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Linda asks…

What is required to code a website hosting template?

I was just wondering, at work a few guys were always talking about how crap work is and starting their own business and they were talking about hosting, now they don’t have a clue about I.T but they are probably some of the best internet marketers I know at the moment.

Say they purchased one of these templates;

What else is involved to get everything up and running, I was just looking around and the highest reseller packages are only $50 a month. Unless I am being stupid is that it? Apart from marketing the business of course, how does the template work with the reseller package. I just don’t get it.


scottparat answers:

You need to understand HTML and CSS well. I beleive JavaScript and PHP may be required, possibly some C++.

Good luck!

Lisa asks…

Please help with my resume. 10 points for the best advice. Thank you?

Graduate Assistant to the Chair August 2006-Present
Department of Management, Marketing, and Public Administration Bowie State University, Bowie, MD

•Managing internship/scholarship/ conferences opportunities
•Organzing graduate students’ official files and documents
•MPA program liaision
•Advising undergraduate students
•Developing and updating department website
•Broadcasting information and scheduling courses on the university databases
•Conducting research for MBA program coordinator
Graduate Student Worker (Part-time) August 2004-February 2008 Sodexho, USA
•Assisted the general manager in planning and organizing various restaurants on campus
•Provided strong team work and support to achieve the goals of the company
•Ranked highly among the team for excellent service and strong sales.

Intern May-August, 2005 The Royal Thai Embassy, Washington, D.C.
•Assisted the Minister/Deputy Chief of Mission (International Relations)
•Verified official documents (passport, visa, naturalization, and legalization)
•Provided administrative support to officers and local staff

•Member of Society for Human Resource Management 2007-2008
•Website Development Training September, 2007
•OSDBU Procurement Conference April, 2007
•Faculty Research and Scholarship Training Series March, 2007
Microsoft Office Applications (Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Outlook, Internet)
Research (Collecting, Managing, Analyzing, and Presenting Data)
Communication Skills (English and Thai)

Graduate Assistantship 2006-2008
SILVER Academic Award 2005-2006
Julie Lieber International Scholarship 2004-2005
ASSE International Exchange Program Scholarship, United States, 2002-2003

Featured in the Bowie State University (HBCU) viewbook and website in “Spotlight” section, Fall 2007

Organized and hosted “Women and Children in Japanese Society” Speech and Dinner, the guest speaker was the First Secretary of the Consulate General of Japan in New York, Fall 2005.

Assisted the Thai Minister/Deputy Chief of Mission and organized “A Taste of Thailand” Gala Dinner, a benefit for the post-tsunami support of schools and living facilities for the orphans in Thailand, Summer 2005.
Served as the Vice President of the Asia Club at Edinboro University, organized an educational trip to Harvard University and Massachusetts Institute of Technology, Spring 2004.

scottparat answers:

Looks good, just download an outline for a resume on microsoft word and fill it in, the only drawback would be being overqualified for the job you are going for, if thats the case trim some of the extras like your awards and international accomplishments and things like that.

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