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You know the feeling of dread you get
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WP Management Made Easy >>


Foam Turns Poor Microphone into High End Microphone

I’ve been creating products with audio and video for quite a while. Audio was a big deal about 8 years ago. You have to remember, most people still had slow internet speeds so streaming audio was difficult for most.

Different players were developed as well as different methods of steaming audio from your website. But…..if you had audio on your site you were a player!

Microphone Determines Audio Quality

One of the problems was creating an audio file that had good quality. In other words, the voice or music sounded clear and vibrant. Most microphones designed for computers were of poor quality, there was a lot of hiss, pops and other ambient noises. Nonetheless, audio on your website was a good thing.

Internet speeds started getting faster and as a result suddenly video became a reality for most webmasters. Whether the video was from a camcorder or from a software program such as Camtasia, quality increased along with internet speeds.

One of the problems throughout has been the quality of the audio. To get good quality, clear audio, you needed to spend a couple hundred dollars for a studio quality microphone. The audio produced from these expensive devices is just awesome and makes all the difference in the world when producing videos or audios…. especially those that are used in learning products.

You really don’t have to spend 200 or 300 dollars on a microphone. Today, you can pick up a set of Logitech headphones with attached microphone and get great quality audio. The microphone often times has noise cancelling built in and will produce audio quality that is acceptable for most uses.

Turn Cheap Microphone into High Quality Recording Mic

I picked up a Logitech ClearChat Comfort USB headphone/microphone set up and it works great. I might add that sometimes you need to try these units to make sure it will work with your computer and operating system, for one add reason or another you’ll find that a headset/microphone combo just won’t work. Rather than spend all kinds of time trying to figure it out…. just go and try another one. Of course you should make sure you can return the item if it doesn’t work…. BestBuy, Raido Shack and others have flexible return policies.

You can make the audio even better by following the simple tricks I outline below. You can make your $30 microphone/headphone sound like a $500 studio microphone.

What you want to do is find a piece of closed cell foam, the kind that is used in furniture, put a slice in the foam and slide the end of the microphone over the foam. It will mute the audio to some degree, cuts out almost all background noises and takes the hiss, pops and cracks out of a cheap microphone. You might have to play around with different types and sizes of foam but I’ve found that a simply 2 inch by 3 inch piece of phone slipped over the end of a microphone works miracles. I’ve tried this on several different microphones and the difference is just amazing. It makes the cheapest microphones sound good.

Today’s Cheap Mic’s Are Very Sensitive

Often times the microphones that come with headphones today are so sensitive they pick up noise from all over, your computer fan, birds outside, cars and trucks …they all add up to cause the audio to sound very primitive.

The foam over the microphone will cause those ambient outside noises to either disappear completely or nicely muted. I’ve used the microphone setup with phone and had a radio playing in the background, the radio didn’t show up at all on the recording. Each situation is different, however, the foam covering will make a big difference when doing screen capture videos and stand alone audios.

Below are some images of the foam and microphone. You can see that it doesn’t have to be anything fancy. In fact, we had an old couch that was getting thrown out. I cut out a big hunk of foam and use it all the time for a microphone that records awesome audio. My family laughs at me, but it works!

microphone covered with foam

Just stick some foam over the end of the microphone.


High quality microphone from foam cover


I just happened upon this little microphone trick. You can pick some foam at most Walmarts or Upolstery shops. As you can see from the image below, I found a friend that was getting rid of an old couch. I grabbed a knife and chopped off a big piece of the phone and have used it for the last 2 years. It works perfectly!

image of old couch with foam for covering the microphone

ScreenSteps Tutorial Maker

I ran across a great tool you can use to create manuals, html instructions, or pdf instruction manuals. It’s accomplished by a product called ScreenSteps. If you need to explain your products or procedures this is the perfect tool for you and there are two versions, the cheaper version is less than $20 and the full version is less than $50 and there is a free 30 day trial.

This really is perfect for anyone looking to teach and inform others. You can believe how fast you can put an instruction sheet together with screen shots and the text needed to explain. The screen shots can be edited….this really has a ton of features and just might be exactly what you’ve been looking for.

ScreenSteps helps you turn screen captures into documentation that your users will love to read. The tutorials and documentation you create will be easy to follow and easy to keep up to date. Easy for you. Easy for your users. And best of all, it is the fastest documentation tool available.

