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Add Moving Your Blog after Flipping by Using Backup Creator

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If you’ve been working with wordpress blogs for a while then you know how boring it is to move, clone or backup your blogs can be, but I want to show you some of the possibilities you have before you if you possess the tools and skills to make these clones happen. The easiest thing to do is move your blog from its existing host to another hosting account, why not offer this service to others and make a quick profit!

Click Here for Backup Creator

What Are The Reasons I Would Want to Move My Blog

Move your site from one host to another, what exactly does that entail? Backup Creator through cloning makes it very easy to move a website from one host to another host. Simply a matter of uploading a file and clicking a link and you can move your website or the website of a client from one hosting account to another.Cloning simply happens when you take your website, its contents and its domain name, use Backup Creator to create a clone and then use the cloned site to install your old site on a new hosting provider. Sometimes you run into a good deal for hosting. You might have discovered an affordable hosting provider that also gives you different ip addresses and they are even available by phone!

There’s some confusion about cloning and backing up a wordpress blog, however, when you clone your wordpress blog and install those files on a new web hosting service that new wordpress blog will be exactly the same as the old wordpress blog…… so you can sell someone your site and move it for them to their new server without jumping through all kinds of hoops. Its easy to make an extra hundred dollars by using Backup Creator to clone and backup a clients blog and then install it on another server, some webmasters charge 200 to 300 dollars for the task.

Make Sure You Purchase the Developer’s
Version and Enjoy The Extra Income Potential

As owner of the Developer’s Version of Backup Creator you’ll find some easy and exciting opportunities to make some extra cash. As a holder of the Developer’s License, for a fee, you can move a blog for anyone who is a client of yours… can’t sell the plugin outright but you can include it in a theme along with the other plugins as part of a whole package and service that you provide, many internet marketers are making some nice extra income using this concept. Setting up a blog with the theme and Backup Creator are allowed only with the Developers license if you are doing it for someone other than yourself. Are you in the offline marketing niche, this is a no brainer for creating a site using a theme as a template and installing using the Backupcreator clone. Building wordpress blogs for offline or local marketers can be profitable when you create generic categories, for instance, pizza shops. Create a pizza theme, load it with a couple of articles, install your desired plugins and see the basic blog to your customer. Of course you’ll have a clone that you simply deploy to the new website address, your profit potential increases when you further customize the pizza blog.

Consider buying a $300 WP theme with developers rights. Now change gears and start thinking “concept”, pick a niche and use some high quality themes and plugins, all with developers rights to create a wordpress blog with. You can sell the completed blog to anyone interested and of course they are going to want to know how to install the package… which point you can tell them you can install it for a small fee using the Backup Creator Clone. So you make money on the sale of the WordPress preconfigured Blog and the installation of the clone…… thing is you can replicate this process day and night for the same blog! In this type of sale you are selling the “configuration”, there are no resell rights products, no content just a wordpress blog fully configured ready to be installed on their server, the key is to have developers rights to all wordpress themes and plugins. This could be the ultimate buisness in a box, think of directory sites.

You might also think about flipping sites, yours and those that belong to others, imagine that someone has developed a site, filled with good content, active, has subscribers and holds huge potential. Sure you can flip the domain name alone but you’ll be missing out on a good opportunity to pick up some extra cash.You’ll increase your profit tremendously by selling a domain that is aged with content, subscribers and traffic, not to mention whether or not the site makes money on a monthly basis.

People have been making a lot of money on sites like Flippa or SitePoint when they sell an aged domain with content that is profitable. People like to buy these sites but get confused with the sale, transfer and installation. You could offer a complete package and because Backup Creator makes the installation so easy you could either include it for free of add it to the sale and make yourself even more cash once you get the site moved and restored.

How easy would it be for you to set up a site, write a few articles about WordPress Clones, WordPress Backups in order to get some traffic to your new WordPress Backup and Cloning Services…..if you had 2 clients a day at a low $100 each you could easily make a quick 200 dollars a day and then add the business in a box concept and/or the domain flipping idea. So many people wanting to get in on the internet craze and don’t know how to do it and you have one simple model at your finger tips with Backup Creator……give it shot! Sometimes we search high and low looking for the best way to make the most money, when a simple version of any of the business models I presented will work if you work it. Backup Creator by Robert Plank is a tool that will give you the opportunity to see what you are made of if you want to make money online. And in the very least its the perfect tool to give you peace of mind for backing up and cloning all your wordpress blogs…… trust me, if you’ve never lost a wordpress blog to anything or anyone you’ll never know how maddening it is and how helpless you’ll feel along with how stupid you know you’ve been because you didn’t get this cloning and backup solution…….or something like it :)

Do yourself a favor and pick up Backup Creator and get the Developer’s version because once you start to use it you will began to see the possibilities for making more money online. Click Here for your copy today!

