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Free eCover Maker

Every internet marketer will need an ecover sooner or latter….and I found a free ecover creator for you.

I did a quick software box, took about 2 minutes. I know it doesn’t look very nice but you can edit your project until you get it looking just the way you want it. I’m really surprised how good this program is and I’m shocked that it is free!

You can contact an excellent graphic artist to create customer ecovers, boxes and website templates at or Custom Ebook Covers.


You can go to and play around with their online ecover maker.

I checked it out myself and found it fast and easy to create a cover. Often times when someone is just getting started in internet marketing they don’t have the cash to hire a professional to create their graphics and FREE always sounds nice.

Keep in mind, what you create at the free graphics creator will probably look just that….free. But, its a place to start and if you’re doing your first report or ebook you’ll get more traction by creating a cover….. this has been proven over and over.

So, try the FREE eCover Maker and once you start making some cash, contact Scott over at and hire him to do your graphics :)

Photoshop Frustration

Since I introduced my new product, Gimp Graphics Video Tutorials I’ve run across people having a variety of problems when working with graphics.

A few days ago someone had a problem trying to add text to an image with photoshop. I know how difficult photoshop can be when first getting started, however, once you get the hang of it…things seem to go a little easier. Often times, a new photoshop user just needs a little encouragement :) Anyway, I had the following suggestions for him.

Surprisingly, Gimp Graphics Video Tutorials can teach you the basics of gimp, however, the techniques and tools are almost identical in photoshop.

I can appreciate your frustration with photoshop! I remember the first time I opened up photoshop 4 or 5 years ago….I couldn’t figure out how to even open an image. Then when I got an image to load, it was impossible trying to edit the image.

Then once you edit an image, you can never figure out how you created the effect… you might be able to do it again :)

Photoshop is a difficult program, however, once mastered it is unbelievably powerful. As with all quality programs, there is a steep learning curve. I would imagine most walk away from the task…..I encourage you to stick to it, sooner or latter you will get the hang of it.

I’ve found many tutorials just by doing a google search for “photoshop tricks” photoshop tutorials” “photoshop tips” and you’ll come up with a boatload of material, if necessary, add the word “free” to the beginnning of each of those phrases.

Since you are just starting out I think the most difficult thing is…..knowing what you need to know….so you need some very basic material.

I’m going to give you a url (no affiliate) of a site that has some great tutorials. Look for the tutorials that are for beginners or basic…..also, sign up for their newsletter and you’ll get a free lesson every week. I still get them and most of them very useful reminders. Here’s the link:

For anyone who reads this thread and runs across the word GIMP, you might be a bit confused. GIMP is a program that is open source, meaning FREE and is very similar to photoshop. Gimp will do many of the things that Photoshop will do. I will run photoshop actions, these are the programs that create ebook covers and it certainly will work for anyone wanting to create website graphics.

Here’s a link for a 28 video, screen capture tutorial on how to use GIMP. It’s perfect for somone interested in learning how to create a header graphic or just how to use things like the “text tool” It’s fully guaranteed by yours truly :) Gimp Graphics Video Tutorials

Good luck,


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Xsitepro and Header Image Problem

I ran into a person who had problems with website graphics. He was trying to add an image from a digital camera to his xsitepro header image. Being new he was confused and I tried to give him some instruction on how to create website graphics the proper way.

Regarding your picture problem.

If I understand you correctly, you are trying to use images from your camera as background images for your header? If my assumption is correct, then you are making 2 basic errors.

If you were trying to put one image from your camera into the header graphic….it probably wouldn’t look very good first of all. Secondly, if you are taking the image directly from the camera, it is wayyyy too big to use on the web. The image has to be resized and optimized for fast loading on the web, I talked a little about the process here Working with Graphics

Your other major mistake is that most header graphics are composed of a collage of images and text which is created in an image editor such as photoshop or GIMP. So…you would be using an image for the header graphic, and you would define the webpage by the size of the header graphic. For instance if you created a 750 pixel by 175 pixel header graphic, the webpage would be 750 pixels wide. There are exceptions but this is a general rule.

So, if would benefit you to learn how to create a basic header graphic. You can get a free easy to use image editor and a couple video tutorials on how to work with header graphics here: Free Header Graphic Tutorial


You can learn how to use an image editor like GIMP, which is free, by watching 28 video tutorials which explain how to use the tools which manipulate and edit images, create headers, work with text and much more by check out Gimp Video Tutorials

Sorry but I can’t address your other problems regarding program malfunctions.

