Money Picture Project”

Yep, here’s the sales pitch…but I would never lead you wrong and I can’t come up with the words that would express how badly I think you should check out working with Public Domain Images by purchaseing the “Easy Money Picture Project”

I don’t beg too often, but I know how cynical we can get….trust me on this get a copy of the “Easy Money Picture Project”!

Public Domain Images are a HUGE goldmine…..yet few talk about them. I found a few resources for you that will help in your research and discovery when digging into world wide depot of public domain images …..enjoy:

  • Little League Game in Central Park NewYork City
  • - I, (sookietex) the creator of this work, hereby release it into the public domain. This applies worldwide. In case this is not legally possible, I grant any entity the right to use this work for any purpose, without any conditions, …

  • cafepressing the public domain (plus Cap Confederacy!)
  • - A cleaned-up version of the Buccaneers illo (the text has not been touched, because who could improve on it?):. A few public domain images I like, also tweaked in Photoshop:. And a new Captain Confederacy image: …

  • Public Domain and CC-licensed Image Sources
  • - Public Domain (no strings):. Wikipedia’s List of PD Images – large and categorized; US Government Photos and Graphics – Your tax dollars at work! Gimp-Saavy – mostly NASA and Federal Wildlife. Creative Commons (some restrictions, …

  • Use Public Domain Images
  • - Public Domain images are a good source when you need to post daily or at least regularly. Images, and photos can add a special touch to your post that helps to break the monotony of viewing text. It’s not that your posts are boring, …

  • How to identify public domain photos on Flickr
  • - I don’t want to get in trouble, though, so can you tell me if there’s some way to identify those photographs and other images that are legal for me to republish? Continue reading How to identify public domain photos on Flickr [article …

  • WP Clipart 5.8 (Default branch)
  • - WP Clipart is an attempt to make a useful clip art package of public domain images for use in word processors. It includes an optional cross-platform viewer/editor written with Python/GTK. The collection contains non-transparent PNG …

  • Digital Image Resources on the Deep Web
  • - The images are a part of online collections created by institutions in the US Some of the images may be a part of the public domain, but many will require permission or accreditation in order to use. So, no, these aren’t necessarily …

  • Looking for an Alternative to Google Images?
  • - Just because it’s easy to grab an image from Google or another site doesn’t mean it’s legal. Other than images that are in the public domain, most pictures are protected by copyright law. We won’t go into a lesson on copyright and fair …

  • Free Books (Audio and Text), Music, Movies, and more
  • - As a general rule the works of authors who died before 1955 are in the public domain in Australia. Works by George Orwell (died 1950), Virginia Woolf (died 1941), and James Joyce (died 1941), just to name a few authors, …

How Many Books in The Public Domain

There are so many books in the public domain that nobody knows that answer.

I purchased a book called Public Domain Secrects by a guy named Kneb Knebaih in the Warrior Forum. If that link is still live, you’ll be in luck. If not, I’ll put some type of package together for you the will help you find out how to locate books in the public domain. In fact, I have a book called the Public Domain Advantage, use this discount code “pd50″ (no quotes) and you’ll get even a better deal. Also, you’ll be on my public domain list and I can start sharing some of these Public Domain Secrets with you.

Anyway….here’s the testiomonial post I put up on the warrior forum”

I love public domain since I was first introduced to it about 4 or 5 years ago.

Public Domain is kind of like the ocean…so deep that there are depths that haven’t been explored or even acknowledged. If you know anything about diving then you’re familiar with the “buddy system”, always having someone with you when diving underway for help if needed….well, Kneb is the perfect Public Domain diving buddy!

I’ve managed to get my hands on most of the public domain packages out there, all of which are good and as time progresses a new author or public domain expert pops up on the scene. With the new author comes new information, and sometimes just new ways of looking at old information.

I won’t take anything away from any of the previous and still acknowledged public domain experts, in fact, Kneb acknowledges some of the guys/gals that I’ve read from and learned a ton from.

how to use public domain

I managed to get my hands on Kneb’s package and let everyone know that this is one of the best public domain packages I’ve come across. The main book is over 215 pages…packed with resources for public domain material along with ideas on how to use the material. This is key…because you can get lost in public domain material and just amazed at the amount, and quality of content available……but…how do you make money with it. GET KNEB’s WSO :) You’ll find seed thoughts for your own products and services….invaluable stuff!

I’m telling ya…if you’re into Public Domain, there’s not enough time for me to tell you what you’re gonna get….or miss out on. If you’re a PD lover or just a newbie trying to get started on the internet, grab Kneb’s book and read it. Then read it again.

I haven’t tried to print it, but if I had a disappointment it would be that he used some sort of template that will eat up a ton of ink….but like I said, I haven’t tried to print it yet. This would be a pdf I’d take to Office Max or Stables and have it printed.

I think there are 12 other books, software, and videos that I honestly just glanced at, but all look like they’ll be of help when trying to work with and monetize public domain works.

Anyway, I was sick when I first got this package and wanted to leave a positive comment for anyone intersted, glad I got to do on the second time around :)

And for you doubting Thomas’ I’m not related to Kneb….I don’t even know if Kneb is a guy or girl :)

Thanks for sharing your book with us Kneb, if I keep going I’m gonna sound like your salesman. One more thing…I got one of my kids interested in a project and with your info, we will get a chance to do some father son bonding and hopefully make some cash.

To Your Success


Here’s a hint on what you’ll find. Besides finding books in the public domain you’ll discover public domain art. There are so many possibilites with Public Domain Art you could spend the rest of your life working with public domain art alone. If you’re new to Public Domain, you’ll find the definition of public domain along with how to find it, how to use it and how to make money with it.