Backup Creator Reviewed

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Backup Creator Clones WordPress Blogs

I couldn’t help myself, when checking out a Warriors Special Offer within the warrior community forum I had to leave a review of Backup Creator, a wordpress tool. I have got Backup Creator and believe that it is the most impressive techniques intended for backing up and/or cloning your wordpress blog sites. Try and get the developer’s version and the extra’s.

Simply wanted to just stop in and say “Thanks” for Backup Creator….brilliant plugin, and your awesome support!

If you will, allow me to share a modest clone account.

I have been using wptwin for some time and discovered it super easy to make use of and incredibly effective. And then Robert and Lance offered Backup Creator in a wso quite a while back…..I purchase everything that Robert Plank puts his name on…..even though I don’t plan on making use of it. I had been very happy with this system I had been working with and thus didn’t have to have yet another cloning/backup remedy……Backup Creator sat on my hard drive.

Roughly 8-10 months or more ago I had been moving several web sites around and the very first selection of cloning product would not clone. The companies help and support had been attempting to assist but I believe that I had Two sites that simply did not backup or clone correctly. I found myself extremely disappointed after which I recollected I had Backup Creator.

I loaded my Backup Creator Plugin. Made certain I had gotten the current version, quickly checked out the video tutorial and overviewed the instruction manuals and attempted to backup my website. To my astonishment the process proceeded to go without problems, wam bam thankyou mam and the site was in fact duplicated and copied. The duplicated site functioned identical to the very first…..victory!

I began making use of Backup Creator for all back ups plus clones. As I started working with it I noticed it seemed to be just as easy to use as WPtwin. I did end up with a couple issues and needed to work with their support and they were warm and friendly and easy to work with and also they contacted me because they didn’t hear from me any more. I must mention, WPTwin assistance was just as good and reactive except I was frustrated simply because couldn’t understand why their very own product wouldn’t work on my blog site.


I probably would claim Backup Creator and WPTwin are generally about the same, then again, I probably would pick and choose Backup Creator because of the consistent work to keep the software up-to-date, it appears as if they will be continually in development. Based upon e-mails I get Backup Creator is consistently receiving extra features. And they appear to have various truly unique qualities in the Developers Version. In the event that I had the full developers release with all the current capabilities I’d work with Backup Creator exclusively. Being able to complete automatic back ups might have protected my own butt a few times :)

I simply have a personal release however would like to get hold of the main developers edition on account of the integrated functions. I’m stunned by what’s added since I paid for my copy more than a year ago. If I have a single complaint it’s that I couldn’t determine the things I needed to pay for as a result of all the various options. I guess I could have inquired, but then ended up extremely in poor health for some time and merely didn’t feel like struggling with the situation.

My very own experience with help and support via Robert and Lance always has been outstanding and they’ve developed a business that’s prosperous as their products are beneficial and then they accommodate their clientele. Therefore people complaining regarding help must reevaluate! Troubles need some time to fix and just since your matter isn’t taken care of in five a few minutes plus one e mail doesn’t suggest that you are actually being forgotten.

In the event that you’re doing anything by using wordpress blogs, you could make your life less aggravating and buy a copy of Backup Creator. Its definitely a product you’ll use the rest of your lifetime.

FYI, I used many cost free backup/cloning strategies to keep track of. One thing to consider is without a doubt all your back-ups need to make full use of today’s versions of word press. Most cost-free solutions lack the continuing refinement something like Backup Creator goes through. Forget about the cost-free crap just make an investment in your own online business.

Robert….hope you don’t mind everybody offering up lots of praise….you warrant it buddy :)


Appreciate your checking out the Review of Backup Creator by Robert Plank, I can’t offer this unique wordpress backup/cloning solution extra praise than I currently have. Order this unique wordpress plugin assuming you have one word press blog site! and when you will have several wp blogs then you definitely owe it to your self to pay for this unique Backup Creator Review

Review of Blog Cash Cow

Review of Blog CashCow

After installing Blog Cash Cow plugin on a couple of sites I found I really liked it, so, I figured I would share my thoughts with a quick Review of Blog Cash Cow.

I was given a copy of Blog Cash Cow as a beta tester and have to say it really rocks…. Anytime I see Edwin Boiten’s name on a product I know it is good, he is simply a master at coding and everything he does is fantastic. I found Edwin to always respond to any support issues on all of his products, you can feel comfortable purchasing something from Edwin. This is a whole package on blogging and Edwin has brought in Mark Thompson for some of the course work and video’s although the price is worth the plugin all by itself…. I would buy this wso for the Blog Cash Cow WordPress plugin by itself. Doesn’t matter if you are an experienced blogger or newbie, the review of Blog Cash Cow reveals there’s something in it for everyone.

