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Anonymous Surfing Question

John asks…

Free Anonymous Surfing, Free Surfing through a Proxy …?

Free Anonymous Surfing, Free Surfing through a Proxy …

scottparat answers:

You can try services like

they should have you stay anonymous, and best option is to use TOR

Robert asks…

Is there a FREE anonymous internet surfing program that works with Firefox anyone would recommend?

Mainly need something to hide or change my IP address…

scottparat answers:

Use private browsing, in the tools. Or get a proxy such as @

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Make Money Online Teens Question

Susan asks… How can teens make money writing? I’m 15 years old and I love to write fiction, especially short stories. Someone suggested that I try and make money online for my stories. Do any of you know how I would go about doing that? I know there some website that pay you for traffic […]

Spinning Tops Physics Question

Laura asks… Need help with a physics worksheet? I already did some question of a physics packet that i have for HW but I need help with some questions. Here they are. 1) Is the coefficient of friction lower when you walk on the slippery floor of the bumper cars or when you are walking […]

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