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Anonymous Question

Chris asks…

How do you know who asked an anonymous question on formspring?

Kayso, someone asked an anonymous question on formspring to my friend’s sister saying that they like my friend and they’re in my class. How can we find out who like can you use an IP adress or something? :) Thankss
(also engelica IS his girlfriend)
ps. shut up engelica

scottparat answers:

Well first you ask his amazingly pretty girlfriend

Mandy asks…

If I start an anonymous rumor about Obama on the internet, will people actually belive it?

Is the media really that deperate to fill 24 hours a day? Isn’t some celebrity getting drunk somewhere? Do people really believe Obama is a muslim? Would it mattter if he was?

How can so many people believe anonymous garbage on the internet?

I’m just annoyed at anonymous rumors, I don’t support Obama. That time he gave troops returning from Iraq the finger was the last straw for me.

scottparat answers:

He didn;t give anyone the finger!!!! WTF is wrong with you?

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