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Anonymouse Question

Richard asks…

were can i get a anonymouse virtual credit card,?

i live in the united states and i am trying to find a legit website to get a virtual credit card where i dont have to put my socail security number in and i can make up a fake name. doese any one know of a legit web site or store that does this, im tring to get verified on ebay after getting suspended . help please…….

scottparat answers:

That sounds like the type of fraud that would get you suspended from ebay in the first place. You can’t fake a credit card and you can’t get a real one without giving a valid social security number and your real name. If you try to get a credit card with a fake name or a fake social security number, its credit card fraud.

John asks…

can you respond to blogs anonymouse?

i have been wondering how to do this. if its possible can somebody tell me how?

scottparat answers:

I don’t believe you can and if you want to respond to a blog why would you want to be unknown? I personnally do not want unknown people responding to my blog and chances are if someone is doing so it is to harrase someone not to just leave a comment.

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