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Anonymous Text Question

Paul asks…

Does anybody have any idea how to send an anonymous text message without all the extra advertisement?

Im trying to send a anonymous text to a friend as a prank but don’t want them to know its coming from the internet… Any ideas?

scottparat answers:

*67 will NOT work with text messages. You will get an error message to enter a valid number

Betty asks…

Is there anyway to find out who the anonymous text are from?

Me and my son keep getting harrassing, anonymous text messages. I think it’s from my soon to be ex husband. The text are anonymous. Is there anyway I can find out who they came from? Thanks
It isn’t coming from a number. It’s more like an email, but anonymous… It’s weird.

scottparat answers:

Contact the police and your phone company and have them trace the number. You can also have the number blocked by your phone company. (:

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