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Anonymous Text Question

Joseph asks…

Is there a way to send an anonymous text to someones phone?

and if there is, is there a way to do it from a cell phone
(I have a verizon samsong alias

scottparat answers:

Yes through the internet. Most phone companies have online text messaging sending. Try using this….

Mary asks…

What is this anonymous text message from “J P Morgan”?

I just got a text message from an “Unverified-Sender” that just says “J P Morgan prepaid Notice. Please call 253 242 2687.”

Any idea what this is about? I don’t have any affiliation to jpmorgan. Is it text spam?

scottparat answers:

I just received the same text message to both of my cell phones. I called just to check it out (knowing it was fake since banks dont do this) and its obviously a phishing scheme where they prompt you to input your card number and expiration so they can capture it and use your card. Dont respond…it should stop (I found your post above by searching for “Unverified sender from JP Morgan chase”)

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