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Anonymous Email Question

Robert asks…

I am looking any site or program or tools that can send anonymous email?

I am looking any site or program or tools that can send anonymous email cause setupping such a program or getting such script is hard

scottparat answers:

It would make no difference if you did, it could/would be traced right back to your ISP and your IP address. How do you think the famous bot net mail spammer that are spending the next 5 years and a $250,000 fine got caught out. Since he’s been caught spamming has dropped 80% over the last 2 months read the tech news

Donna asks…

Is there such a thing as an anonymous email?

I would like to set up a bogus yahoo account to send a message to a friend telling her something I don’t want her to know came from me (is about her husband cheating). Could she contact yahoo to find out who sent the email (track my IP address) or is there software out there than can track email accounts. I would like to remain completely anonymous.


scottparat answers:

I guess you could mask your IP.

I don’t know that you should get involved though, but you didn’t ask me my opinion on that! :)

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