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Using Xsitepro to put up Salespages from PLR products like Php Tutorials for Beginners

Ok…you have Xsitepro and you just purchased a package with 100 PLR products that come with resell rights. Now you’re wondering, How the heck do I get the sales page, thankyou page and download product into my Xsistepro Step…..maybe you looked around and really can’t find any easy answers. Sure, you can take the base html code from the salespage and enter it into the source area of your new page…..but have you tried that ? The stuff that comes out is pretty funky! The below post talks about a way to add as many pages you want that deviate from the main Xsitepro Template. Although he doesn’t reveal the secret, he shows some samples of what he’s done and will be putting together a video course explaining exactly how to do this……check out the post below, this could be what you’ve been looking for.

I had a new user to Xsitepro ask me how to import PLR, RR, or MRR salespages such as I Hate PHP which is a PHP tutorial for beginners. Initially I knew there wasn’t any easy way to take prepackaged sales materials and import them into Xsitepro….but I went to work!

I’ve been experimenting with xsitepro in an effort to find out how to add the sales pages, thank you pages and download pages that often times come with PLR and various Resell Packages. I’ve done some research and so far I haven’t been able to find an easy method of importing these pages into a xsitepro website.

The reason is in part due to the fact that xsitepro is a template based system of creating websites and web-pages. Once you pick a template for your website you are pretty much committed or stuck with using that template for the entire site. Consequently every web page of content is placed within your choosen xsitepro template. If you wanted to add a standard html salespage from a resale rights package, somehow you would need overwrite or ignore the original xsitepro template.

I thought I found a way to create a page that ignores the template you pick for the site. When creating a page, go to the advanced featues at the bottom of the page. You can select a radio button that says ignore site layout. I thought for sure this would be the magic bullet. So…I created a page, with the Ignore Site Layout selection ticked and thought I would be able to paste in the html code for the PLR salespage.

I copied and paste in the salespage html as I mentioned, I knew I would have to also include the images so I used Xsitepro’s file upload feature to upload the images for the template. I should make note that I put the code into the “source page” of the xsitepro page editor. I had to change some of the image paths in the html of the sales letter and I then tested in the browser. It worked to some degree, however, some of the code was left out and when viewed the sales-page was corrupted. I tried the process several times with several different resale rights packages and it just wouldn’t work. Probably the most upsetting part was that the page was scattered, corrupted and mixed up when trying to view in the WYSIWYG editor.

After trying several times, I found out that Xsitepro strips out the standard html code for a webpage and other code as well. Consequently, things like some images, background colors and background images did not work. Basically the PLR sales page looked like crap and would not be an acceptable way to promote any type of product.

I also tried the same method with several different PLR products just to make sure the method wouldn’t work with all different types of html coding.

I tried another method of importing html pages into Xsitepro using the import function of Xsitepro in the “Other” tab and the results were the same.

In each method I tried to import and upload an html page into xsitepro I did so with the intent of being able to use the WYSIWYG editor in Xsitepro to edit the sales page. I wanted to be able to use the xsitpro editor to add Paypal Payment button code. I wanted to be able to edit the text and to add or delete images. Simply put, it could not be done!

If there is a way of importing and editing a standard html sales-page from a PLR, Resell Rights or Master Resell Rights product with Xsitepro, I simply do not know about it and as Xsitepro version 2 stands now, it will be impossible to do.

There is some good news for those who have PLR products and want to use Xsitepro to manage the pages.

First you must edit the PLR salespage outside of Xsitepro. You can use a free program like NVU or Kompozer.

I did this with a product called I Hate PHP, Learn PHP Basics you can see the sales page here:
Php Tutorials For Beginners
which is in a directory that was created by Xsitepro!

Then I used a super secret method of showing the salespage ….Php Tutorials For Beginners and I used the same method to include the thankyou page and the download product for I Hate Php.

I think this method is pretty unique and I will reveal how to do in a pdf and a couple of videos. I plan to have the videos and pdf done in the next 2 weeks sometime and I’m sure many Xsitepro users will find this method an easy way to add either a whole directory of products or for adding one simple PLR product!

I plan to set this up as an example for the process and will use the page at PLR Directory to set up a type of directory of a handful of PLR products just so you might see how to do it. Keep in mind, if you happen to be confused by the template at PLR Directory its simply because I haven’t changed it yet.

