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Chicago Bears Jerseys

Well…I’m a Chicago Bears fan and I can’t say the first 3 games have been very encouraging!

OK, you really don’t care about football or the Chicago Bears….what does this have to do with internet marketing.

I could go on with a diatribe about motivation and some many corallaries about not quitting..winning losing…sticking in the game….don’t worry about this loss, there’s always a new game…and on and on…..I do believe in this though!

I wanted to share with you a new site I put up about Chicago Bears Gear, if features things like Bears News, Bears Tickets, Bears Jerseys, Bears Sweatshirts and Bears anything. The new website about the Chicago Bears is as

Football is a big market….lots of searches and I was really surprised on the low amount of competition.

It is a wordpress site with a ton of special features. In the next couple of days I’ll go through the site and itemized the specifics and show you how you can build a site just like my site the sells Chicago Bears Jerseys