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Robert asks…

My best pick for a smartphone?

Hi, guys!
I had enough of my LG Viewty KU990… It served its purpose, but recently I found it very lacking, since my preferences and needs changed/evolved…
My reason for buying it 3 years ago lied in the fact that I wanted a phone that can shoot relatively good photos and video… Its 5MP camera wasn’t too bad… But, during the last year I figured out I was missing a lot, because it didn’t have WiFi connectivity, there is no type of navigation options and Internet access over 3G is a nightmare for this phone…
So, I want to buy a new phone, a smarter one…
For the last few weeks I roamed the stores, played with different models and compared hundreds of both expert and user reviews….
Still, I am puzzled quite a bit…
These are my questions/concerns:
1. Android, WP 7 (or the upcoming 7.5/Mango), Symbian (most notably this years Nokia X7)>>> I know Android wins in most fields… still, is WP 7 so bad? My only gripe with it is the lack of support for external memory cards…
2. I believe I only want one(s) with Gorilla glass screen, since the normal ones get scratched easily. Is there a third option?
3. Which OS has the best option for viewing text documents, PDF files and supports the latest Flash the most?
4. I would prefer one with 8 megapixel, but 5MP would do if the phone had HiDef movie recording capable (720p is ok) camera.
5. I need a stable system, one that can link to the PC via Bluetooth, or cable,and one that hopefully doesn’t get problem when updated… If I decide to go for a smartphone on Android 2.2 Froyo, and then update it to 2.3 Gingerbread, will it more, or less painless transition?
6. Battery life> One day lasting battery with phone being mostly on standby, with maybe occasional snapshots, 10 min video, 30 min talk time, and, lets say, 30 min gps/navigation on, plus checking some websites during 20 min, or so… I read all these expert reviews and when I see that some wonderful phones with superb hardware and software performance get lousy 7 hours of operation, I am just appalled… I will charge the phone overnight, or in the car, but would hate to have it die on me, while I’m in London looking for that bar, where a girl is waiting for me…
7. I don’t mind weight, or size… However, it would need to be candy style, no slider…
8. I know iPhone market has the most apps, but I don’t think the number is important that much, but rather usability, real life application and practicality… As of now, I can only think of apps for navigation/gps, those one for searching for cinema/bar/shops in English/European cities, some simple word/PDF editors/readers, and of course SKYPE app (possibly video chat)… I hope either Android, or the upcoming Mango will able to provide that… I need to find some hardcore Symbian forum to ask them about their apps…
9. While price isn’t important, I wouldn’t go over 350 British pounds/500 US dollars… Maybe, if I could 100% say “OK, this phone stays with me for the nest 4 years!” But, I have a feeling that with these phones today I will look to replace them with something in autumn 2012.

Any thoughts on the matter?

scottparat answers:

Get the android galaxy s2.

-worlds thinnest phone
-most powerful dual core processor (1.2ghz)
-best battery life (several days with light usage)
-super AMOLED plus screen, best screen out their
-8mp camera with 1080 recording capabilities
-built in FM radio
-gorilla glass, same glass used in military helicopters.

I have the international version, it came out first in the UK outselling iphones 2 to1 and now its coming to the US!


here is my personal view on the matter;_ylt=Am2p4UWJvf7543MYuanvRGbty6IX;_ylv=3?qid=20110824180238AAlLQgl

good android apps;_ylt=AssdlSX6Uu0ck0rLLrCzxI7ty6IX;_ylv=3?qid=20110823164708AAwKyaC

these are the features the iphone5 is going to have….

James asks…

Can I save my failed gift basket business?

Hi everyone,my mother & I opened a gift basket business, primarily home & internet based last year. While we have had some sales, it has not been enough to keep us going.Most of our supplies expired and we are out of money to try to keep going. While we bought enough supplies to make a nice variety of baskets, we didnt go completely overboard…or so we thought. We thought we were doing everything right but I guess not.We have talked to other owners on forums like this one and it seemed as if we were doing the same things.We marketed the business in local newspapers, attended a tradeshow (home tradeshow…maybe not the best type to attend?), did a couple radio ads, handed out promotional pieces at major events and walks, donated to other events, did presentations at real estate office, etc.We have even priced our baskets below what most business are asking for so I cant see the price being the problem.We took out about a $10,000 loan and its all gone and we barely made 1/4 back.
The cost of maintaining the website, paying for merchant accounts, marketing, etc without much income has depleted the entire fund over a year. I have heard others saying that they didnt see profit for the first two years but I am wondering how they get by and keep going. We havent been doing anything for the past few months due to not having the funds to replenish our supplies on top of paying the loan back. Does anyone have any advice or any similar experiences? I really want to be able to save our business and make it work well for us but I honestly dont know how to do so. We have taken business & marketing courses and I even used to work in promotional marketing but I just cant figure out how to swing this. Where do most of your sales come from? Should we try to attend gift tradeshows and if so, do baskets really sell at those shows? Should we focus on consignment? I just dont know what else to do. I hope someone can give us the advice to start us in the right direction.
Well we did do some counseling with SCORE early on and we have also read a few books on how to start a business. Im sure doing more cant hurt though. No, we havent done anything with the Chamber of Commerce, so I will look into that. Thanks

scottparat answers:

Sounds like you have a good general approach to business, but you’re ignoring your market.

Who buys your products? Where are they located? How can they find you?

The problem with home based and web based is the trouble in being found, visibility is low for both, especially the web.

If you want to sell using e-commerce try selling on ebay, it already has the traffic. Think about ebay as being a mall full of people, and your website is just a random place on a random street. Point is you have to advertise a lot more to get people to even see where you are, whereas through ebay you get the people just “walking by” as it were.

The same goes for real world. Have you considered branching out of your home? How are people to find you there? Do most people feel comfortable just stopping in at someone’s home to get a gift basket made, or do they feel more comfortable at a mall for instance?

One great place for your product that’d probably be lower cost is a flea or farmer’s market. People go there for handmade stuff, authentic stuff, which is what you have to offer, with the added bonus of it being customizable.

So my advice is that if you’re gonna go further, go all out. Branch out of your home and out of your website on the web. You can still maintain both.

Get a stall at a flea or farmer’s market, have a bunch of pre-made gift baskets and also supplies to make one up and offer easy customization. Then get an account on ebay and sell pre-made gift baskets there.

So your business is fairly good, but your locations are wrong. You need the foot traffic, both real world, and online. Without that natural traffic you end up trying way too hard to bring them to you, rather than just letting them find you.

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