You can find ScreenSteps

Check out the video below:

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Creating Article Snippets

Did you ever wish you could add a resource box to a batch of articles, how about some random keywords or maybe an affiliate link to each article snippet? Well….you need an article snippet maker!

How about adding some keywords to your articles so you can maintain a proper keyword ratio?

Now, what if you wanted to make those keywords into anchor text hyperlinks?

How about creating article snippets of text from a batch of articles? Let’s say you have folder of articles and you want to randomly create keyword rich snippets of 3 to 6 sentences….or maybe you’d rather have 100 to 200 words….or maybe you’d rather have 1 paragraph article snippets…..and then how about adding a keyword title, and a keyword hyperlink at the end of the article snippet.

So….what if you could take 20 txt articles about 500 words each, create snippets of 3 to 6 sentences and add keywords to those article snippets and even make those keywords into in anchor hyperlinks?

What would you do with such an article snippet?

How about automatically rotating your article snippets on each of your webpages? This would help with the duplicate content situation. If your keywords were affiliate links….you might even make some extra cash……you’d make a lot more than with google adsense!

Lucky you….here’s an application that can do everything I mentioned plus a whole lot more. It’s called Article Infuser and I say you’re lucky because I paid for it and you can get it free!

Grab a copy and think of how you might be able to use it to manipulate your articles and create content the is a little more unique than everyone elses. If you’ve been looking for a tool to create article snippets this is it… won’t believe how much it can do!

I forgot to mention if comes with 2 other applications….Keyword Infuser and Easy Web Spider.

Get your copy of Article Infuser before they take down the page!

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Peel Away Ads….New Version Available!

Are You Someone Who Thinks Popups are Dead?

Ok, if you’ve been an internet marketing for any lenght of time, then you know….

Customers and website visitors are just completely burned out with Pop-Ups, Fly-Ins, and Pop-Unders!!!

So That Means, if you are using any of these techniques to capture your website visitors or entice them to buy something…..well, they’re probably running from your site like A Bad Smell!

Advertising Is Supposed To Attract More Sales – Not Scare Them Away, Right?!?

— Well, you need to know about the Ultimate, Non Intrusive, Cutting-Edge, Most Incredible Advertising Method Available Today…

You’ve seen them before on expensive sites…because they work and are called “Peel Away Ads”, you’ve just gotta see it to believe it.

Check this page out and look up in the top right corner, that pretty much explains it all without saying another word:

Give Peel Away Ads Version 3 a try….you’ll be amazed at what will happen to your selling and opt in statistics.

You can put that up on your site for next to nothing and increase your conversions like never before. This is a completely new version which allows you to rotate ads….allowing you to sell space on your site, or just promote 4 different products.

Judicial use of any type of intrusive product will always product results and Peel Away Ads Version 3 won’t disappoint you. It’s easy to use and you don’t have to be a programer to use it.

Your purchase is guaranteed, but I can bet you will make Peel Away Ads one of your most used tools!

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Adding content or code to existing webpages

How to search and replace for multiple webpages.

I made a forum post to help a fellow who was looking to do the following and thought it might help my readers looking to quickly make changes to existing webpages without having to do it manually…here’s the question.

Let’s say I want to add a new link to my menu on all my 10,000 pages of my site.

Anyone know of a software that automates this task? I did hear about one years ago… but forgot the name.

Karl…I use a simple program called search and replace, its freeware and you can find it at

If your menu is confined to a snippet of code you can use the software to located that snippet and replace it with the new menu snippet.

As someone else mentioned, I’d find the snippet for the menu and then replace the snippet with a php include. This would bring the code in from an external file. This would also allow you to make changes to one file and have those changes show up on every page automatically.

Word of caution. Once you change something with this software there is NO UNDO! So copy a folder and practice before you actually use it.

Also, the way it works…is that you locate the folder that your webpages are in and tell it to look for “something” to replace with “something” If you use your local folder, make the changes you can upload and overwrite the existing files….so you won’t have to download all 10,000 pages.

