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William asks…

How can Bill Clinton’s foreign policy best be described?

How can Bill Clinton’s foreign policy best be described?

A. To increase tariffs on goods
B. To negotiate with other countries
C. To present military interventions
D. To reduce market economies

What was NAFTA’s purpose?

A. To increase trade with Canada and Mexico
B. To increase trade with China
C. To limit imports from South America
D. To reduce tariffs on goods

What is the purpose of the International Monetary Fund?

A. To combat terrorism
B. To fund defense systems
C. To provide funds to developing countries
D. To strengthen the global financial system

What challenges did Bill Clinton have during his second term?

A. A faltering economy
B. Cold War hostilities with the Soviet Union
C. Scandal over personal involvement with an intern
D. The 9/11 terrorist attacks

What type of group is al Qaeda?

A. Political
B. Religious
C. Social
D. Terrorist

Why was the role of NATO questioned during the 1990s?

A. It seemed unecessary after the fall of the Soviet Union.
B. NATO membership had become too expensive.
C. Some Eastern European groups joined NATO.
D. The Eastern European countries were too powerful.

What was the name of the mechanical rover that took pictures on Mars in 1997?

A. Endeavor
B. Hubble
C. Pathfinder
D. Sojourner

What word best describes the role of economic policy in the 1990s?

A. Globalization
B. Isolation
C. Regulation
D. Taxation

Under what President did Condoleezza Rice serve as Secretary of State?

A. Barack Obama
B. Bill Clinton
C. George W. Bush
D. Ronald Reagan

The Patriot Act helps law enforcement agencies fight terrorism.

Where did democracy originate?

A. American colonies
B. Ancient Greece
C. Imperial China
D. Mesopotamia

What occurred in the U.S. after September 11, 2001?

A. Immigration rules were relaxed.
B. Islamic mosques in the U.S. experienced widespread attacks.
C. The federal government became more efficient.
D. The U.S. Patriot Act was passed.

What Georgia representative supported the Contract with America?

A. Bob Dole
B. H. Ross Perot
C. Janet Reno
D. Newt Gingrich

Why did the U.N. Security Council inspect the weapons arsenal in Iraq?

A. Iraq may have had access to weapons of mass destruction.
B. Iraq was planning to attack the United States.
C. The U.S. wanted Saddam Hussein out of power.
D. Terrorists hiding in Iraq were planning another U.S. attack.

Why did one of the hijacked planes miss its target on September 11, 2001?

A. The engines failed.
B. The passengers fought back.
C. The pilot changed course.
D. The terrorists changed their minds.

What is genetic engineering?

A. DNA matching for identification of criminals
B. DNA sequencing to cure cancer
C. Growing DNA in non-organic environments
D. Manipulation of the molecular biology of an organism

What is Bill Gates known for?

A. Developing Microsoft software
B. Fiber optic cable
C. Modems
D. The Internet

Where were troops deployed on September 17, 2001?

A. Afghanistan
B. Al Qaeda
C. Iraq
D. Tikrit

During the late 1990s, where did the second-largest group of immigrants come from?

A. Asia
B. Caribbean
C. Europe
D. North America

What is the U.S.S. Cole?

A. A defense system
B. A Navy warship
C. A tank
D. An aircraft

What is the navigation sattelite system developed by the U.S. Department of Defense called?

A. Global Positioning System
B. Hubble
C. Pathfinder
D. Sojourner

During the 1990s, what percentage of U.S. energy was provided by fossil fuel?

A. 50%
B. 75%
C. 80%
D. 90%

Who could vote in ancient Greece?

A. All citizens
B. All men
C. Everyone except slaves
D. Land-owning male citizens

What was the basic Republican platform during the 1994 mid-term elections?

A. Increase Aid to Families with Dependent Children
B. Raise taxes on the wealthiest Americans
C. Slash social programs and balance the budget
D. Support less expensive health insurance programs

In what decade did women receive full voting rights?

A. 1920s
B. 1930s
C. 1940s
D. 1950s
I need this answered soon & if your not gonna help then don’t comment.

scottparat answers:

What’s your need for all those question

Mandy asks…

best laptop/computer on market for:?

I start college in September and hopefully university the following year. I want to buy a new laptop or desktop to complete all my course work on. It will be used for internet but only course related. I would obviously need windows/vista to complete my studies – so can someone help me with the best computer on the market at the moment for this? Also I need something reliable – as i currently have a Acer 5315 and it is rubbish!

I am on a budget as i am a single mom of two – but will wait a extra week or so if it means getting a better one for my money!

Thank you in advance!x
I have £300 saved but will wait another few weeks and put more aside!

I won’t need it for games or downloading – just for opening links (to do with social works/ prospectuses etc) and to type and save my assignments!

It will only be used for college as the Acer has internet on for game usage etcx

scottparat answers:

Id recommend the toshiba protege, its ultra-light with longer battery than mac book, your choice…

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