Buy A Copy Of Blog Cash Cow Now…Please Click Here

The plugin from Blog Cash Cow works differnt as it wil fetch related products to your content. So the products are related to your content you already have or if you create a new post or page you can indicate what kind of products to look for. Another feature that you can configure is the price point of the products the plugin will display, you can configure it to display expensive products for nice commissions or low priced products which although you make a little money you might start pulling in traffic. Blog Cash Cow allows you to pick between 4 different affiliate vendors, you can mix and match according to products that might be available,,, and linkshare are all programs that the plugin pulls from

The plugin comes in two versions…a single site license and a developer license. Pick what you need and you can always upgrade. The OTO is not a missing part thing you sometimes see. Whatever product you purchase is guaranteed 100% complete. The one time offer in this wso is a real winner will help anyone who is in affiliate marketing, you might want to take a serious look at it.

Spending your money on this wso is an investment in your future and ability to make money online. The most successful internet marketers invest in the best tools to make their work easier…..this is one to consider. WpRobot is a plugin that does some of the similar things…But wprobot takes a lot of work to get working correctly, many upgrades and costs 10 or 20 times the price of Blog Cash Cow.

The plugin works flawlessly. I used it on a few older blogs I had and used it on some a new blog I set up. Each blog was able to pull in products related to the content of each blog.

Here’s a real sleeper of an idea, if you have a set of link wheels or feeder blogs stick this plugin on them and watch the cash roll in. It’s one of the fastest ways you can monetize a blog. You can define the price range and you can select specific affiliate vendors such as Amazon only ….Clickbank only …etc.

I was so mad when Illinois passed a law that forced Amazon to drop their affiliate program, but with Blog Cash Cow I now have 3 other affiliates to pick from allowing me to resurrect my older Amazon sites. Thankfully this WordPress plugin allows me some new options to monetize my WordPress blogs. Amazon has dropped affilaite programs across the country, I know Blog Cash Cow will allow many old Amazon affiliates to get back into their markets.

I really like Blog Cash Cow. Blog Cash Cow was installed on a couple of my larger blogs. The installation and set up were a piece of cake, no complications. A click of the button and the plugin was installed on all the older posts giving me content rich and relevant ads with each blog post.

I wasn’t expecting the ads to be very relevant but depending on the vendor I had some really nice ads show up in the right places.

Different types of Carpenters will have more than one type of any tool to get their job done in a profitable way. Internet marketers need an assortment of tools like any good carpenter if they expect to make money online. Don’t let this beauty of a plugin pass you by!

Thanks guys


Here’s a Review of Blog Cash Cow user with his review:

I was lucky enough to be a beta tester and Blog Cash Cow does exactly what it says on the box!

I found it a nice and quick way to add some content to a new blog and get it moving again, you’ll be able to start monetizing old sites using these fresh ads from the 4 provided vendors, once you’re all installed everything is on autopilot..

My 3 year old site was just sitting around collecting cyber dust, since I started it I had not done a thing to it. Even though it still gets 150 to 200 unique visitors a day average, (with 400 – 500 page views), this site has only been making 50 cents to a buck a day with tired old Adsense….I’m not sure what to expect, but the added activity on the site will probably bring more traffic, besides it will be interesting to see how the existing traffic will react to the new ads.

Review of Backup Creator vs. WpTwin For WordPress Blog Cloning

You’ve probably heard about cloning a blog and maybe wondered how to do it or exactly what a cloned blog was.

I’ve been using Jason Fladlien’s WpTwin since it first came out for cloning and backing up my blogs and blogs for clients. At first the blogs I would clone and move were fairly simple. I liked Jason’s software and it seemed to be doing a good job. The few times I ran into problems they had a support system that responded never less than 24 hours…. usually within 12 hours.

One thing I found with any software or plugin that claims to backup your WordPress Blog, you had better do some traditional backups. I don’t mean one backup, I mean go to cpanel and backup everything. Use the export/import feature of WordPress and at least download your posts. I even installed a couple of plugins that automatically backed up the database and some that backed up the rest of the blog, themes and plugins.

In other words, I didn’t want to get caught with my pants down. Sure, the salespage for these magical cloning plugins and software promise the world…. but you better bet your pants that the first time you don’t check to make sure it will work on your particular site and you just jump into cloning and moving a blog…… it will puke all over you and you lost your blog….. or better yet, a customers blog.

To stay safe, this is what I do when it comes to cloning a blog.

Since both WpTwin and Backup Creator require new WordPress installations I’ll create a new WordPress installation on a new domain in a new directory …..something like where ‘test’ is the directory that I will then install a new instance of WordPress …this is where I will move the clone to.

So…. next I’ll go through the process of cloning with WPTwin and will then try to install it in the new directory. You’d be surprised how many times it hasn’t worked. I would spend days messing around with support, deleting plugins, themes etc only to find out WPtwin just would not work.

Now that said, I will still highly recommend WPtwin for cloning blogs. But…..

Next I bring in the big guns and use Robert Planks Backup Creator. I was partial to WPtwin but after using Backup Creator I’m getting ready to dump my favorite cloner.

