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Anonymous Surfing Question

John asks…

Free Anonymous Surfing, Free Surfing through a Proxy …?

Free Anonymous Surfing, Free Surfing through a Proxy …

scottparat answers:

You can try services like

they should have you stay anonymous, and best option is to use TOR

Robert asks…

Is there a FREE anonymous internet surfing program that works with Firefox anyone would recommend?

Mainly need something to hide or change my IP address…

scottparat answers:

Use private browsing, in the tools. Or get a proxy such as @

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Profitable Scripture Question

Jenny asks… How many scriptures in the Bible have been altered to support the trinity doctrine? scottparat answers: All canonical scripture is accepted in faith as being God-breathed. So in that regard, none of them. 2Ti 3:16 All scripture [is] given by inspiration of God, and [is] profitable for doctrine, for reproof, for correction, for […]

Building Tools And Equipment Question

Sandra asks… How do I clean sandpaper without any tools or equipment? Ok so, I am sanding my guitar ready for painting, this is my first time doing this and when I sand it, the sawdust builds up on the sandpaper making it not very good for sanding, any suggestions for cleaning the sandpaper? scottparat […]

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