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Anonymous Text Question

Steven asks…

Is it possible to send an anonymous text message and preset the time it will be sent?

I received a message anonymously and I want to know if it must have been sent exactly before I got it or if someone could have composed it at an earlier time and set it to be sent at the time I received it.

I believe it was sent using but I cannot be sure.

scottparat answers:

Only from the internet. Not from another phone

John asks…

Is there a way to send an anonymous text message?

Kinda like when you punch in *67 before dialing a number and your caller id won’t show up.

scottparat answers:

Yes there is . . . But not like punching numbers. You can send anonymous text messages through most cell phone websites. For example at on their front page in the upper right you will see a header saying send a text message. But US Cellular asks for a legit 10 digit number both to and from. But I know I have put in a fake number before and it has still gone through.

I haven’t checked all cell phone company websites, but I assume they have similar functions on their websites. Good luck.

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