Take care,


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Do You Use Website Graphics? Get a Free 100 Dollar Package!

Keep reading to discover how you can get a FREE website graphics.

Every once in a while you run across a truly great offer, quality merchandise at a good price or even free.

I can show you how to get a website graphics package that is realistically worth $97….I’m not pulling your leg either….this is good stuff. In fact, I hesitate to share with you because I’d like to keep this membership to myself.

You won’t believe it, but you’ll be getting 100’s of dollars worth of additional free website graphics in addition to the original package. I’ve seen the material and I know the creator….this is good stuff.

Do I have your attention?

You won’t believe what you are about to get….

graphicsmonthy2.jpgOne of the best website and graphics designers on the web by the name of, Max Rylski, has started a graphics membership club called Graphics Club Monthly. This new membership is something you don’t want to miss….and as a prelaunch he is giving away 100’s of dollars worth of free graphics and graphics tools so you can put together effective and good looking graphics for your website.

Max will be starting a wild promotion for his new site Graphics Club Monthly, so while you can check out his graphics website and get yourself some free graphics! Don’t forget you’ll receive a ton of free graphics stuff, not junk but really valuable website graphics, tools, graphics tutorials and other great graphics related content.

Trust me, Max is a professional graphic designer and this is top quality stuff. Take a look before this offer disappears….I know Max and when he gets the urge he will become a magician and make this offer disappear. After all he has to protect his members!
Click on the link to find out how to get your Free Website Graphics!

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20 Xsitepro Templates for Niche Marketing

I just put up 20 Xsitepro Templates for only $2.95!

You can use these xsitepro templates whenever you’re in a pinch and need something quick. While you get 20 templates for only $2.95, they are not cheap by anymeans….that is, regarding quality.

These Xsitepro templates come with the standard .xse files to import into Xsitepro and you also get a variety of graphics that make it easy to edit your sites and make them very unique. You’ll get different .jpg graphics and you’ll also get the photoshop .psd files so you have total control and editing capability.

Xsitepro Template for $2.95I don’t want to get all marketing on you…but I’m really not planning on leaving this package at $2.95 for very long……although, its really easy to forget so if you stumble on this post 3 years from now, give it a shot :)

Let me take a second to comment on Xsitepro as a program, Xsitepro as a WYSIWYG program. I’m a Dreamweaver user and thought it would be really elementary of me to use Xsitepro…..boy, was I wrong. It’s a different way of website building….but its fast. It’s an extremely fast way for the novice to get a website up and running and its a quick way for the old pro to throw up some quick 10 page sites, linked properly, along with proper seo strategies automaically applied.

Xsitepro….even in this first version allows for some customization and you can create some really unique and complicated sites. I’m looking forward to the new version that is to soon appear. Here’s the rub, if you get Xsitepro now, you get the upgrade for free.

I really didn’t mean to go there, just buy my templates and you’ll be happy :)……..heck, what on earth can you buy for $2.95!

Source for Public Domain Images….Great Find!

Public Domain Image of Bald Eagle

Check out the image of the eagle…it’s in the public domain. That means I can use it anyplace I’d like….I can even sell it!

I’m fascinated by Public Domain property and the possibilities it presents when considering website building and internet marketing. Heck, you’re really limited to your imagination when it comes to the subject of public domain. As you probably already know….any material that is in the public domain can be claimed by yourself and used as if you are the original author. Of course there are further details to ensure authorship on your part….but that’s the essence of it.

Here’s a Public Domain secret for you. If you use images or can imagine how you might be able to use public domain images I found a new resource for Public Domain Images … go ahead, click on the link and let me know what your think. In fact share some of your public domain resources! :)

XsitePro Templates and Website Graphics

Do you use XsitePro to build websites? Do you use XsitePro templates?
Do you use Website Graphics such as buy buttons, arrows, web 2.0 graphics, bullets and a lot more?

I just put up a page that has a special offer for 25 brand new never before seen xsitepro templates along with 80 unique never before seen graphics for your webpages. The package also has standard html versions of the templates so you can use them with dreamweaver, NVU or frontpage. You’ll also find a salespage version….meaning simply a header, footer, background and open page. Each template comes with sidebar version also. The sidebar can be used in your internal pages for navigation links etc.

I put up a salespage with a special offer for Niche Health Products, it’s only $15 for this unique set. Hurry though because I’m not sure how long I’ll leave this special offer up….the final price will be $49.00

Go to MinisitePak and check it out!