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Anonymous News Question

Mark asks…

What 80’s band remade the song “It’s Good News Week” which was originally by Hedgehoppers Anonymous?

The remade song was sang by both male and female vocals and was played on KROQ back in 1986.

scottparat answers:

The last item on this page says the artist of that song is Sledgehoppers Anonymous… Could this be a misprint or an actual cover of the song by a parody band?

I’ve searched several lyrics sites,, wiki and two good search engines using a variety of assorted keywords to find a cover of this song by any other band, and I had no luck, other than the reference on the link below.


Sandra asks…

Did anonymous fail to take down fox news?

scottparat answers:

Anonymous should have let things alone. They cause more trouble than good. They should use their skills for good.

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