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Richard asks…

What Is The Best Source to Get Digital Advertising Business Ideas?

I am working as a Internet Marketing Manager and handling Brands…i come from an offline background and now as I quickly try to keep myself updated about what’s happening on the Online front..i realize that there are lot of things for which information is not available easily :

1. Demographics
2. Reach
3. Top 10 Platforms for SEM – regards to the particular Brand
4. Top 10 platforms for Social Media
5. Country-Wise demographics

It would be great if one can suggest me some books where I can find all Internet/Online Related information. Thanks a Ton!


scottparat answers:

Better u search these books:
marketing strategy.
Marketing management
business marketing
strategy marketing

Ken asks…

Are options trades the best vehicle to amass wealth quickly?

I am nearly at an age where I will be allowed to invest money into the stock market. I understand the fundamentals of the stock market and how it works. I’ve read a few books on options trading, even blogs and articles on the internet and as far as I can see they look convincing to make a fortune reletively quickly. Is this true that options could make you, say, a millionaire quickly with not much capital on you to invest, and would you recommend them?

scottparat answers:

Yes, it definitely is 1) if you know what you are going to do 2) if you know where the market is headed 3) if you know what you did (i mean if you learn from your mistakes)

The capital is sure less on most options the risk is limited and profit quite large but that depends on your perception of the markets and the right decision and the right time. Options are complex vehicles and I would rather bet on investing and trading to start with…just to get a feel of the market moves and how it works…

The hard truth – There is absolutely no way to get rich quickly and become a millionaire and if someone tells or claims he has the holy grail please let me know…I will give him a good time!!


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