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Advantages Of SMS Text Marketing And Advertising

Advantages Of SMS
Text Marketing And Advertising

SMS Text Message Marketing
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Advantages of SMS Text Message Marketing


Products are created on a daily basis that can change our lives and we don’t even know about them. Consider what happened to one of the oldest corporations in the United States, Kodak …..they have filed for bankruptcy because they didn’t keep up with changes in their industry. True changes happened fast but the change was obvious, photographers film gave way to digital images.

Today, the latest and by far the most widely used communication device are is the mobile phone. I don’t think that a cell phone user 20 years ago could have imagined what today’s smartphones have become and just how powerful they are. If you purchased a Smart Phone this year you know how much you can do with it, even more interesting is if you purchased that smart phone a year ago ….well, you’re probably mad because the current smart phones can probably do twice as much twice as fast as your current smart phone.

Because of these changes local businesses have began to investigate how to use these devices to get more business and make more money.

One form of Mobile Marketing has developed along with the concept of SMS Text Messaging.

SMS Text Message Marketing Works!

The big advantage behind text message marketing is that you can focus on a group of people that are interested in what you have and you can communicate a quick concise message without bothering them. The beauty behind this system is that your customers will have opted in, that is, asking you to send them messages and is called permission based sms marketing. Want to know why it works? ….It’s because the concept is so simple, letting those that want to hear from you know you have something for them…. and right now!!

An amazing feature of SMS text marketing is how fast the message is delivered. Almost all text messages are read within minutes of receiving them. Do some research if you don’t believe me, 97% of text message recipients read their messages within 5 minutes of the text message showing up on their phone. So this is the perfect way to get your promotions across to your target market.

SMS Text Message Marketing….To The Point!

SMS text message marketing is also more time-efficient compared to traditional advertising methods. The inbuilt beauty of SMS text message marketing is that you are limited to the number of characters you can use, so your messages are simple and to the point, making your marketing meetings last no more than a half an hour :).

How interesting would it be to see how people respond to your text messages? It’s important to know and you can track your campaigns, knowing what works and what doesn’t. You’ll be able to analyze a whole list of information about the messages you send out….. no one responds, now you’ll know why. That’s correct, you will be able to analyze and evaluate your metrics and know, who and how many of your messages were opened.

Analyze Your SMS Text Message Marketing Effectiveness

Did you ever advertise on the radio…. do you know how many heard your ad and how many responded? Never before were we able to analyze the buying habits of our customer base.

Proper use of SMS Text Marketing provides a vehicle to make your customers fall in love with you and your business. It’s the perfect recipe for customer retention because you can reach out to them very easily. This will be customers who left a number for you to contact them, that means they want to hear from you and as long as you formulate your messages properly and avoid the temptation to blast them every hour with a message they will stay on your list because they want to see what you have to say or sell!

Today’s local business owner can chose from a plethora of different advertising and marketing mediums and methods, but do they know what works. It’s rare that a method of marketing or advertising comes on the scene that actually works they way it is advertised on the tin, SMS text message marketing offers one such opportunity Setting up your SMS Text Message Marketing is important, using the proper software and medium is also important, but you must also treat your list well…. do these things and I promise you will increase your business and profits.