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Anonymous Twitter Question

Maria asks…

How can I unistall my browsers?

I don’t want others to see the (anonymous) twitter accounts I use. My family/friends might use my lap top; hence the Q

scottparat answers:

Best way (If you have a PC) is to set yourself up a separate profile, by going to Control Panel…User Accounts….

Then, set up a password to access the user profile…

Just make sure you don’t delete the default profile….Otherwise, your family won’t be able to access the laptop without creating a profile themselves…..

Default should be “Administrator” or something like that….

Steven asks…

why can’t I see all my followers on twitter?

It say that I have 16 followers buy I can see only 7.O_o

see my twitter profile if you want

scottparat answers:

I was wondering the same. Looks like a problem with Twitter, discussed in this forum (link below).

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Anonymous News Question

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Email Deliverability Tips

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