Some might argue that Xsitepro really isn’t suited to compile, display and sell PLR, resell or mrr products. I would have to agree to a certain extent. However, remember, Xsitepro’s structure for SEO is superior to everything and probably equal to a blog. Plus, syndicating pages as xml or rss pages is extremely easy with Xsitepro and when the user implements all benefits provided by rss…..traffic will soar!

Properly used, Xsitepro and it’s advanced features beats the pants off of any static html editor. I’ve seen far too many so called internet marketers claim that wordpress is far superior to Xsitepro. That statement is simply false and based on ignorance. They don’t know how to use Xsitepro and like most marketers they take the route of least resistance. Anybody can install a wordpress blog and write a blog post….not everybody can make the magic happen with Xsitepro!

New Xsitepro Local Business Directory Template

New Xsitepro Local Business Template looks very promising. Simple design allows any ambitious internet marketer enter the offline marketing niche. Although not available yet, the Xsitepro Local Business Directory Template will soon be launched. Get on the notification list by signing up at the bottom of this post.

Offline marketing can be very profitable and there are many different types of business models to follow. Basically offline marketing is the concept of helping a brick and mortar type business by using your internet marketing skills to give the business an online presence.

From that definition you can see how it would be possible to come up with a variety of different marketing schemes. It could be as simple as creating a Blogger Blog with an opt-in form for building a list or even a Squidoo page with an otp-in form for list building. You could make it as complex as desired offering many different options for driving foot traffic to the offline or brick and mortar business.

I’ve been working on a Xsitepro Offline Directory Template that is a little more complex than the standard Xsitepro Template and is designed for the offline marketer. The template can be used for a simple offline directory or offline portal to a very complex directory or portal. The below image is a sample Local Offline Directory in Mchenry, Illinois.

bestofmchenry-3-shotsThis template is designed to be used by the offline marketer to go from city to city or town to town with the intent of advertising and marketing local business operations….driving traffic to their websites, advertising their business through appropriate keywords and marketing their businesses by offering list building through optin forms.

The Xsitepro Offline Directory Template is designed to provide a multitude of monetization models. Across the top are 3 ads with images. These appear on each page and can be sold for $100 plus per month. The ads can be stationary or rotating.

Below the 3 ads across the top is a Xsitepro’s dynamic menu. I’m working out a few kinks but it should serve perfectly as an easy method of navigation.

The main panel is configured with a premium advertising space. The premium ad could start at $200 plus a month, of course it depends on the traffic you’re getting. The space would feature an image along with an advertising message which would contain a link back to the advertiser’s site.

I haven’t really developed the left navigation colum yet. I’m not sure I like the scrap paper look….but we’ll have to see how it works out. The Nav Column could feature more ads or banner space to advertise along with providing some standard nav links. A rotating banner space could work out well….something like special of the day or week. Again, this feature would be sold as an add on.

I think one of the most interesting features is the premium advertising page here’s an example for Forever Floors in Mchenry. Many small businesses don’t have a web presence, they do not have any type of web page and the thought of getting online scares the crap out of them. The Premium Advertising Page is basically a single one page website they can have. It includes their basic information along with an advertising message and a few images. Most importantly this page can be used to get them on Google Local. I have a few things to do on this page yet, but take a look and see how you might use this page.

There’s more but this will give you an idea of what Xsitepro Offline Marketing Template will offer. All pages will come with basic templates that you simply copy and paste. Of course Xsitepro’s full compliment of features will be able to be used on the entire site. This will give you, the offline marketer, tremendous flexibility and power.

I have to say the income potential with this type of template is unlimited. You are limited only to your imagination and ambition. You won’t get rich over night sending out a few emails….but if you approach this as a real business, get on the phone, knock on doors and figure out how to set up a local business directory in your own neighborhood, town or city… can then take this worldwide.

Keep an eye on Best of Mchenry Local Business Directory and watch for my lauch of the template very soon! Leave your name and email address in the form below and you’ll get the template at a very special and reduced price when I release it…..only if you sign up to the list though!

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Building Website Templates Through Image Slicing

One method of designing and developing a website is by creating an image of the desired website and then using a program like photoshop to “slice” the image into sections which are then used to build your actual website.

The same concept holds true to Xsitepro. Anyone with a knowledge of photoshop and understanding of how to slice images for importation into Xsitepro can create a website which is unique and looks exactly the way they want it to.

