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Anonymous Movie Question

Daniel asks…

Did the movie Anonymous come out in the U.S?

The one based on Shakespeare and his writings. I wanna see it so bad, but every theater I check doesn’t have it. Supposedly it already came out so … yea. Does anyone know if maybe it just hasn’t come out yet?

scottparat answers:

Hi there,

if you mean this : — release date states 28 October 2011

the articles around the movie are from the screening at the Toronto International Film Festival, in september 2011

Mike Dennis.

Lizzie asks…

title of movie where a guy from a family of tailors falls for a teacher & gives her dresses(anonymous gifts)?

the title is NOT entitled cuore altrove. in this movie i’m asking about, the girl is the teacher, not the guy.
-setting: seems to be italian/ european… but definitely not in the US. can’t remember if they also used a little italian in the script…but the language used is all or mostly english.
-guy comes from a family of tailors
-girl is a teacher
-he sees her in an elevator and starts getting the girl’s measurements using his hands without her knowledge. he then sews dresses and gives it to her as anonymous gifts.
-this movie has a lot of beautiful jazzy or bossanova music.
-not made within the last five years. perhaps this movie is about 10 years old, but i can’t be certain.

scottparat answers:

I’ve seen it too!!!

But I don’t remember the name either….. Do you remember anything else???

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