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Anonymous Email Question

Daniel asks…

How do I send an anonymous email?

How do I send an anonymous email that they don’t know what area, city or state it came from? That they can’t track IP either? When I look up other people’s e-mail, like gmail, it will state CA where Google is located, but is that tracking IP? A public location won’t help because it will still state the state or city.
what will they see if they look up the ip or trace? will they not see the state or city even on public computer?

scottparat answers:

As the previous poster said, set up a public email such as one on Yahoo, Gmail, Hotmail, etc..

To hide your location, use a proxy. A web proxy such as would work fine.
Alternatively, you could use TOR as a general proxy and send the email from your own computer, enabling you to fake the ‘from’ address to anything you want.

Note: Many servers such as Yahoo will not allow emails from your own computer or various known proxies.


If they look it up, they will only see the IP/Location of the machine which you proxied through. Only authorities would have a chance of actually tracing it all the way back to you, and they do that by working with the ISP’s.

So long as you don’t do anything worth their time and effort to trace you, then you have nothing to worry about. As for your target email contact, they definitely can not trace it back to you.

Betty asks…

if i set up an anonymous email acct can someone find out its me by the IP address?

i want to set up an anonymous email acct but I don’t want anyone tracking where it came from. If it is sent from my own computer can it be tracked back to me in any way or by the IP address.

scottparat answers:

Try tor, it is slow but it does work (if configured correctly).


It conceals your identity by using union routing, which encrypts and then randomly bounces communications through a network of relays run by volunteers throughout the globe.

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