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Best Internet Marketing Companies Question

Laura asks…

I have an multi level marketing company I want to promote on the internet. How do I best do this?

I’ve tried “Traffic Exchanges” and free advertising with little success. There are so many options I don’t know where to go….

scottparat answers:

There is thing that is called ADWords. Google has information on it and I am sure Yahoo does too. But what this does is you pick some words that are relevant to your company/ website. Everytime a person puts that word in your ad that will probably be place on the righthand side of the search page will show up. If a person clicks on your ad then you get charged for that click. Google allows you to see how much each word will cost. I recently did one on wineries which costs $.05 per click and would put the ad that I designed top 1-3. This ad will be linked to your website. You only get charged per click and you can set a budget. If you look into it go to and click on the Advertising Programs link and that will get you more information.

Mark asks…

Best city to open new web design/internet marketing/software development office in NCR or best city in India?


We are planning to start one new office.
Please let me know in which city we can find talented developer easily and have quality living too.

Issue: Easy to find technical persons and safe for night shifts too.

If you are a software developer OR work / Own IT company please let me know in which city you work.

Thank You

scottparat answers:

Best city is gurgaon to start a IT company as it is close to delhi and having very good infrastructure it is the best city to start a business here are various towers which allow only IT companies at a cheap price.To know more about gurgaon check it out.

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