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Anonymouse Question

Jenny asks…

is anonymouse server relatively safe ?

i want to hack into my wifes mails because shes having an affair – if i do so thru anonymouse, will i eventually get caught

scottparat answers:

If you get caught, it won’t be because of anonymouse. And you will get caught.

John asks…

What is the law on parking an 18-wheeler on a residential street?

My neighbor across the street CONTINUALLY parks his 18 wheeler in front of our house. Its ALL we can see when we look out of our front windows. And sometimes he leaves it run for hours on end (I dont know why), and it is so loud it rattles the pictures on our walls so they hang crooked.

We live in a quiet little mid-income suburb neighborhood, and this guy is turning it into a trucking yard. I have made anonymouse phone calls to the police, and every time they make him move the truck. But he keeps on bringing it back.

Does anyone know what I should do? I dont want to confront him, because I dont want trouble (he’s really an unfriendly guy). It is actually against the law to park an 18-wheeler in a residential street, right?
To answer some of your questions:
NO, I dont hate truckers. My family actually owns a moving company and I deal with dozens of truckers on a daily basis. Some of my family members are even truckers.

I realize that they are hard working folks who pay their dues. But so am I. And all I want is a little consideration.

And yes….the guy is home every day. I think he only drives localy. So the truck is parked outside between 8 – 10 hours a day.

scottparat answers:

I believe it depends on what classification your suburb is classed under local government. Some residential areas are still considered industrial even though there may be more residents than offices.
Your best bet is to call your local council/government (anonymously if you like) and make a complaint. I had the same problem with my neighbour and after making a complaint they issued him with fines for parking on the street, it actually came under that it was not allowed to be parked on the street at certain times of the days as he didn’t run the trucking business from home and is not allowed to in the certain area. He now parks in his own backyard and he’s none the wiser as to why he was given the infringements and my family has a much nicer view for it.

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