I had some pre-configured blogs that I purchased and installed. WPtwin would not clone them, Backup Creator came in and said, “Move over little guy” let me do the heavy lifting. Anyway, BackupCreator went to work, cloned and moved the blog in a couple of minutes.

Of course you will want to test Backup Creator just like WPtwin. Set up a dummy directory with a new WordPress installation and see if the new clone will take before you do anything to your primary blog. Never do anything to the primary blog (blog you want to clone) until you’re sure one of these gizmos will work. If you don’t and it gets screwed up or lost forever then you’re an idiot and you deserve the heartache :)

I see people promoting both of these programs. Lot of guys are selling premade blogs and include the wptwin files for easy installation…. they usually work just fine. Plank’s Backup Creator came a little latter on the scene and works differently….. in fact, different enough that I didn’t even want to figure out how to use it except when I got in a jam with WPtwin. As time goes on I’ve began to favor Backup Creator….. although there are extras you can buy, Robert usually keeps his products up to date and his support has always been excellent.

I have one big blog and I wanted to make sure that cloning blog would be perfect.

It’s been around for 10 years or so, can’t say how long its been as a WordPress blog but I converted and changed things around. there are 1000’s of posts and I tried to clone it with WPtwin. No dice. Contacted support and screwed around for days. Finally fired up Backup Creator, it took a little while to clone everything, I then attempted to move it to another domain, plus I moved it into a directory of that domain. Backup Creator worked perfectly! All links worked, plugins worked …..I couldn’t of asked for more.

If you were to ask me what I would recommend. I would tell you to get both. You might want to use Backup Creator for heavy lifting. They have some funky rules for using BC for client sites, I think you have to buy another license….. all this license crap is bullshit. If you want to move client sites, say you’re doing offline marketing sites, WPTwin would do the job easily and you don’t have to purchase any extra licenses or crap.

A good carpenter has many saws in his toolbox. A good website developer needs to keep his/her toolbox full so don’t be afraid to add these to gems to your toolbox for cloning a blog for backup or moving.

Click Here to get Robert Plank’s Backup Creator

Review of WP Overstock

Review of WP Overstock
A WordPress Plugin

Honestly, it gets easier and easier to put content on your blog and start making money! I’ll give you a quick review of WP Overstock, a plugin that places products that you choose on your WordPress blog.

WP OverStock was conceived of and constructed by the same creator or WP Zon Builder a WordPress plugin that has developed and worked beautifully since its inception for placing products on your blog.

I’m assuming Louis will develop WP Overstock into a plugin just as good if not better than WP ZonBuilder, although at this point is performs flawlessly for creating niche blogs from the products at When doing a review of WP Overstock, I found it couldn’t have been simpler to set up and use. In fact, if you can upload a wordpress plugin to your wordpress blog, the hard part is over :) Anyone can configure this plugin!

WP Overstock has it’s own tab in the wordpress nav colum. The first link is called “Home”, it simply has contact links, help links and a repeat of the customer Login in case you need to redownload the plugin. Might seem like a small detail but when you’re in need to contact information it’s really nice to have it in front of you.

WP Overstock Finds Niche Products Quickly

The next link is “Find Products”. This is where you pick the products to post to your blog. It starts with “Store”, there must be around 22 stores to pick from in the Overstock plugin. This is the only search parameter that is “Required” the rest I define below are optional.

Next is the “Department” tab and you need to determine a department within the above “Store”. This is optional but will allow you to further define your search of products.

Now you can see if you can further define the search by defining a “Category”. This will help give products that are closer to your decided niche.

You can further define the search by using the “Sub-Category”, again, this will keep you from coming up with 100 pages of products to look through.

Finally you can help the search clean up by using the “Keywords” option and use some keywords. I tried this on some searches and it cleaned up the search nicely. Some of the niches I examined didn’t have enough products to need the “keyword” refinement.

Now for the good part, it will take you longer to read the about 4 paragraphs about “search parameters” than to actually do it. It won’t take 10 seconds for you to get to the point where you click on “FIND PRODUCTS”

When reveiwing wp Overstock, after clicking “Find Products”, the plugin spit out a small thumbnail and description of the product and gives you the option to chose that product for your blog. Simply double click on the product image and a blue border surrounds the product image and description defining it as one of the products to be added to your blog. You can go through all the products to see which ones are suitable for your blog. You can also click on the product and go directly to and see if it might be worthy of being placed on your blog.

If you decide you want to dump all the products because you want to try another search….. just click “Clear All”

Next go over to he WordPress Nav colum and click on “Post Products” in the “Overstock” tab. In this screen you’ll find the products you selected and you can manipulate the “Post Settings”.

Create Affiliate Sites
Fast With WP Overstock WordPress Plugin

Under Post Settings you can click the radio button and specific things like ‘now’ ‘2-3-2012′ ‘+2weeks’ ‘+5days’ ….I’m sure you get the idea. Or you can click the radio button for “Random Dates” and it gives you the opportunity to schedule the posts for virtually any time period. These posts are then randomly made and the posts will be assigned a date in a “randomized” manner.