Hopefully the warrior link is still live….if not, I’ll try and get a link directly to the product for all you hard core public domain junkies :)

What are you waiting for….locate some public domain books or public domain artwork and start making some money……yep, the book gets you started :)

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Printing Public Domain Images

Got a hot tip for you….remember when I talked about public domain images go back and check out that post.

You can sell a printed form of the image on ebay for a little extra cash…actually there are people making big money selling public domain images in print form. Obviously you want to be careful with your costs. In other words, if you were to print out a 16 x 20 image on quality photo paper with archivable or long lasting ink ….it could get quite expensive.

No worries, my friend Tony Laidig sent me an email with a tip on where to find a cheap way to get quality photos printed. This my friend… a true gold nugget so enjoy!

Here’s a quick tip that will save you some serious cash in getting high-quality prints made of your Public Domain image discoveries. This is a perfect way to jump into the print-selling arena on eBay or through your own PD image-based  website! ( is offering their 16 X 20 prints of your digital files for just $4.95 each. These prints are produced using Kodak Professional Endura Supra Lustre paper which offers beautiful color saturation and a print longevity of 200 years! Honestly, you are going to be hard-pressed to find a better deal than this.

print public domain images

If you’re intersted in Public Domain Material check out The Public Domain Advantage  and use the special code pd50 for a nice discount!

In this book you’ll discover the following:

    * How to determine if a product or content is available for
free “unrestricted” use legally in a flash!
* The BEST places on the net where you can find quality Public
Domain content
* How to choose the BEST Public Domain material to suit your
needs and objective, whether it is Info Product creation
or even offline publishing!
* Where to find Public Domain photos, music and even films!
* How to get Public Domain materials from the U.S. Government!
* How to maximize your benefits and profits from using other people’s
work in the Public Domain!
* What it takes to quickly & easily edit “obsolete
English” Public Domain content to become “modern!“
* 9 totally different, unique, killer ways to milk profits
from Public Domain works!
* Somecritical and important
legal aspects you MUST know about Public Domain – explained
in simple English… minus the lawyer’s way of talking
legal mumbo jumbo!
* And so much more!

Public Domain Content and PLR Content

Tony Laidig of is quickly becoming the new King of Public Domain for Internet Marketers! He makes some interesting comments regarding how to use Private Label Rights and Public Domain in his blog post.

PLR material is fantasic for creating and selling products that are current and allow you to add your own name to them. Tony comments on something that’s bothered me for a long time.

Let’s say you buy a PLR book Dog Information Sites and since you have plr rights you can change the title, add your name and add a new salespage with a new book cover… in essence you’ve created a “new looking product” however, with the same content called Dog Information Websites . Now, lets say Internet Marketers ‘A’ buys the first book called ‘Dog Information Sites‘ and is still looking for more information on Dog Info and he finds your book Dog Information Websites….purchases it only to find out it’s the exact same book! That’s not a hypothetical situation because it’s happened to me.

Tony makes some interesting suggestions on how to use Public Domain material to fix the above situation…it’s worth a read, the whole blog is filled with some great material. Using Public Domain material to enhance your plr material is a great way for you to ensure your product will be unique. You can use the public domain material to add into the actual plr book or use the public domain materials as bonus items….. Tony discusses the subject

If you’d like to get a little deeper into Public Domain, click on the link and use “pd50″ (no quotes) for a special discount.

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Public Domain Resources for Free Content

I love public domain and love to share sources for public domain material. I think I would think twice about sharing these resources but I know that only 2% to 7% of those reading this will actually take any type of action.

Check out Public Doman Advantage for more detailed information about Public Domain

I’m sure you know Walt Disney started his empire with public domain material…..his cartoons all came from public domain sources. I know of one guy who used public domain material, burned them on a CD took it to their local Walmart and ended up going country wide with the CD…..needless to say with a little effort public domain materials made him a small forutune and changed his lifestyle overnight.

Here’s a list of some public domain sites that I know you’ll find interesting

=> Instructional Design Materials

=> Defense Visual Information Center

=> Public Domain Clip Art

=> Natural Resources Conservation Service

=> Army Heritage Collection Online

=> US Geological Survey’s Digital Data Series 21

If you’d like to find out more about Public Domain and how to use it, I have a great ebook that will help get you started if you’re a beginner and might even remind you of a few things if you’ve been around for a while. The book is called The Public Domain Advantage …….and here’s a secret code to use at the bottom of the page…..just put “pd50″ without the quotes and you’ll get the book at half price.

Here’s some of the things covered


In This Manual, You Will Discover:

  • How
    to determine if a product or content is available for
    free “unrestricted” use legally in a flash!
  • The BEST
    places on the net where you can find quality Public
    Domain content,
  • How
    to choose the BEST Public Domain material to suit your
    needs and objective, whether it is Info Product creation
    or even offline publishing!
  • Where to
    find Public Domain photos, music and even films!
  • How
    to get Public Domain materials from the U.S. Government!
  • How to maximize
    your benefits and profits from using other people’s
    work in the Public Domain!
  • What
    it takes to quickly & easily edit “obsolete
    English” Public Domain content to become “modern!
  • 9 totally
    different, unique, killer ways to milk profits
    from Public Domain works!
  • Some
    critical and important
    legal aspects you MUST know about Public Domain – explained
    in simple English… minus the lawyer’s way of talking
    legal mumbo jumbo!
  • And so
    much more

Don’t forget to check out the Public Domain Resources Book for Free Content…….. The book is called The Public Domain Advantage …….and here’s a secret code to use at the bottom of the page…..just put “pd50″ without the quotes and you’ll get the book at half price.