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Anonymous Surfing Question

David asks…

How To: Anonymous Internet Surfing by proxy?

How To: Anonymous Internet Surfing by proxy

scottparat answers:

Try now and get unblocked

Joseph asks…

Does anyone know of any legitimate anonymous web surfing software?

I find that many websites are spoofing ip addresses and my company does research on the internet anonymously because we don’t want the person to know we are considering them for an award. then we call them they mention that I saw your company visiting our website.

scottparat answers:

Yeah I believe that one

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Microblogging Question

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Ebay Free Shipping Tips Question

Linda asks… where to find a long straight branch for making a staff? im making a halloween costume staff like Gandalf the Grey so i need a long branch to carve into a staff shape, where can i find, get one? any tips for when i do get it for crafting it? scottparat answers: Go […]

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