Next you tell the plugin which categories you want to posts to go to. This is where I always find myself having to go back and create a category with other plugins. But with WP Overstock I can add a “New Category” directory from the WP Overstock plugin interface.

There’s an “Advanced Options” link which allows you to do some pretty cool stuff. For instance you can change to post status from publish to pending or draft, change the User that posts are assigned to, you can create pages instead of posts or dissallow comments, trackbacks and pingbacks. You can also post to a custom post type if the theme allows it. Pretty cool set of extra features allowing you to creat some unique content.

All you need to do now is click the big button called “Create Product Posts” and your blog is instantly populated!

The last tab in the WordPress nav column is the “Setting” link in the “Overstock” tab. Some basics in this tab and a lot of magic!

The first tab in the “Settings” section is where you can enter your Commission Junction PID for Overstock. Keep in mind, you do not need to be an affiliate for Overstock and the plugin will still work fully, you just won’t make any money :(

Review Of WP Overstock Reveals Quick Affiliate Sites

The second tab in the “Settings” section is the “Template” tab. You can ignore this if you don’t know any coding. But if you do know how to do some html coding you can change templates or customize templates or create new templates, this is how the products are displayed on your blog. This is one of the coolest features because it gives you so much power regarding the display of your selected products. You also have access to the CSS template, giving you the ability to change the formatting of your blog posts. The “Template” setting is just awesome and limits you to your imagination! If you don’t know much about coding you can find someone to do some minor edits or tell them exactly what you want your posts to look like and this is where you would do it.

The next tab is “Thumbnails” and you can customize the thumbnails or use the ones provided by….. I didn’t really mess with this much, and it can be totally ignored.

The 4th tab is called “SEO” and allows you to integrate your product posts with the ‘all in one seo’ wordpress plugin. No big deal here. …….Are you kidding me!!!! This is awesome, if automatically fills in the fields of the seo plugin which will in turn boost the seo of your pages. You get an optimized title and description….. keywords are missing so far but I have a feeling this might be added in the next update.

Digi Traffic Multiplier Will Flood Your Site With New Visitors!

Digi Traffic Multiplier Will
Flood Your Site With New Visitors!

Digi Traffic Multiplier New Kind of Autoblogging

Personal update, I’ve been using Digi Traffic Multiplier for 2 weeks now and it’s amazing. I had a tough time getting it to work but Andy’s suppport got me through. This baby cranks out social links, I do about 1500 a day for 4 different blogs and watching real visitors come to the blogs plus small movements in the serps. I’ll be more thorough in a week or two.

With the DTM working for you, you’ll be able to:

1. Update your blog with targeted content whenever you want… with no effort! How would you like to see fresh new content daily….each and every day… each day of the week? Kind of a dumb question, because I know that you know how valuable fresh, keyword rich unqiue content is when posted daily. Well, Digi Traffic Multiplier, otherwise known as DTM will began posting content that is unique to your niche and blog, it has the ability to post content that will be unique to your blog and the search engines just love it!

Digi Traffic Multiplier Will
Push Your Site in The SERPS!

2. Arm yourself with the next generation of content-creation weaponry: old-style auto-blogging fills your blog with low-quality content in the hope some of it might work. Digi Traffic Multiplier picks out target content like a heat seeking missile. I can’t say exactly how DTM works, but it has the ability to determine what your blog is about and pull in content that is relative to your existing blog content, or to the keywords you input and deliver a blog post that will knock your socks off!

3. It’s proven that content that’s interesting and engaging will draw more visitors and its also true that as people relate to this material they will want to be part of the conversation, this is what Digi Traffic Multiplier will do for you. Once you see a post which is automatically created by Digi Traffic Multiplier you will be amazed because it comes with a bunch of stock images, quotes and special formatting style sheets that all work together to form a blog post that looks like nothing you’ve ever seen.

You Won’t Believe What
Digi Traffic Multiplier Is Going to Do For You!!

4. Do you want unique fresh content on your front page….. well, Digi Traffic Multiplier will do it! You might want ot use this new content as spider bait and keep it out of sight or at least hard for your regular readers to get to, of course Digi Traffic Multiplier can do this. However you might want to configure your blog, Digi Traffic Multiplier gives you the option.

5. Digi Traffic Multiplier is configured in a way that allows for good on-page search engine optimization, this will maximize your exposure to Google and big G will index your posts quickly brining your desired traffic. Sooner or latter you learn to optimize your content for Google, well, DTM does this automatically and the search engines and their related spiders take notice almost immediately.

Want Traffic….Digi Traffic Multiplier Is the Answer!

6. Maybe the most impressive aspect of this software is its price ….especially considering the fact that Digi Traffic Multiplier can do all it does simply because Andy Fletcher was adamant about the quality of his new WordPress plugin taking a “take no prisoners approach” when designing and putting DTM together. Think it’s an expensive development process? Although it might have been expensive for Andy Fletcher to develop, we can enjoy the fruits of his investment and labor by purchasing any one of the 3 licenses for a mere pittance of the development cost!

