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Anonymous News Question

Sandra asks…

Why do people like to comment about news stories in Y!A mail to anonymous people? (gossip?)?

was not sure how it worked..but i posted a comment on the guy who got ran over by the train..and just said..”That is sad”..and i got a thumbs down. .why?

also, why people like to comment on news stories? how long the postings stay up?

scottparat answers:

Everybody wants to share their views, feelings here. Just a few minutes before I found a guy, he never discloses his feeling to even his family members but share here. He had neither a friend nor a gf. Let them do it. At least they gt relieved.

Paul asks…

News: Jury In Rapper Lil Boosie’s Murder Trial To Be Anonymous ur views on this?

Prosecutors in the upcoming Lil Boosie murder trial will use an anonymous jury due to the high-profile nature of the case.

The hip-hop star is currently behind bars serving an eight-year sentence after he confessed to attempting to sneak drugs into jail while serving time for a previous drug and gun possession charge.

Boosie, real name Torrence Hatch, is also accused of first-degree murder for the death of Terry Boyd in October, 2009. The rapper is accused of hiring hitmen to kill the 35 year old.

His trial is set to begin in April, and prosecutors have decided jurors will be identified by numbers and will not have their name made public.

However, they insist the decision is not due to safety fears, but because of the attention the trial is expected to receive.

East Baton Rouge Parish District Attorney Hillar Moore III says, “It’s just something we thought would be better for the case and the jurors.”

Martin Regan, a lawyer for the star, adds, “There’s no evidence of any threats against any potential jurors in this case. We want to get a fair jury.”

scottparat answers:


I really don’t give a sh*t about Lil Boosie.

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