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Joseph asks…

what is a fair way to set up a small sales company selling referrals over the internet?

My friend and I have an opportunity to generate leads (sales referrals) for an existing brick and mortar business. The company has a successful affiliate and direct sales program that pays $100 per referred sale.
They currently have no Internet representation. My partner and I plan to generate sales from Internet marketing only – no traditional sales.
What is the best way to legally set up the business to protect our interests as a company and my interests personally?

scottparat answers:

When you say “protect our interests as a company,” do you mean the company you are referring people to or the one you plan to form with your friend?

It really depends if you are employees of the brick and mortar business. If you aren’t, you could set up a limited liability company (LLC) and have the brick and mortar business pay your company (the LLC) for the referrals. You and your partner would then file the appropriate tax forms for your partnership.

Robert asks…

cash making online,what are the best methods,i,m doing affiliate marketing,is this a good method?

I,m doing a coaching programme which is mainly focusing on Affiliate Marketing and general Internet Marketing.

scottparat answers:

There are many methods to Affiliate Marketing. I have been an affiliate marketer for 15 years and the number one thing to remember is that, unless you build a “relationship” with a prospect than chances are you won’t get much business from them in terms of converted sales.

Affiliate marketing is a good way to earn money online but the competition is fierce.
I will name a few methods here and than lead you to a more comprehensive source that will help you in your future ventures.

The old saying is, The Money is in the List. This is so true. The larger your contact list is the more potential you have of converting those email contacts to direct sales and back end sales. Targeted lists are essential in any successful email campaign you wish to begin. Some affiliate marketers make websites, others use forums or bulletin boards, while yet others use autoresponder type email campaigns to be able to automatically send there list predetermined periodic emails to stay in touch with them. Some affil;iate marketers use splash pages or mini pages, and the list goes on of the many methods that can be employed in a successful affiliate markeing career.

I tend to use a combination of methods.

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