How to Fix Valid Header Error for WordPress Plugins

Did you ever install a wordpress plugin and get the “valid header” error?

I have and it can be really frustrating if there isn’t any support for the plugin. I  found a great article discussing how to correct the error and thought I’d post the link here. The article is called “How to fix the ‘The plugin does not have a valid header’ error when activating a WordPress plugin”

Valid header error can ruin a good day and a good header. But there is a fix for the dreaded valid header error, check out this blog post and fix the valid header error.

So click on valid header error and fix your problem!

I’ll let you in on a little secret….I put the post here for myself :)

How to fix the ‘The plugin does not have a valid header’ error when activating a WordPress plugin

Digi Auto Links Review and Testimonial

I got an email from Andy Fletcher regarding Digi Auto Links today. He answers a few common questions about DigiAutoLinks and I thought I’d stick them up on my blog.

Sometimes I just feel like a used car salesman (fogive me guys/gals) because I just don’t know how to explain how much I enjoy or appreciate a particular product or service without sounding like some cheap ass internet marketer. You know what I mean, you get one email after another telling you how good this product is or that product is, better buy it now or the price goes up or how about this one…. only 10 copies left. Right, I fell off the donkey yesterday, there’s only 10 copies of a digital product left!  Or how about the subject line that says, “Hey xxxx I think I sent the wrong link”  Honestly, I get so sick of the hype, I get so sick of the internet marketer who’s been online for 6 months and suddenly he knows everything about everything and sends 6 emails a week that are nothing but promotional.

I honestly feel guilty sending something to my lists, simply because I don’t want to be compared to these other guys. I know, its a problem I have to shake …..even though I’ve been doing this for over 10 years.

Yet….. I run across worthy products and services on a weekly basis… sometimes its daily!  How do I share this good stuff if I won’t send a broadcast email?

Well…. I decided to do blog posts. Maybe I’ll mail once a week, but I’ll spend the time to get my blog post optimized and ranked highly for “xxxx product review”, and if you land on my post I hope you find it helpful.

Rant over!

I started this post off  because I wanted to tell you a little more about Digi Auto Links.

This is another of Andy Fletcher’s wordpress plugins. The boy is a genius. Everything he cranks out does what it says it supposed to do. Sure, he roles out a plugin and you can get it for cheap. It might have  a few bugs but your getting a plugin that is 50% 60% 70% 80% less than full price. I’m not sure, but I think he sells or launches his product so cheap is that he wants it tested and completely bug free before he triples the price for everyday sale. Nonetheless, every plugin Andy has release is working perfectly for me.

Digi Auto Links gets backlinks automatically. If you don’t need backlinks then pass this by. If you’d like to add to your backlinking strategy this is something you shouldn’t miss. It does a heck of a lot moe….check the link at the beginning of this sentence.

There are 3 license options. One license allows you to use the plugin on 1 domain. The second license gives you unlimited personal use. The third is a developer’s license that allows you to use the DigiAutoLinks on client’s sites, or flipping your blogs …. in my opinion its the most useful license. Flip one blog and you’ll make your money back. In fact, you could walk into just about any offline business…. you know, a brick and mortar store and install Digi Auto Links on their blog or install a blog on their domain and tell them you’ll post post 3 articles a week for a month…. tell them you’ll get their website on page one of Google for “cityname and business”, example “Mchenry Pizza” and tell them you want $1000.

Of course, you can experiment first to understand how the plugin works and what your limits will be. Use your imagination to help local businesses and by helping  them you’ll be paid and if you are smart you can turn it into nice monthly residual income.

As I said, Andy’s plugins work. I use some by themselves and others I use together. Almost every post I do on this blog get’s spidered and indexed instantly. Most are long tail keywords but my post will be at the top of the page. If it works in the internet marketing niche think what it will do on a your niche. Here’s 4 of Andy’s plugins that I currently use:

As I mentioned above, Andy had some common questions regarding Digi Auto Links …. I copied the email into the post. You can also check out the Review of Digi Auto Links I did at Digi Auto Links Review

Let me know how Digi Auto Links works for you!

Hi Scott,

Since we launched Digi Auto Links on Tuesday we’ve had a load of great questions, both on the Warrior Forum and from e-mails.

I’ve tried to answer the most common ones below…

Q:  Can you use Digi Auto Links with autoblogs?
A:  Yes you can!  Team it up with an autoblogger and you’ll have a blog that builds and promotes itself… completely hands-free marketing!

Q:  Do I need anything else to make Digi Auto Links work?
A:  You’ll need APIs for 2 of the 4 tagging services, but these are free and there’s a link built in to the plugin you can use to get them.

Q:  Can I use it to promote all my old posts?
A:  You absolutely can – it’s all in the manual.

