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Best Internet Marketing Companies Question

Laura asks…

what are the best places to advertise commercial real estate on the internet?

i’m trying to bring my company up to speed with the internet market… what are the best places to advertise or link my website for commercial real estate?

scottparat answers:

The best ways to advertise are pay per click, banner ads, and search engine optimization.

All 3 of them will cost you, especially if you dont know what you are doing. Search engine optimization is a constant process and will take some time to show up.

If you want quick results, free online advertising is a cost effective way to boost traffic instantly. There are a lot of free online advertising sites but most are BS, or dont bring in enough traffic.

Here is a link to the best completely free online advertising websites with high traffic:

Steven asks…

what is the best internet stock trading company?

I’m going to college and have approx 1k to my name right now, i have 6 months to make it grow and I’m thinking about putting it in the stock market due to terrible interest rates. Can anybody tell me what is the best internet stock trading site that won’t charge me high fees and does not have a minimum deposit of more than 1k required? Please help, I’ll be sure to give the best answer a 5. Thanks!

scottparat answers:

Scottrade only $7 trades nothing else. Be super careful this is a bear market.

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