Bascially, you can use just about any template as an Xsitepro website template if you know how to create the template. Xsitepro comes with many standard templates, and I must say the templates that come with Version 2 look a whole lot better than those that came with Version 1.

Here’s a template I designed from scratch.

Free Dog Xsitepro Template

As you can see, the webpage or template has rounded corners….8 rounded corners to be exact :)

The site was put together entirely with Xsitepro Version 2

The template was custom created by me :)

So…your statement above about Xsitepro not using their own program is probably false, they just used a custom template to build their website.

Using the standard provided templates are great for adsense sites. Quick product sites and even doing a quick site for an offline client.

In my opinion you’d want to use a custom template to brand yourself and create your own look, if the website is your business or some sort of authority site you plan on spending a lot of time on.

Hope that helps!


Free Custom Xsitepro Template for the Dog Niche

I created yet another free Custom Xsitepro Template!

This xsitepro template is designed for anyone wanting to start building a website in the dog niche. The Xsitepro template is very dog generic and show work for any subject, however, if anyone wants it customized just drop me a line and I’ll customize the template for $25.

I created this template for a free xsitepro website I did with some dog plr articles. The website is given away free when you purchase Dr Audrey Harvey’s Warrior Special Offer of Dog related PLR material. In brief you get dog plr articles, dog plr reports, dog plr ebooks and a dog plr website (from yours truely).

However, you can grab a copy of the Custom Xsitepro .xse file for the Dog Template for free.

Dr. Harvey’s package is being sold to raise money for the folks who have been affected by the fires in Australia. She’s a veterinarian who is familiar with those folks… please consider purchasing her package, the money is badly needed.

Don’t forget, get your free xsitepro template here!
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Creating Xsitepro Custom Templates from Photoshop

The below question and confusion regarding xsitepro and custom templates comes up often. Since Xsitepro uses a system unlike any other to build websites, having your custom website template designed correctly and put in the right format is of paramount importance. This is a conversation I had with an Xsitepro user looking to use his custom website image in Xsitepro

I am not the best at designing a sales site, so I hired a person who did a great job for me.

He has sent me the all the files in jpeg and html…

I have read here on the forum as well as looked in the guided and I do not see how
to import these files…

Do I do them one at a time and redesign the site with XSite or is there another way
to import the entire contents all at once…

I would appreciate any suggestions…

Then somone tried to explain how xsitepro uses templates and why you just can’t use an image or regular html.


Hi Brian:

The information you are seeking is in the big manual Part U Page 266.

I haven’t tried it yet, but as far as I can see, XSite Pro cannot import a full site prepped in another program, like dreamweaver. It can’t interpret the functions and paramaters used by the other program to understand what is required. It can do so if it is an XSite Pro product because it understands the formatting used.

Like me, unilingual English trying to read the manual in French or Italian.

I think you have to do some work. It is one of the larger sections in the manual.

You will undoubtedly receive better information from more expert persons than I, as they scan the forum.

Good Luck


Below is my suggestion to help Brian with is dilemma regarding converting an custom designed photoshop image into a custom xsitepro template.

Hi Brian

When creating a website with xsitepro most users will use one of the templates that are provided with the xsitepro program and use it to build their website with.

Others will purchase a xsitepro template and import it into their xsitepro program as their template for their new website.

Still others, like you, will have a custom template designed. Typically a template is created in photoshop or GIMP which are image editors. Next the image is “sliced” into pieces that then…..can be used in Xsitepro to build a template. This file is called an .xse file.

So…at this point you are half way finished. The guy who designed and built your website template finished the image part of the process….next it has to be “sliced” into sections and imported corrected into Xsitepro so that you will have an .xse file.

If you’re not following me, first you can’t use the files you have with Xsitepro.

Second …..the files you have need to be manipulated so that they can be used in xsitepro.

If you have photoshop of GIMP you can slice the images you have yourself….I have a series of videos that shows you how to do …see Make Your Own Templates

If you rather have someone do it, I can do what is needed, send me a PM, otherwise there are other people on the forum that might be able to help you.

Good Luck


To recap….design the look of your website in photoshop. Next slice the images into sections that can be used in Xsitepro to develop a custom Xsitepro Template. The process is simple but you really need to hire someone who has experience in both Photoshop and Xsitepro.

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Free Custom Xsitepro Templates with Niche Health Products

I was looking around a few forums and found a post by Kim from Niche Health Products, and I wrote a quick post of praise for the awesome plr health related membership site that includes two free custom designed xsitepro templates each month. I posted my message below.

