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Carol asks…

Best way to learn stock market?

I’m looking to learn about the stock market. So far I have been suggested the 4 Jim Cramer books, and “The Millionaire Next Door” . And to watch Mad Money.

I am looking for any other publications, whether it be in books, internet sources, magazines, news papers or television.

Also looking for personal opinions and/or experiences on Online Stock Brokerages (i.e etrade, scotttrade etc.)

Thank You

scottparat answers:

Check out peter lynches books, read the wikipedia section on finance. Check out Subscription to the wall street journal is a good idea. Start a play money account online as you will probably lose money at the beginning so dont risk real money at first.

-johnny wadd

Donna asks…

Research Paper (two Books, My year of Meats /Farenheit 451)?

So my assignment for eng 111 at winona state is a 7 page, 5 source research paper due april 7th. I Have to write on one of the following books and relate a topic to it.
1. My year of meats (Ozeki)
2. Farenheit 451 (Bradbury)
I am mainly looking for topic ideas on either book, please make specific ideas… are some of my thoughts on what to do.
1. Meat marketing in the midwest (writing on Ozeki)
2. Plagarism and censorship in the new century (writing on Bradbury)
3. Books and internet which is best and next? (bradbury)

Thanks in advance.
I am looking for topic ideas……i didn’t ask for sources or for you to write me a paper; Can’t a yahoo answer contributor get some help without flak?

scottparat answers:

Go ahead with your idea #2 .

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