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Anonymouse Question

Helen asks…

How do I access Facebook and other blocked sites in China?

I’ve tried hotspot shield, anonymouse, tor…and nothing seems to work. I have a PC and I’d like to access sites like Facebook, Blogspot, Youtube, etc. I looked at other Yahoo! Answers that are older and they didn’t work. Are there any more current solutions?

scottparat answers:

I have several friends in China. They use VPN to unblock web sites. It is very reliable and encrypts your connection out of country so the censors can’t see what you are doing. Some of them have been using it for up to 2 years with no issues.

Avoid free proxies, many are run by hackers or governments. They are simple to block. If a proxy is working in China with all of their technology you can probably bet it’s run by the government. Since the Chinese government probably employs more hackers than anywhere in the world you can also count on your computer being used for all sorts of spying and hacking once they plant the bot on it through the proxy.

There have also been reports of some of the free services making deals with the Chinese government to allow the service in exchange for providing the user data back to the government.

I would recommend VPNAccounts in case you don’t know where to start with. It unblocks everything, encrypts your entire connection for security, and doesn’t get blocked daily.

Lisa asks…

How do you see who wrote in your Truth Box?

I know that you can. There is a way. And i know that the whole point of it is that it is anonymouse. You don’t have to tell me again. Your wasting your energy.
Please don’t post here if your going to say “It’s not possible” or “It’s anonymouse. Get over it”
I know theres a code, and I tried it, but nothing happens. Im not sure if you have to do anything else after you put the code in.


scottparat answers:

You can try adding the other apps. And that gives u points
once u have enough they will give u hints to help u find
out who wrote in ur truth box
good luck :)

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