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Anonymous Text Question

Donna asks…

How do i find out who this anonymous text is from?

I got a text saying it is from the number “1234”. obviously that is not their real number. and they also blocked any texts from getting sent to them. does anyone know how to find out who sent it? thanks

scottparat answers:

Well some cell phone companies have their number as 1234, what did they say? If they are harassing you, you can contact the local police.

Richard asks…

How do you trace anonymous text messages?

j00, I received a text late one night and it had no return phone number or any sort of return address o_0 all the text message said was:

diabolus est super vos

so im tryin to see who sent it to me >_> and why…. -_-‘

scottparat answers:

You can’t. Just delete and move on.

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