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Best Internet Marketing Programs Question

Charles asks…

Which site is iffering best affiliate program. i am trying to earn something over internet?

i am interested in doing some internet jobs. which is the best legal site who offers itnerenet marketing ? i have my own web site

scottparat answers:

I myself earn through Google Adsense it is great CPM program and advertisers are best. You can try others as well, but if Google accepts your site in Adsense network you will not need anything else. Clickthrough rates depend on quality of advertisers and Google has the best advertisers in their network.

Thomas asks…

What’s more effective, top Internet Security suites or stand-alone programs?

I have a new Toshiba laptop which I got for Christmas and would like to establish what would be a wiser option – to get a top Internet Security suite for my laptop or 3 stand-alone programs, an Anti-Virus, an Anti-Spyware and a Personal Firewall program?

Money is no object, because I can quite easily crack any of the available programs in the market so don’t limit your suggestions just to the free ones!

What is the best all-round Internet Security Suite:

ESET Smart Security, Kaspersky Internet Security 2009, McAfee Internet Security 2009, Norton Internet Security, or PC Tools Internet Security 2009?

If you recommend stand-alone programs, recommend 3 of the best of their respective kinds please!!


scottparat answers:

What’s more effective, top Internet Security suites or stand-alone programs?

Stand-alone programs – My old Nan use to say “never put all your Apples in one basket”.

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