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Anonymous Email Question

Helen asks…

If you send someone an anonymous email, can that person find out who sent it?

I know that they can probably find my IP address but once they have that, can they find out the identity of the person who sent the anonymous email.

Also, please not that when I set up my Yahoo! account, the personal info I put in was also made up, to keep me anonymous.


scottparat answers:

It is possible to find out an IP address but I doubt if they can find out who sent it by this. It takes special software and usually only internet providers or law enforcement can get a home address from an IP address. The internet provider will not release this information to just anyone.

The link below shows the way to get an IP address:

Mary asks…

Can Someone tell me where I can make a non anonymous email account?

I want a WOWIO account, but I need a non anonymous email account, can someone tell me where i can find a free one?

scottparat answers:

I’ve been looking for one myself!

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