Hi Kim

I had to take a minute to make a comment about Kim’s Health PLR membership sites. Did you know you get 2 free custom xsitepro templates each month?

In the interest of full disclosure, I create Kim’s Graphics and Minisites for each subject….and for anyone who might be a bit skeptical, Kim didn’t ask me to make any comments here :)

I’m constantly amazed at the quality of Kims articles and books, the articles are thorough, well written and complete. All articles are based on keywords that will get you results.

Because I work for Kim, I know the quality that she insists on…and it’s second to none. She is completely committed to her members always attempting to provide the very best.

You might ask yourself, why should I use PLR…haven’t they kind of dissappeared into the electronic ethos as most IM trends?

The answer is yes….in most cases.

However, Kim’s health plr memberships focus on one specific niche that has the capability of being drilled down deeply….that being the Health Niche. The Health Niche is a hot niche composed of many sub-niches, which makes it an ideal niche for selling affiliate products, your own health products and/or developing small silo of minisites. And…if you’re motivated enough to combine these with your own network of blogs… out!

Each month you get 2 PLR packages ….each one focusing on a different health niche…things like influenza, old age, pregnancy, stress, aids and on …..and on…..

Since I do the graphics and minisites, I wanted to share how I do these. Each month I take each of the subjects and create a variety of header grahics, ecovers, flat book images, footers and full website templates in standard html and .xse the xsitepro format.

Keep in mind you get 2 xsitepro templates that are unique each month that will allow you to build your health based website directory on. This is big…go and try to get a custom xsitepro template made….it ain’t cheap!

I created a quick video so you can see an example of some of the website templates that are included:

Free Custom Xsitepro Templates

I’ve seen some adsense site packages that are wso’s selling for $27 or more. You’re actually getting two completely new adsense sites each month along with the PLR package!

I’m sorry….I just get really excited when I think of Niche Health Products…it’s been here at least 2 years providing the same high quality material each and every month.

If you have an interest in health related subjects…If you create websites for doctors, chiroprators or any number of health professionals….get them to sign up for this membership because the articles are perfect feeder articles to help their sites and/or blogs to get indexed along with being able to start autoposting.

Another idea is some of the numberous people that are involved with multi-level maketed health products. Most claim to cure just about everything…..what a better way to promote these products then by using some of the PLR articles and books for developing regular visits by those indexing spiders. Don’t mistake my intentions, I’m not making fun of these MLM products….I take a few myself and feel better when I take them than when I don’t… point is that an advanced mlm’er could make some hay with these articles, graphics and sites, by incoroporating some of the internet marketing strategies you’ve learned over the years. Things like building a list, marketing affiliate products…etc.

I could go on, but I think you get the idea. I’ve known Kim for at least 2 years and her focus on creating a superior product each and every month is second to none….I’m really proud to be part of the NHP project.

One more thing…we could provide you with the best of the best….and that’s what this is, however, all it takes is a little effort on your part to make these sites and articles stand out…..Yep, WORK is that 4 letter word most run away from…but I don’t want you to think that this is some magic membership that will make you 1000’s……as Dennis from OneKaDay says…set your goal at 5 bucks a day, accomplish the goal and then move it higher.

Grap this offer while you can…I don’t think you’ll see this kind of pricing anytime soon :)

Good luck to all!


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Custom Xsitepro Templates

I ran into a blog post about xsitepro and how to use custom xsitepro templates, xsitepro is a template driven method of creating websites and anyone who has used it knows that the xsite templates all began to look alike…anyway I found some good information and examples on custom xsitepro website templates.

Anyone who has used xsitepro can easily tell when a website is created with xsitepro templates. One look at a website made with the provided or typical xsitepro template shouts out “Xsitepro”.

Not that using xsitepro is bad, but in my opinion the look is rather amateurish and not very appealing. Please…..don’t think I’m degrading Xsitepro. There’s no doubt that Xsitepro is one of the best programs for a newbie to create a website and get some content online…a very rewarding experience. Anyone can choose an xsitepro template, plug it into the xsitepro program and begin to build a website, edit the website and upload it to the word wide web.

This is my concern, as someone who runs an online business and offline business, I want the most professional looking website available. How a business physically appears will often determine whether that person will buy, the same applies to your website, if it looks like a 10 year old created it…..well, that visitor will click away as fast as his mouse finger allows!