Q:  Is it very resource-intensive?
A:  If you’ve got a lot of blogs, going through your backlog is going to be pretty resource-heavy, so you might want to only do a couple of blogs at once.  Once you’ve cleared that, you’ll be able to auto-promote all your new posts with no memory problems.

Q:  Does it connect my blog to high-quality sites?
A:  It connects you to the best sites in your niche.  Digi Auto Links finds the highest ranking sites that share your tags, and pings every one

Just to remind you, here’s what Digi Auto Links does for you:

- Saves you hours by completely automating building pingback links
- Creates gold-standard contextual backlinks automatically every time you post… even if you use autoblogs!
- Hijacks targeted traffic and link juice from the top blogs in your niche
- Builds a 100% panda-friendly backlink network, with your blog at the centre
- Uses the pingback system to get your posts indexed at lightning speed

I hope that’s answered some of your questions!  If you’ve got any more, just take a look at the website:

Click Here to see digi auto links wordpress plugins



P.S.  Check out some of the great comments on the Warrior Forum –

Digi Auto Links Testimonials

Digi Auto Links Review

Just wait until you find out more about this new automatic backlinking plugin that will make Google associate your blog with other high ranking authority type blogs. Best part is it’s all done on autopilot.

Digi Auto Links Review

I’m beginning to think that Andy Fletcher is some type of imp who knows nothing but wordpress, coding and drinking beer someplace on the other side of the Atlantic.

Whoever he is, he just keeps cranking out seo type products for wordpress that are prefixed with “Digi” and do magic on your wordpress blogs.

What kind of magic you ask?

The kind of magic that gets your blog posts and pages indexed almost instantly and ranked right up there on page 1 of Google. Yep, I’d say Andy is riding the wave, everything he touches turns to Gold.

Face it, you want to make money with your blog…. you’d prefer to make a lot of money with your blog. Face the other fact, these days, everybody and their brothers are cranking out WordPress plugins, themes, widgets or some other magic designed to  give you that coveted first place on Google.

Guess what?

It’s not as easy as their finely honed salesletters would cause you to believe. Yes, that’s right… sometimes those sales letters tend to deceive and your new plugin just isn’t doing what’s promised. Nonetheless you keep searching, reading and trying to stay on top of WordPress and how to get your pages indexed, ranked and traffic pouring over your posts and pages…..people clicking on your links and buying your products. You now know it’s easier said than done.

I can empathize with you…. you see, those above paragraphs have been me. Always on the constant search for the best ….or maybe something that just works….period!

Andy Fletcher Releases New
Digi Auto Links Plugin

Well, I found someone who sells products that do what he says they’ll do….. that’s short for “they work”. Andy Fletcher has been cranking out products prefixed with “Digi” that do amazing things for your WordPress blogs. And I think I have them all :)

Actually Andy Fletcher has been selling products on the warrior forum for quite some time, back in the good ole days when a WSO was really a special offer of great value. His new stuff is nothing short of fantastic.

For instance, I have WPSyndicator …one of Andy’s plugins and when I finish this post and click on publish it will be indexed anywhere from 30 seconds to a couple of minutes. I wouldn’t have believed it if I didn’t see it for myself. Check out my Review of WPSyndicator.

Review of Digi Auto Links

Today I’m doing a quick review of Digi Auto Links. Actually, I just picked it up and I can let you know what it does.

This is kind of a long story, but a guy named Tony actually built the first version of Digi Auto Links and approached Andy….. Andy gave it a try and got the following results:

  • I had pumped so much link juice into my blog posts that I was consistently ranking on page 1 for more long tail keywords than I ever had before… including some I didn’t even realize I was targeting!
  • Blog posts that had never received backlinks in the past were now getting dozens… and driving a huge surge of traffic my way!

DigiAutoLinks works by creating super backlinks on autopilot in a special way. As Andy says:

You’re hijacking the traffic and link juice of the top blogs in your niche
You’re building a 100% Panda-friendly network by integrating your blog with the social web
You’re collecting free expert authority from having the most respected blogs connect to you

This time you’ll be tapping into a basic but unused power of wordpress, the pingback system. And these guys and coded, twisted and wrapped this plugin to cause you big benefits…. high quality backlinks. These backlinks ping so loud that Google HAS TO take notice.

This system has 2 things working for itself. The pingback system works and has been part of the super successful WordPress system. Google just won’t ignore these pingbacks.

DigiAutoLinks & Pingback Review

This is a quick overview of the pingback system:
It works like this:

  1. You find a blog post on a similar topic to yours
  2. You add a link to that post on your blog
  3. WordPress automatically creates a pingback on the other blog – that’s a link back to your blog with a short excerpt from your post. And because it’s the WordPress-approved way of connecting your blog to the wider web, it’s 100% white-hat.
  4. When it’s done, you’ve got a backlink sending link juice and targeted traffic your wayThis means when the searchbots see a pingback, they see a site that is well-connected, well –respected and has high-quality relevant content. When they see several, you’re practically forcing them to give your blog a gold star.

