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Anonymous Text Question

Donald asks…

I’m thinking about sendin an anonymous text to frame someone is this a good idea ?

A girl Emily was backstabbing me and I heard some rumors that she wanted to destroy me socially. I have a separate phone and her number so we can send her a text (me pretending to be back stabbed by me) so I can really see what her motives are. Is this a good idea?

scottparat answers:

It’s sneaky, underhanded and dirty…I LOVE it!

Paul asks…

Is there any way you can send an anonymous text message on a cell phone?

I have U.S. Cellular by the way, and was wondering how I could do that. I know to call anonymously, you hit *67, but how do you text anonymously?

scottparat answers:

Yes, there are several ways, but most of them are somewhat cumbersome. Here are three possibilities.

1) Buy a pay-as-you go SIM card from a street vendor and pay cash. Then every time you want to send an anonymous SMS, change the SIM card. That way, your pay-as-you-go phone number will still be revealed to the recipient but they will have no way of linking that number to you.

2) You can also go on the web and send a text message from there. To do that, first you need a phone that allows you to access the web (eihter http or wap). Check if your phone is enabled for GPRS, HSDPA or EV-DO. Practically all phones less than about 4 years old are equipped with GPRS. Then you need to find a website from which you can send text messages. has a proxy that allows you to access the entire text based internet over wap.

3) If your phone has full web capability (not just wap) you could also install Skype and use that to send text messages. To remain anonymous, you should use a fake name when signing up and paying by VOUCHER rather than credit card. Here in the UK you can buy Skype vouchers in supermarkets. If that’s not possible in the US, you can try buying a voucher on ebay.

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