I would just stress that you want to make sure you understand how it works before making changes on 10,000 pages….please experiment by creating a folder and adding/copying a few of the pages you want to change. Try the program to see if you can make it do what you want it to do before doing all 10,000 pages :)

Good luck


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Recording Webinar with Camtasia Tutorials

How to Record Webinars and Capture Audio

I record webinars for my own use with Camtasia screen capture software. Webinars have become more and more popular, there are even some webinar applications that produce audio without having to dial into a phone line.

One of my subscribers wanted to know how to set up Techsmith Camtasia so that you record the screen and audio. One way is to record the screen the normal way and use your microphone by placing next to a speaker. This method works but the sound is less than perfect.

There is a better way to record the audio, by tweaking some of Camtasia’s features you can record directly from the sound card on most computers. Below I outline how I record both screen and audio from the computer.

To set up Camtasia…open up a page with video, maybe a youtube video. Use
Capture from the Camtasia Recorder Application

Choose Wizard at the very bottom.

Click on Region of the Screen (make sure record audio is ticked at the
bottom)the click on Next

Click on the Select Region Button and drag it over the area you want to

Click Next

Since you’re using the Wizard to set the recording up you will get some
audio options. After you determined the recording area and then come to
Audio Settings.

For Audio Device:—-> click on the drop down arrow and check your audio or
sound card

For Audio input source —-> use the drop down and get Stereo Mix……..

The video on the page you’re recording must be playing. Check the input
level bar on the right. you should see a green bar moving up and down. If

—try moving the slider up
—if still doesn’t work try changing the input source
—if the input bar has yellow and red move the slider down or the audio
will be distored.

Experiment with a few video sites until you get your settings right….then
write them down! Can’t tell you how many times I forgot and had to figure it
out all over again.

Hope that helps.

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CraigsAgent Finally Live But…… Craigs Agent Will—

CraigsAgent Finally Live But……

Not for long!

I honestly would not have spend the time to put together the previous posts about CraigsAgent if I would have known that it was going to be shut down. I put a lot of effort in writing those posts, but in the long run, Craigs-Agent will maintain it’s exclusivity for a long time!

CraigsAgent Only Available Until Sunday April 6th, 2008

Why??????? Believe me it’s not a marketing ploy.

CraigsAgent works…period!

There was a change with the Ebay Affiliate program and the owners stopped selling the application to make the necessary fixes and then they decided to open up sales for only a few more days ….then lock it up, no more sales.

I’m glad they decided to close down CraigsAgent, because it will preserve the integrity of the script and maintain it’s effectiveness. This will enable you to make money with Craigslist and make money with Ebay’s Affiliate program.

If you’re still on the fence, that’s OK. I know what it’s like to have to balance a budget with wise purchases. Better not sit too long though, remember April 6th and CraigsAgent is gone!

I’m going to be 100% honest with you. It’s time for some honesty in the Internet Marketing world. Ready?

This Product Works.

If you were expecting me to blow the lid off of it’s faults you might be surprised that that is my statement of truth. I’m proud to say that it is!

The software designers worked tirelessly to make sure this is the very best automated income generator in the world. It’s been tested and tweaked in beta mode until they were 100% sure it was ready for you.

It most definitely is, and the response was, is and has been overwhelming.

Customers on Craiglist are pleading with someone to show them where to find a product they need. They either don’t have the time or inclination to find it themselves. You can come to their rescue!

You need CraigsAgent. It will take you ten seconds to send them an e-mail with your cloaked affiliate link. Imagine the recipient’s surprise when the very product they’ve been searching for is sitting right in their inbox?

I’ve read testimony after testimony with people explaining that they’ve actually gotten emails from those people “Thanking Them” for sending them the info they were looking for…..Just think, it was done automatically by CraigsAgent! You helped someone find what they were looking for….you didn’t spam anyone and you made a couple bucks for your effort and made someones life a little better.

So, you can see why CraigsAgent is the talk of the town. There really has never been anything like it and never will be after April 6th.

Take advantage of the lifetime support, free upgrades, unlocked software, quick setup guide, and built-in link cloaking technology. Oh yeah, there is a very generous money back guarantee as well.

I hate to keep reminding you of this, but there is a limited supply and all sales stop at April 6th, 2008. They WILL pull this product, Craigs Agent from the market to maintain its exclusivity. Buy yours now if you want to be one of the few people on the planet to benefit from such a fun and easy income generator.

Peter Drew….and his software empire!


Here’s a screen shot of what I’ve purchased so far.