This is where the power of Digi Auto Links comes it…. Andy and Tony have automated the entire process for your blog posts and pages…. can you say Autopilot 100% ….that is, you sit back and drink a beer or spend your cash or make more cash :)

In Review of Digi Auto Links you’ll find just a taste of what Digi Auto Links will do:

With Digi Auto Links supercharging your blog, you’ll be able to:

  • Get laser-targeted traffic sent straight to your blog: If normal traffic = money, then targeted traffic is a hundred times better… and by exploiting the pingback system, you get traffic targeted with military precision
  • Add backlinks to every post on 100% autopilot: Want backlinks pointing to every post? Digi Auto Links finds the top 10 high-ranking sites that actively want to give you backlinks and connects you to every one
  • Build in the special type of link that forces Google to sit up and take notice: Because these aren’t just any backlinks… these are contextual backlinks, on high-traffic sites surrounded by the keywords that tell Google your blog is the place to be.
  • Hijack the respect and authority other blogs have built up through years of work: Having your blog connected to all the big players gives you instant authority… positioning you as an expert and making your content ten times more valuable, both to your readers and the searchbots
  • Create the deep links that keep your blog at the top of the Google rankings: Too many bloggers focus on their front page, leaving their posts to wither and die in the wastelands of page 27. That’s a waste of good content… but with ten push-button pingbacks for every entry, your posts will be alive, kicking and making money, while your competitors just gather dust.
  • Use the power of premium professional software: If I told you how much it’d cost to hire Tony as a developer, there’s a good chance you’d have a heart attack right now… but let’s just say this isn’t a guy you’re ever going to find on eLance. Luckily you don’t have to, because soon you’ll be offered this weapons-grade tool for a fraction of what you’d otherwise have to invest.

There’s a whole lot more you need to know about Digi Auto Links…. then again, you just might want to pick up a copy. As usual Andy has 3 different levels of license’s. I would suggest the Developer’s License simply because you’ll want to use this to flip sites, do work for clients and/or help some of your offline friends.

Well….. I need to work with this a little more and as soon as I get some results I will report back….. so keep your eyes peeled!

Review of HTML2WP

Quick Review

Just got an email from my friend George Katsoudas promoting a new wordpress product called Html2Wp and as the name says its a worpdress plugin that turns static html pages to WordPress Pages, thought I’d do a quick Review of HTML2WP.

Now to be honest I’ve seen other plugins, pdfs, scripts and other curious methods of turning a standard html webpage into a wordpress page and all were clumsy to say the least. I’ve been in memberships that needed html pages turned into wordpress pages and you had to copy code, ftp, go to cpanel, download, paste, then upload… oh ya, then the pics and other files need to be loaded.  All these other methods worked but they were time consuming and open for error. So……

Review of HTML2WP

If I wanted to put up a PLR product salespage I would manually go through the process of creating a page template, uploading the PLR html page, the images, other folders and scripts if necessary and cross my fingers as I ftp’d the stuff to the site. Then you go into Pages click on templates, pick the right one and presto….. there’s your salespage….. if you’re lucky.

Click Here to See HTML2WP in Action!

Here’s the problem. If you use any of these old ways of turning an html page into a wordpress page and then decide to change your wordpress template ….. guess what? Your html page is lost, you have to manually go over and copy the files…… its a mess, trust me.

Well, George created a plugin called html2wp, (standing for html pages to wordpress pages) that whips up your sales, folders, images and creates a nice and need WordPress Page for you!

I watched the video and almost fell over because George has made this process so easy. Even a basic WordPress Newbie can do this. That means all the PLR stuff you have laying around can now be put online with ease.

George also build into HTML2WP the ability to use “shortcodes” …. this is way too cool. If you know what shortcodes are then you know how powerful they can be, if you have no idea ….don’t worry because you don’t have to use them.

Video of Review of HTML2WP

Watch the video below for a quick review of html2wp …. there’s a few other features I didn’t mention but you can watch as George uses HMTL2WP to create a salespage. Its a lot better than reading my words.

However…… if you find this helpful it would be nice if you could Click Here and purchase through my link :)

This is how easy HTML2WP works:

1) From within the plugin (no FTP software like Filezilla needed), you upload a static HTML page that already has the content you want, formatted exactly as you want it. You also upload any .css files and images.

2) IF you want, you can include in your HTML template “tokens” (shortcodes) that will be replaced during the conversion process by WordPress widget-ready areas. For example: [sidebar 1], [footer 1], [footer 2], [footer 3], [footer 4]. You click a button and then the page template is created.

3) You then:

a) go to “Create new page”

b) add a title to the page

c) under “Page Attributes” on the right, select from the “Template” drop-down menu the template you just created (for example: blue-background-salesletter).

d) Click “publish”