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William asks…

wt r the best electives to choose as specialization for mba, marketing,hr,systems,operations,finance?

please help me in selecting…v have to take dual specialization n i like systems n finance…is it a good option …wt are the carrier opportunities… plz choose papers for finance n systems
Business Data Processing and DBMS

System Analysis and Design

Enterprise Resource Planning

Software Project Management

Decision Support System

Artificial Intelligence and Expert System

Software Engineering


Knowledge Management

Internet Programming and Web Designing

Marketing Management

Advertising & Sales Promotion

Consumer Behavior

Services Marketing

Product Management

Retail Marketing Management

Rural Marketing

International Marketing

Strategic Marketing Management

Sales Management

Public Relations and Customers Relationship Management

Financial Management

Investment Analysis & Portfolio Management

Management of Financial Services

Financial Derivatives

Project Financing

Working Capital management

International finance

Corporate Taxation

Management Control Techniques

Financial Information System

Strategic Corporate Finance

International Business Finance Strategies

Human Resource Management

Organizational Development & Change

Training & Development

Wages & Salary Administration

Strategic Human Resource Management

Industrial Relations & Labor Laws

Personality & Managerial Performance

Reward Management

Performance Management

Event Management

Operations Management

Supply Chain Management

Project Management

Strategic Operations Management

Management of Quality and Productivity

Materials Management

scottparat answers:

Cripes! That is a lot of choice there!

In short, the strategy, insight and finance areas will put you in good stead in a global market. I am not very au fait with how many electives you must choose (we have a different system here in the UK), but the following of your list look very interesting…

Consumer Behavior
International Marketing
Strategic Marketing Management
Project Financing
Strategic Corporate Finance
International Business Finance Strategies
Strategic Operations Management

Good luck and i hope it goes well!

Lisa asks…

What is the best program for getting cash for clicks on my blog?

I want to write a general-interest blog about my career change and a blog about investing in the stock market. I would like to get a little money out of it, and I’m always reading about Internet advertising increasing dramatically. What is the best program for getting paid when people click a hyperlink on your blog to other sites?

Thank you,

scottparat answers:

Dear Houyhnhnm,

Probably the best place to start would be to visit most popular program that pay per impression. It is

This way, you will get paid, for the number of people who see advertisement on your blog, even if nobody clicks on the hyperlink.
In my opinion, this could be better solution for you. I saw advertising houses, such as dropping their pay-per-click (PPC) programs and switching to a CPM (cost per thousand) or affiliate programs (you will get pay for the actions your visitors take on the advertiser websites, such as: buying products or subscribing to email newsletter). Some affiliate programs, however, do offer pay-per-click, but will automatically switch you to percentage option (you will be paid percentage of revenue your visitors generate) if your conversion rates are low. Affiliate advertisers in the Investing industry pay some of the most generous rates.

The other website you should consider is:
Their ads are combination of image and text, and offer some very competitive rates.

Hope this helps,


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