It really isn’t difficult to overcome the amateur looking website, you can teach yourself how to slice a custom image of a professional looking template or you can pay a professional website designer who specializes in creating custom xsitepro templates. I can create an xsitepro template that is next to impossible for anyone to tell that the site made from xsitepro. Another option is to search for some 3rd party providers of xsitepro templates, you can find some pretty nasty stuff, but there are also some great looking xsite templates that are packaged together. Don’t be dismayed if your only option is to use the standard templates….using version 2 properly will allow you to turn those ordinary templates into some pretty nice looking websites.

If you want to see what a custom xsitepro template looks like, you can see a project I was working on recently, click here on custom templates or check on the resource box below to see what a custom template can look like.

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How to Get FREE Xsitepro Templates

How to Get FREE Xsitepro Templates?

XsitePro Version 2.0 is an awesome new version of Xsitepro with many enhanced features, however, the basic feature of building websites through xsitepro templates is still the main feature of this website building software application. Xsitepro comes with some prepackaged templates, but these templates have what I call the xsitepro template look….they almost look cheesy!

“The Xsitepro Template Look” is always noticed by anyone who has used the program and is typified by a square page with colored tables for navigation sections, header, footer and body. Across the top of the page is a table that is used for a header graphic or just colored with some h tags, and then you will see a navigational column which is basically just a table with a contrasting colored background and is positioned on the left or right side of the page, to recap, the xsitepro webpage template is composed of tables with colored backgrounds which in turn gives the xsitepro template a very square edged and boxy look, square box across the top, square box on the sides, square box on the bottom and square box in the middle The main section of the xsitepro webpage template is the body section, this is where the content of the webpagexsitepro custom .xse template is placed and typically it is another table but almost always has a white background…nothing too shocking or terrible about this! One of the things that really gives a hint that the page you are viewing is an xsitepro designed website is the 3 colum format, not that 3 columns is bad but simply because of the way the standard xsitepro website 3 colum template looks….basically you have a left navigation table, middle content table and right table to use for anything….all tables have colored backgrounds and it just plain looks square edged and boxy! And to finish the template design off, there is a table across the bottom of the page that is has a colored background and you can add various link components and text for footer content. Xsitepro has features most other website editors don’t, when finishing off the header you can add various linking components to attain the search engine optimization.

The good news is….you don’t have to settle for the standard looking templates that come with Xsitepro! Even though many of the templates available today for xsitepro are of some variation of the format I discussed above, some of the .xse templates are designed with images in the various tables the make up the template….try as they might, it’s really difficult to disquise the standard xsitepro template look. Now you’re wondering….what is the solution?

It’s tough finding a website designer that will design .xse or xsitepro templates, but if you find one, you can hire him/her to design a template for Xsite. It is an expensive undertaking because the designer first has to design the look of the website in a program like photoshop and then “slice” the website image and convert it into a Xsitepro Template file so you can the import it into your Xsitepro program.

I’ve seen people pay $25 or $50 for a custom xsitepro template….but it looks like crap. Expect to pay anywhere between $200 and $500 or even more for a great looking xsitepro cutom template! Yes, I know it’s expensive, but a good designer…someone who is good with photoshop and xsitepro can create a template for xsitepro that looks just like any other template or even better and bottom line, no one will be the wiser, they won’t be able to tell that you are using XsitePro Version 2.0!

How would you like to get your hands and 2 of these customized Xsitepro Templates each and every month without paying those outrageous prices? If you become a member of Niche Health Products you will get 2 awesome looking templates that you would never expect to be used with Xsitepro. This is a Private Label Rights membership and you get a ton of material along with the templates. In fact you get 2 complete minisites that are built with these templates, each minisite comes in 4 different versions!

Now, you may not be interested in the membership or the minisites but if you’re using Xsitepro templates this will be hard to pass up because you get the .psd files that the templates are made from….now that’s exciting and worth the price of the membership alone. In 12 months you could have 24 templates that can be customized into 100’s of niche specific xsitepro templates! Having the .psd files opens up a whole new door, you can use these files to create completely new templates that look awesome, just change some of the text. If your really good with photoshop you can change some of the images for a whole new look. The only way to comprehend what I’ve been discussing is to take a look at FREE XsitePro Templates and see a much more elaborate critique and see some actual websites built with Xsitepro templates used for Niche Health Products.

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