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Ken asks…

How good is HSBC online bank?

Please, can anyone with an HSBC account tell me about how they work, monthly fees, “new money”and anything else I need to know. I recently saw online that HSBC has a new CD promotional where you earn 6% on “new money”.

scottparat answers:

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Betty asks…

What are some examples of Web 2.0 social marketing tools?

From what I understand, Web 2.0 is harnessing the power of the user on a website and encouraging user interactivity and input. Although, I am not even sure I am right with that statement. Can someone please help me?

I really need examples of Web 2.0 social marketing tools. (possibly their benefits as well)

scottparat answers:

I’m not completely sure of your question, but I THINK you are asking what you can do to your website to make it more Web 2.0 friendly…

If that is the case, you should consider:

1. A blog, where visitors can leave comments. If you use WordPress, get the plugin that will bring in the headline from your commenters last blog post (from their blog), as this encourages participation.

2. Visit the various social networking and social bookmarking sites. Most of them have buttons and such that integrate your profile on those sites with your website or blog. This is a great way to connect your site/blog with your social networking sites.

3. Allow visitors to contribute to your sites content with articles that they write. This may be as a guest blogger, or you may have a script set up that actually lets them contribute articles to your site automatically.

4. Finally, take a look at other sites in your niche. Look at the various ways that they are incorporating Web 2.0, and don’t be afraid to ‘borrow’ their ideas. It’s a free Internet after all :)

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